Sales Of Women's Clothing Drops, May Mean Steep Discounts Over The Next Week

Mastercard reported on Sunday that, after a slight bump around Black Friday, sales of women’s clothing has dropped again, down 6% even while sales of men’s clothing has gone up 4.5%. They think it has to do with an overall weak year for women’s fashion, and the fact that mothers tend to cut back on new clothes for themselves first when faced with a tighter budget. The silver lining: there may be considerable discounts at women’s clothing retailers in the immediate future as they try to bump up sales at the last minute.

The drop-off, which the credit card company described Sunday as “surprising,” bodes poorly for chains like Chico’s FAS and Ann Taylor, which specialize in women’s clothing, and could result in steeper-than-expected discounts on their merchandise in the final week before Christmas.

“Retailers Face an Ominous Holiday Sign” [New York Times]
(Photo: Scurzuzu)


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  1. freshyill says:

    Stories like this sure do take me back…like back to yesterday when you posted the same thing.

  2. HRHKingFriday says:

    This was spot one when they said that Women would cut back on spending on themselves as they’re more concerned about getting their friends and family gifts first. In fact, I can’t think of one thing I’ve gotten myself this season- normally I get a few “consolation for me gifts” while shopping for family gifts.

  3. number six says:


    Ha ha, ZING!

  4. GiselleBeardchen says:

    Women’s Panties 100% Off!

  5. phrygian says:

    Um… sales of women’s clothing are down because the past couple of seasons have been hideous.

    Yes, women are being faced with tighter budgets, but they’re also being presented ugly clothes. I went shopping last night looking for a couple of decent work outfits and came out empty handed. Even with “steeper-than-expected discounts,” I’m not going to buy that crap. I don’t care if a shirt is $50 or $15 — if it’s unflattering I’m not going to buy it.

  6. missjulied says:

    @PHRYGIAN: I’m with you. When will they learn that we don’t want dresses shaped like sacks?

  7. bohemian says:

    I even had a $10 off coupon for Penneys. I couldn’t even find anything I wanted, even when it was going to only cost me maybe $2 out of my pocket.

    Most clothing is either horribly constructed or made to fit some bizzare set of humans that exist. Not to mention the ugly factor. Too many times it isn’t that I don’t have the money, it is that the offerings flat out stink.

  8. ManicPanic says:

    @phrygian: AMEN! When shopping for others on Friday night I didn’t get myself one “consolation prize” because it was all FUGLY! Although BCBG is having a pretty huge sale and they do have some cute stuff if you like pencil skirts with the swish pleats in the back. I hadn’t gone to the mall for awhile before that just because I haven’t LIKED anything.

  9. erica5577 says:

    Hi There,
    I have seen some of the prices for foreign made goods and I must say they are too high. All I want is just the basics, basic briefs and basic camisoles that won’t break the bank. I don’t see myself paying 45 dollars or more for one single camisole, I think it has some gold thread in it or something. Some wholesale sites I’ve been on wants you to buy such large amounts that it is pathetic. Just the basics Ma’am just the basics and keep your thongs to yourself.

  10. kellyhelene says:

    I always end up going home with a little something for me when I do my shopping.
    By which I mean, a couple hundred in little somethings for me…. (hey, I need outfits for multiple work functions, etc).

    This year? A pair of shoes. And even then I got them because Amazon had them for $15 after I’d been hoping for months zappos would drop the $55 price tag. Prices for clothes were insane, there were no decent sales anywhere, and everything is so hideous. I’m 28 years old, and the stores seem to want to dress me like I’m a junior high kid or an old lady. Forget that.

  11. bunnymen says:

    75% off Juniors’ Maternity Wear (c’mon, what else can you call it?) is still not a bargain.

    But then, I’m the type who squeals when I find a table full of solid short- and long-sleved cotton tees in colors I can actually wear (salmon? no thanks!), so…

  12. eeebee says:

    I’m 46 and I like to dress in a conservative, yet fashionable manner. I’m also a long-time shopper at Talbot’s and something is definitely wrong there. They changed their look in the past couple years and I think their sales have suffered. I have received numerous coupons and e-mails for 25% off which has never happened in the past. I just want something cute that doesn’t cling to my back fat. Lately, I just throw sweaters from Target into my cart. I have the income and the time to shop; I just never can find anything I like.