Police Pulling Over Good Drivers And Giving Them $5 Starbucks Gift Cards

Out of a misguided sense of goodwill, Rancho Cordova police officers will be pulling over citizens who aren’t doing anything wrong and reward their good driving with $5 Starbucks. While nice in theory, it would be a pain in the butt if you were running late for work. I wonder if, just like when you get pulled over for speeding, they’re going to make you wait in your car for 10 minutes first. I also wonder why they couldn’t just take people’s license numbers down and mail them the gift cards. I also also wonder if it’s legal for a police officer to detain someone who isn’t breaking the law. N doubt such irritating questions will disappear the moment the free Mocha Frappacino hits your brain nerves.

Police Reward Good Drivers With Coffee [AP] (Thanks To Moss Media!)
(Photo: Tengaport)


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  1. JustRunTheDamnBallBillick. says:

    Great idea, poor execution…

  2. SaveMeJeebus says:

    I saw this on some tv show once except the fuzz would give flowers and other crap to the drivers. Kinda creepy if you ask me… some burly dude with a thick moustache and aviator glasses pulling me over for doing the right thing. Ehh I’ll pass.

  3. joemono says:

    A police chase ended in tragedy today after a man plowed into a school bus full of children. The man pulled away after police tried to pull him over for being a good driver. No word yet on why the man ran.

  4. ancientsociety says:

    REALLY stupid (and most likely, illegal) idea. My time while driving is worth much more than a $5 gift card, even if I do like Starbucks from time to time.

  5. Geekybiker says:

    I’d be pissed if I got pulled over for driving well.

  6. DallasDMD says:

    They can just put them in the mail…

  7. silkyjumbo says:

    I hate Starbucks, so I’d be really pissed. Can’t they just note my license plate and remember it when they pulled me over for doing wrong?

  8. ancientsociety says:

    Also, it sounds like a sneaky way of getting past reasonable cause.

  9. stevemis says:

    I thought a traffic stop required probable cause?

  10. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    The neighboring city did something similar but handed out gift certificates for movies theaters. Nice gesture, but I’m with others.. I’d rather not have my time wasted.

  11. UpsetPanda says:

    I’ve been pulled over only once in my life, and I know that whenever I’m around police cruisers, I get this heart-pounding nervousness because I feel like if I speed just 5 miles over, they might pull me over. If I got pulled over, it’s possible I’d be freaking out, and then really, really pissed that they did it because I’m a good driver and they thought they should stop me to let me know. But hey, one coffee!

  12. madanthony says:

    Ancientsociety brings up an interesting question – what happens when they pull someone over for good driving and notice a blunt in the ash tray or the like?

    And I feel like there’s enough real crime out there that it’s a waste of police resources to spend time pulling over people who aren’t doing anything wrong. Not to mention that police stops can be deadly – how many world’s wildest police chase videos are there of someone plowing into someone stopped on the shoulder?

  13. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Tell you what….if you see me driving well, take the $5, donate it to the local food bank, and DON’T PULL ME OVER.

    I’ll buy my own coffee.

  14. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    $5 doesn’t get you much at the Starbucks I stop at from time to time.

    If it was like…$20…I might be okay with it. Otherwise it does just seem like a way around probable cause.

  15. ironchef says:

    your tax dollars at work.

    I rather they give back $5 to all good taxpayers.

  16. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    Oooh..I have a better idea…if you see me driving well, stop me, give me back the $100 for the bogus speed-trap speeding ticket you gave me this summer and take it off my record. :)

  17. BStu says:

    Man, this is stupid idea. They did something like this on the subways in Boston. Undercover agents would handout Dunkin Donuts gift cards to people who were polite on the trains. Like, standing up for a pregnant woman or… well, or standing up for the elderly. Though I question the need to have a legion of undercover courtesy cops, they just gave the gift card to you. You got a reward and it took no time out of your day.

    Pulling someone over for obeying the law? What’s next? Taking me down to the police station in the back of a cruiser to give me a “Walking in the Crosswalk” certificate? Look, I get that we want to reinforce good behavior, but there is a limit to what’s appropriate in congratulating people for obeying the law. You can’t set the bar for success too low, or the laws will seem meaningless. Focus on the people breaking the law. Not the people doing what that are supposed to do.

  18. ConsumptionJunkie says:

    Virtue is its own reward.

  19. Coder4Life says:

    Is starbucks going to start providing the pigs with FREE Donuts or something…

  20. iMike says:

    It’s just another pretext stop. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them pull over blacks and carloads of hispanics for “good driving.”

  21. bohemian says:

    Wasting my time and the ensuing minor panic while I am trying to figure out what I did wrong and worrying that I forgot to put my new insurance card in the glove box is worth at least a $20 gift card.

  22. Zelle999 says:

    A few years ago I read that they did this in Texas – Stopped ‘good’ motorists and gave them Rangers tickets. I thought it was stupid then and still do. Some bosses won’t give a hoot why you’re late, just that you’re late. might be on my way to visit my dying grandfather who only has 5 minutes left to live, and I might be driving safely anyway despite my desperation to get there, and “Oh well! At least I got a gift certificate for Starbucks!”

