5 Bank of America Executive Email Addresses

A former Bank of America employee provides these email addresses and says they’re the people to complain to about getting fee’d to death (or any other customer service related issue you want to escalate).

President – liam.e.mcgee@bankofamerica.com
West Division Exec – bradford.r.dinsmore@bankofamerica.com
East Division Exec – Shepherd michelle.shepherd@bankofamerica.com
National Customer Experience – diane.morais@bankofamerica.com
Service & Fulfillment Operations Executive – maryellen.baker@bankofamerica.com

Don’t forget that people have had good success with writing letters to the Bank of America CEO. You can also try calling BoA Executive Customer Relations.
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  1. azntg says:

    I give it 1 hour before BoA rotates e-mail addys!

  2. barty says:

    Why in the hell do people continue doing business with these crooks anyway? I left them a long, long time ago due to their fees. If you farted while standing in one of their branches they probably hit you up for a dollar or two.

  3. AdamthePugh says:

    I had some great success with writing a letter to the CEO. We had some fees on my wife’s account because of a deposit issue. They handled all of the fees and helped us out with our online banking as well. Score another point for the Consumerist!

  4. Buran says:

    If you got hit with fees due to not being careful with your money, don’t complain to your bank. Suck it up and think about what you did wrong that caused you to incur fees. I’ve received overdraft fees once or twice over the years, and when I called BoA the only question I asked was if the bills that were paid at that time would be covered or if I needed to contact the payees. I did not ask for the fees to be reversed because they were my fault (I had forgotten that there had just been a change of when money was actually removed from your account for bill pay, AND I had not yet switched to using my credit card, paid in full, each month for expenses. I have never had a problem since). Take responsibility for your mistakes.

    Yes, banks make it easier to incur fees. But, most of them can be avoided by making sure you don’t accidentally do anything to incur them, changing your habits (like I did), or making sure you have the right kind of account for your usage patterns.

    Haven’t had a fee in a long time since then.

  5. queequeg says:

    Does anyone have good email addresses for Office Depot higher ups? I am being denied my rebate on an HP I just got. It’s a sizable sum and I have no idea what to do.

  6. Jim says:

    Impeccable timing Ben, thank you!

    I’ve been on the phone for 4 hours today trying to resolve a six-month old issue on one of our corporate cards!

    They’re threatening to send us to collections for $30 past due, but have failed to apply $11,000 in credits due to us for a mistake they keep compounding (charging us instead of crediting).


  7. mentathf says:

    hmm well i work for the bank and those emails are stil active as of 12/24. wanted to add this one to the list

    100 N TRYON S
    CHARLOTTE NC 28255-0001

  8. loueloui says:

    I think it’s entirely apropos that the graphic in this photo is a stone wall, as that seems to be what they’re doing to their customers.

  9. sanzebo says:

    This was perfect timing! After having one of BOA’s customer service representatives tell me that she did not have a manager, I found it interesting that there actually IS a higher chain of command. If I had known that BOA pays their customer service reps a 7 or 8 figure salary, I would have applied a long time ago. Thanks for the information regading the true chain of command. I have since emailed Mr. McGee and hope to have a resolution soon. I trust that he has a little more authority than our self-proclaimed-“Head-of-all of Bank of America”,-customer “service” representative.

  10. sanzebo says:

    Kudos to the Consumerist!! As a follow up to my comment posted on the 28th of December, I have just received a phone call (on a Saturday) from the Executive Services division of BOA. The representative was most apologetic and courteous. My issue was completely resolved to my satisfaction. Kudos again to the Consumerist!!

  11. LoisAkuma says:

    Comment on 5 Bank of America Executive Email Addresses Whoever posted these, thank you! I had an issue with BofA clearing a check
    with a stop payment on it, and then refusing to fix it. I complained to
    everyone I could think of, and no supervisor cared, or bothered to call me
    back. I complained to the BBB but the bank rep they assigned my complaint
    to was a moron who couldn’t/wouldn’t do anything about it either. I saw
    these email addresses online so I sent a very detailed account of everything
    that had been going on, including names, phone numbers and dates of people I
    spoke to at BofA- generally described the runaround I was given- to ALL the
    email addresses provided on this site. Within 20 minutes I received a call
    from an Executive Vice President, who had been forwarded my complaint and it
    was taken care of IMMEDIATELY, the money was back into my account LATER THAT
    DAY. It would be worth mentioning that this happened yesterday- March 29th,
    which just happened to be a SATURDAY! The idiots they have working in
    mid-level management don’t care about their customers but the executives
    sure do, so use these emails if you have a problem and have tried to go up
    the chain of command with no success.

  12. InsomniacArtist says:

    (Heads up, the email for Diane Morais no longer works, but the others seem to have gone through).

    Just found this site after having similar problems with BofA, of which I’ve been a customer for five years.
    I too was charged excessive overdraft fees, and even though I HAD the money in the account to cover all transactions that I made, I was still charged overdraft fees.
    The buffoon that I spoke with on May 29, 2008 literally laughed at me, practically admitted that BofA purposely holds transactions as pending, then waits til your account is overdrawn to zap those extra fees in there. When I asked his name and informed him that I would be submitting his tale to our local news and BofA higher-ups, he slammed the phone down.

    I’ve just emailed all the contacts on the above list, (with the exclusion of Diane Morais, since her email came back to me as “unknown”)..and I’ve emailed the CEO. We’ll see what happens next.

  13. Jan Falk says:

    thanks for the email addresses, this is truly a rotten and evil system and I used to think B of A was a good bank and sent them lots of business. If I get one more lecture from a pompous 20 something I will puke. And the guy above who says “if you did something with fees dont complain about your bank is a real idiot”. Its not like they are ethical or fair, the banks and finance industry has had free reign for the past 8 years of no regulation and leaving the wolf in charge of the hen house and here we are. They charge, screw you, and then you cannot rationally or reasonably communicate with them, at least I can’t and I am a psychotherapist and I can’t talk to them without screaming and almost having an aneurism. I got to get this crap out out out of my life. No more Bank of America, credit card division, they are evil and toxic, and incompetent. I won’t bore you with multiple stories of their screw ups but even the guy they assigned to help me is afraid of them. (inside the system) Real training issues, they suck dealing with duh-humans.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I just tried it, and
    West Division Exec – bradford.r.dinsmore@bankofamerica.com
    East Division Exec – Shepherd michelle.shepherd@bankofamerica.com
    Both came back as unknown. Guess they’re not there either.

  15. RAbuata says:

    I tried to send an email to B of A president, west division exec and national customer service.. none went through, these emails are disconnected.. wow.. who would have thought..Shame on them..