Recording Of A Pathetic Debt Collector

In this audio recording with subtitles, American Credit Collections (ACC) tries unsuccessfully to scare an informed consumer into paying a debt that had already been charged off and was past the statute of limitations. ACC threatens to send a sheriff to the guy’s work to arrest him, and says they’ll, “go to any lengths to embarrass you.” When he sends them letters requesting verification of the debt, they feign incomprehension and say, “the verification of your debt is that you paid it for two years.” (hint: that’s not what the law says). He asks if their company, based in Pennsylvania, has a license to operate in North Carolina. The rep unconvincingly says that she’s sure their attorneys have taken care of everything. If they don’t have such a license, it’s a first class felony. Take a shot every time they violate the FDCPA!

[via Caveat Emptor]