    I’m in my car. I’m obeying the law. I’m driving safely. Leave me alone!

    Maybe they should send out stickers to people in the mail like junk mail. If you’re cool with getting stopped, put one in your back window. Everyone else, leave them alone.

  23. Shadowfire says:

    @Coder4Life: No, one of the cops came up with the idea himself, and raised the funds to cover the cost of the gift cards by talking to local businesses.

    Also, this thread is full of grinches.

  24. faust1200 says:

    Kudos to the police for finding another way to fuck with the lives of law abiding citizens. Keep up the good work.

  25. Blueoysterjoe says:

    I appreciate the attempt, even if it is spectacularly stupid. Or maybe even a little bit because of it.

    Between buffoons wielding tasers and buffoons pulling over law-abiding citizens, I have now concluded that our nation’s law enforcement is made up of toddlers.

  26. ironchef says:

    I bet that’s how cops pick up hot women.

  27. ColoradoShark says:

    Unless you are one really cold fish, getting pulled over by the cops even when you know you are doing nothing wrong will still get you pretty scared. Anyone see any tasering video lately? Whose going to be the first to die from a stress induced heart attack when getting pulled over for being a good driver?

    Don’t get on my case for being grinchy. I understand it is nice to get a carrot from time to time instead of the stick every time.

  28. rodeobob says:

    Put me in the “bad idea” brigade…

    Any time the police pull over a car, they run the license plate, ask for ID (and in most states, proof of insurance) and run the ID through the system. They also look inside the car and visually inspect the driver.

    The law says that a police officer needs probable cause to do these things. Good driving != probable cause.

    Any time you pull over enough cars, you’ll find unrelated violations. (expired tags, no insurance, outstanding warrants) Police love reasons to pull over more vehicles, because it has the aggregate effect of improving their “stats”.

  29. Scazza says:

    Saying I hate starbucks, this would piss me off to no end.

  30. comopuedeser says:

    @DallasDMD: I agree. If they can mail us a ticket for running a red light, then they should just mail the starbucks gift card.

    @Shadowfire: Did he raise money to cover the cost to the drivers for lost time? What about all the tax dollars going to cover the officer time involved?

  31. comopuedeser says:

    Also, I’m seriously doubting that “serve and protect” is intended to mean “serve coffee.”

  32. Monkey4Sale says:

    If it was implimented as a full time thing (compared to the holiday) it could create less problems on the road. If someone sees a cop car now, they slow down, but the moment the car is out of sight they speed up again (we all do this). We have been trained to fear police officers, if they brought good things to us more often a lot of our fears would subside. Though they should give city wide gift cards for at least $50, opposed to business specific ones.

  33. The_Duke says:

    Do a search for the “Plain View Doctrine” and then you will understand why the cops are doing this…

  34. kingoftheroad40 says:

    How about a get out of jail free card instead of giving a gift of a stimulant/ drug, caffeine ?

  35. Scuba Steve says:

    @The_Duke: Not just that, but why not ask the driver for his license and registration while we’ve got him stopped.

    “I noticed you were a little nervous there, citizen. Are you trafficking in any drugs or illegal items?

    Let me just get my narc dog who’s trained to alert on command.”

  36. jydesign says:

    I suggest that the general public start a campaign of approaching “good” police officers, and giving them free donuts. Then they can have their time wasted for no good reason as well.

  37. Akamaru says:

    Rancho Cordova? That area has a high-er instance of minority residents than other areas of Sacramento County, no doubt. Seems like an excuse to exercise the Plain View Doctrine.

    The police need to worry about actually doing their job instead of adding additional tasks to their plate.

    I’m tired of being cut off by cops in their cars with no siren. Or being in front of a moron on the road causing an unsafe situation as a cop turns a blind eye to the situation and speeds right by.

    I’m waiting for them to start calling the rampant use of tazers the Christmas Light Special, to get everyone in the holiday mood.

  38. overbysara says:

    that would freak me the hell out but I would love the free starbucks.

  39. DrGirlfriend says:

    @Akamaru: Interesting, I’d like to see the demographic information of those motorists who get pulled over for the “free Starbucks”.

  40. swalve says:

    @iMike: Unfortunately, I’ll bet you’re right.

    Also, police officers don’t like being called “cops” or “pigs”. Please show appropriate respect for people you don’t know and haven’t met.

  41. Life_Sandwich says:

    This sort of thing has been done for a long time. My grandmother got pulled over and was given movie tickets back in the 60’s.

  42. Bos'un's Mate says:

    Can we opt out with a bumper sticker? [tinyurl.com]

  43. stuckonsmart says:

    As one who was recently pulled over for one of these “Goodwill Gestures”, I can assure you my laundry problem was the SAME as if I had been pulled over for a ticket.

  44. AbsoluteIrrelevance says:

    Is this a way for Starbucks to develop a marketing partnership with an organization? I’ll bet Starbucks marketing dept has a problem with associating themselves with what is usually an unpleasant, and often expensive, experience. How about just mailing me a coupon for $5 off my state taxes?

