Reach The HP Quality Case Managers

These are the guys at HP to call if you need to expedite your warranty repair if regular customer service fails you. Note that you need to already have a case number in the system.
x 79 goes to Desktop case manager
x 94 goes to Notebooks

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  1. Myron says:

    Good to see the attribution to poopface.

  2. It’s important to highlight that a case manager would need a case to work on, meaning you have to work your way up thorough customer service anyhow.

    Side note: If George Bush was over my right shoulder on some sort of pin-up board, he’d have a tack through both of his eyeballs, possibly something Charles Manson-ish on his forehead… but hey, that’s just me.

  3. SBR249 says:

    Yes, you definitely need a case number to have a case manager assigned to you. On the otherhand, they are much better at english (since they are based on cali I think) and a lot more friendlier.

  4. Sudonum says:

    I had one of these guys at HP help get a replacement laptop many years ago, the problem was that the replacement sucked just as bad as the one it was replacing

  5. North Antara says:

    I was dealing with a case manager recently, and after about a month of talking to him, the number I used to reach him no longer worked. The person I ended up speaking with said he did not know why I got to him instead, but he would be happy to help me (he did okay, but I wasn’t impressed).

    I called back again recently, and spoke to somebody new – when I asked him if he knew what happened with the IVR, and Randy specifically, he explained that the entire “40xx” call center in Ontario, Canada was closed about 3 weeks ago, and everybody there was let go. My case manager (who was VERY good), “Randy B”, was one of the victims.

    It was a real shame to hear that. It just goes to show that HP does not actually want happy customers. Utah, Denver, watch out – you’re probably next.

    (meanwhile, I’m sitting here with 2 laptops, and no remote (delayed YET AGAIN))

  6. comopuedeser says:

    If you get the on-site service plan, they’ll come within 48 hours I think and take care of things for you. It is more than worth the money.

  7. BigNutty says:

    At least they are trying to create a better customer service experience. So many others just don’t give a crap about the customer anymore, just sales figures.

  8. scatyb says:

    @North Antara: Yeah I had the same problem two weeks after I bought my wife one of their laptops.

    It should be noted that you can reach executive customer service should the “Case Manager” fail so predictably to do anything for you, but executive customer service cannot do a dang thing except hound the case manager to do their job. They have no authority.

    HP’s service is marvelously underpowered. Kind of like putting a 1.3l engine in a suburban.

  9. econobiker says:

    HP cares about quality???

  10. Anonymous says:

    Well, this post saved my day. Used the number, picked (at the last second) the desktop extension, and when the guy said, “I don’t work on printers, how did you get to me?” I just said I was transferred from my low-level tech helper guy.

    He seemed to buy it, gave me the same ‘877’ number and an extension for the designated printer guy (x95) who really got things going for me. If what he says is correct, I’ll have a new, replacement HP printer in a week or so (they’re back-ordered).

    I blame society. But no doubt about it, kicks HP butt!

  11. CestSimone says:

    Hi, I just found this blog by googling “HP Customer Service Sucks”. I want to share my own HP rant with others who’ve experienced “the horror…”
    I think the problem all started when they hired Kafka to write their customer service training manual.
    I bought my dv9500t off of HP’s website in December 07 along with the expansion base. By the end of January, it was crashing and soon after (day or two) would stall during reboot. My final diagnosis was problem with the heat sink on the motherboard. It took longer to stall if I let it rest (cool down) for a while before trying to start up. The computer locked up even when I was on the BIOS page, so this definitely wasn’t a Vista problem.
    After a lot of calls to HP customer (don’t)care, I was able to get a case manager who told me that I was entitled to a replacement. By this time (almost 1 1/2 weeks and about 10 phone calls each lasting between 10 and 45 minutes) I was fed up with HP, and declined the replacement and asked for a full refund to which the HP case manager said I was fully entitled. He gave me a case # and his fax # and phone number with extension and his work hours. He asked me to fax over my receipts to get the refund started. He made a point of telling me that the faxes in the office tend to get lost, so I should make sure to write his name in large letters on the fax. So, I did this, and called back the next day to confirm that he’d received the fax. I did call during the working hours he’d given me. I provided the person who answered the phone with my case #. I was told Anthony was unavailable and he would get back to me.
    So, that was 2 weeks ago. I’ve since called his office 5 times trying to get hold of him and each time I received the same response, “he’ll call you later.” I have asked for a new case manager to no avail. At this point, I’m submitting a claim with Mastercard to see if I can recover some of the money I spent on this computer, and I will never buy another HP product again.

  12. countryboy-in-toronto says:

    i have been fighting hp since i got my new laptop with missing parts. i got the laptop itself but no recovery discs, power supply, no remote control,no manuals or paperwork of any kind. this was a brand new dv9731ca. it was over $1100 plus shipping. repeated calls got me a power supply (took 3 months),more calls got me recovery discs ( took 4 months), now i am still fighting to get my remote control. i had press contact them and they too have gotten no where as a matter of fact they will no longer even take my call and tell me since the media was involved they cant talk to me and to call another department.

    i have to say hp is the worst company i have ever dealt with when it comes to customer service ever !!!! if you can avoid hp and buy from acer, dell, anywhere but hp. !! i am stuck with a laptop i cant use thanks to missing parts. over a $1, 000 waste of money !

  13. oldgraygeek says:

    I agree that HP blows.
    My DV9000 certainly blows: this will be its fourth trip back in 19 months.

    This page, however, rocks: I just got a case manager on the line to expedite the repair…

  14. LadyBug611 says:

    A bit of advise for all of you.
    If the case manager in question is not doing his job or you feal that he is wrong in his judgement ask for an executive case manager, they do have them.
    If you get a negative response then contact corp until you do get one. Just keep calling them.
    A word to the wise try and keep the call professional and polite, cause they will hang up on you if you do not.

    Other informmation for some of the posts listed.
    All newer models of notebooks and desktops come with a recovery console and you need to burn off the recovery disks. HP does not ship the disks with the units but enough bugging them and they will ship them.
    They also do not send manuals for any of the notebooks, but the manual is online.
    Last but not least call before 11pm PST and you will reach North american support. :)
    Hope this helps.

  15. WTF-J says:

    It’s not getting any better! Purchased Pavilion notebook and the 3-yr service plan. Notebook dies. (Surprise!) Received replacement and it starts developing “issues” about 9-months into its lifespan.

    Contacted HP CustCare (Award winning, but the guys who give out the awards have probably never called HP for service!) and started the repair process again. HP now has a nifty repair status e-mail/Web page system, but follows the GIGO ethos, as they put up false info to make it look like they’re performing.
    – Contacted on the 20th in the AM, but HP didn’t ship the return box ’til COB on the 21st. HP starts clock on 21st.
    – Fed-Ex tracking shows receipt of returned PC on at 11a on the 25th, but HP posts receipt on the 26th.

    On the seventh PC-less day, checked the status using nifty web site and found the PC was being held at the repair center deemed “out-of-warranty.” (The award winning service guys forgot to send an e-mail to let me know.) Turns out that when HP replaced the original PC, they failed to transfer the service plan. (Try explaining that to a call center operator in Mumbai who only wants to get rid of you since their records show you in the out of warranty caste.)

    So the promised 6-day door-to-door service level is at 10 days and counting…

  16. XandraKlimchuck says:

    It’s getting worse, actually. After trying since April to get HP to even recognize that, yes, they did actually sell me a 3-yr warranty that’s registered to my computer, I sent in my laptop (for repair of a stuck key!) on September 15th. As of today, October 21st, they tell me that they have not started repairs, they don’t know when they will start repairs, they don’t know when they’ll be able to send me my machine back, and they refuse to give me a replacement computer to use while they get their act together. I’ve gone to the top of the case manager hierarchy, I’ve written letters and called HP’s headquarters, and I’ve sent them a log of all my calls, chats, and e-mails with HP that I’ve had since this problem began in April. No result.

    Any ideas? (I’m contacting lawyer friends right now…)

  17. mmeehh says:

    the case manager extension has changed to 93 ,94 will route you back to tech support

  18. Anonymous says:

    Just had a DV8000 die with 40 days remaining on the 3 yr Care Pack warranty – TS with tech support to no avail and a case number was assigned and I was sent to a case manager. Gave them the case number and description of the problem. DV8000 EOL’ed and repair parts were unavailable. New DV7 built, shipped and received in about 8 days. KUDOS to case managers John Cooper and John Bond – these two guys took excellent care of me and I can not say enough about their professionalism and ability to work through a problem.

    • Anonymous says:

      @MagdaleneNanobots: This is definitely a fake HP plant posting. Case Managers never give out their full names for security reasons. At most they can give an employee ID if you are going to post a complaint, but for personal safety, they are prohibited from providing a full name. You outed yourself. HP is pathetic.

  19. DaveM_MD says:

    After having issues with the DV9000’s left henge which hp issued a recall for I found it extreamly diffacult to make use of the recall/repair.
    After reading Ben Popkenl’s posting I called back and asked for a case manager, though I never got a case manager I found that I didn’t need one and they are making good on the recall/repair.
    I don’t agree with the initial buisness practice but understand the cost incurred by hp and in the end am just happy to have my laptops defect fixed.

  20. Chad Green says:

    The number above no longer takes you to anybody special but instead takes you to the generic Engrish help line.

    • Anonymous says:

      @Chad Green:

      The new number is 877-917-4380 ext 93. Good luck getting any support from them though. No Help for me… i have had a recurring issue for 3-4 months now and after a new hard drive, multiple OS installations, and driver and anti virus updates (all directed by their customer service) the problem still persists. I have 245 days left on my warranty and I still get no support… Hope someone else has more luck than me.

  21. kathystar says:

    I purchased my Slimline computer Oct 2008. I had no problems with it until it quit on 7/28/09. I contacted HP that night & was sent a box to return the computer to the TX facility for repair. It came back in less than a week & worked ONE day. I contacted HP again & went through 3 hours worth of telephone diagnostics before they relented & agreed to allow me to return the computer for repair.
    They’ve now had the computer since 8/13/09 & are now claiming they do not have parts to make the repairs. The latest estimate for repair is 09/14/09 which means the computer has been out of service for 7 weeks–if I’m lucky!
    I’ve called & emailed repeatedly asking for this to be escalated and have been pretty much ignored or given the run around.
    I’ve also been told this particular model has a known problem with motherboards so I’m not confident any repair will rectify the issue.
    If this computer was 3-4 years old, I would understand a problem with lack of parts & I’d go buy a new one. But one that quits when its only 9 months old is not acceptable to me & shouldn’t be acceptable to HP.
    I feel I have been more than patient.
    Case managers have not been particularly helpful. I’m also getting friendly little reminders every time I call that I’ve only got X many days left on my warranty! I think they are holding my computer hostage & letting the warranty run out!
    Why did I buy an HP?????

  22. Beverly says:

    My 2nd HP8500 Premier is now being replaced – again! I tell tech susport when they answer that, due to a severe hearing problem, I really need to speak with someone WITHOUT an accent. This last time, no one paid attention. My first hp8500 was new, my next replacement was new (after insisting on a new one for 5 hours on the phone), and now my 3rd will be a “REMANUFACTORED” one with a 90-day warranty – initially. HP product has deteriorated drastically! if my 3rd one doesn’t work, I’ll have to just take a loss and buy another brand. My current HP8500 is a $400 machine. This is not an easy loss, but when my HPs don’t work, I’m out of business! Pretty sad commentary for HP.

  23. smac says:

    Case managers at HP are rude and disrespectful and do nothing to resolve an issue. Recently I purchased a NEW office jet printer from HP Home Sales for $189.98 (including tax, shipping and a 2-year extended warranty). I received an email acknowledging the price. To my surprise, HP debited my bank for $209.98, plus three $1.00 authorizations. I called HP Customer Care to question the overcharges and was assigned a case manager who arrogantly argued that the overcharge was my bank’s fault and she could do nothing about it. I learned that the printer I received was “refurbished” and not new. (Sam’s Club sells the same printer for $169.87). The case manager told me to buy the new printer from Sam’s. For my inconvenience, the case manager sent me a pack of HP paper, but did nothing to resolve the conflict regarding the overcharges and the return of the printer. I requested an RMA to return the printer. At that point, the case manager emailed me an invoice for $189.98 stating that is the amount that will refund – not the $209.98 that was paid, and the refund will be 7 to 10 days after the warehouse receives and processes the return which could be another 30 days. I called HP corporate offices and spoke to their Executive Customer Service who promised to send a complaint to the case manager department. That’s it! I have no printer and no promise to refund the $209.98. I agree with the other customers, HP customer service policy is GO SCREW YOURSELF. Their sales reps and case managers are most likely outsourced to the prison system.