    And caffeine is something I don’t want when my heart is beating out of my chest from getting pulled over.

  45. sleepydumbdude says:

    I’d be super pissed because $5 doesn’t even cover what I get at Starbucks.

  46. ceejeemcbeegee is not here says:

    Damn, you people are ungrateful…

  47. Shadowfire says:

    @comopuedeser: Then stop being such a great driver! Jesus Christ, do I have to solve all your problems for you?

    Also, consumerist comments often leave me with headaches.

  48. spinachdip says:

    Similarly, I wanted to reward a cop with a Dunkin Donuts gift card, so I ran towards him, yelling unintelligibly and waving a small dark object in my hand. I don’t remember what happened after that.

  49. TechnoDestructo says:


    My reward for being a good driver should be NOT getting pulled over, at all, ever.

    And the time they spend patting me on the back is time they could be spending looking for people who actually ARE a problem.

  50. cmdr.sass says:

    I wonder if these revenue agents hand out the certificates before or after they’ve met their monthly quota.

  51. clocker says:

    Great, a “Cheer Chain” with flashing lights and sirens.

  52. jedsa says:

    I am not a lawyer (yet), I am certainly not your lawyer, and I am not giving anyone legal advice,

    Necessary disclaimer aside (pesky legal ethics that apply to law students! :P), I don’t see how it can possibly be constitutional to pull people over for driving well! That sort of detention is a seizure that requires, at the very minimum, reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing, if not probable cause. You can’t pull someone over for driving well!

  53. BigBoat says:

    People are right to think the idea is retarded. Cops should be seen and not heard. Ideally not seen either.

  54. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    @comopuedeser: There you go. To serve coffee and protect donuts.

  55. Jackasimov says:

    @Shadowfire: I’m with you. Complain when the world eats balls then complain even louder when someone tries to do something, however seemingly misguided, about it.

    There’s gotta be a negative angle somewhere. If nothing else they’re wasting your precious time. Like you were doing anything important with it anyway. Probably just sitting in your steaming pile of a car at a red light being pissed off it for it not turning fast enough for you (that and those fucking retarded old people from the nursing home taking their GOTTDAMN time crossing the Jesus Christing stupid effing street. Sheesh!).

    C’mon. Take the stupid Starbucks card, be grateful, or give it to someone who will be, then breathe a sigh of relief that you weren’t actually doing something wrong and maybe chuckle about it. Failing that, stay the hell out of my beloved Rancho Cordova with that bad attitude of yours.

    Happy Holidays, haters.

  56. dysthymia says:

    I would stop, because is required by law.

    I would accept the card, because I am grateful person.

    I would not change my mind about the police/authority and their past errors and mishandleing of my persona.

    I would quietly complain for it here :P

  57. spinachdip says:

    @Jackasimov: Wow, somebody didn’t get a free latte on his drive home.

  58. shades_of_blue says:

    I hate my local cops, they are all twofaced hypocrites. If they were to pull any kind of shinagins like this, my blood pressure would shoot through the roof, which in turn would cause me to seriously consider suing them… My time, stress and mental being are worth more that a crappy 5 dollar gift card.

  59. KingPsyz says:

    what a waste of gas and resources.

    I’d like to hear a write up of the cost and traffic congestion these random acts of kindness produce.

    To move from frankly gas friendly highway or driving speeds to stop, then idle, than rejoin traffic, ect, ect. Sounds like a little at first but add it up and we’re taking loads of un-needed waste.

    What they should do is gather funds for something like this and then mail a donation in your name to a local charity. The only acknowledgement of your good driving would be a letter thanking you for your donation via the local police or highway patrol for being a good citizen.

    But then they wouldn’t have a loophole way to pull people over for no good reason.

  60. Daniel says:

    Sound like a good idea to me. If you were late for work, you would probably be pulled over for speeding, not good driving…

    p.s. anyone notice the missing o? N doubt…

  61. forgottenpassword says:

    WHether if this stunt is grounds for an illegal stop…. it doesnt matter. A savvy cop knows that he can literally FIND a reason to pull someone over. Especially if they follow you for a while.

    I grew up in a small town with a bunch of bored redneck cops. SO naturally anytime I see a cop car behind me… I always expect to be pulled over & am suprised when it doesnt happen.

    If you REALLY want to reward drivers…. have the cop note the plate #, put it on file so that the next time they pull you over for a REAL reason (incorrect lane change, rolling stop, failure to yield, speeding… etc. etc.) …. let them off & let them know that is why.
    A kind of “get out of a ticket card”. I WOULD appreciate THAT kind of reward!

  62. Buran says:


    Someone does something bad, people bitch.

    Someone writes in a complaint, people bitch and blame the victim.

    Someone tries to say “thanks for doing a great job”, people bitch.

    People … just bitch.


  63. MeOhMy says:

    I also think this isn’t a great idea, although probably for the reverse reason of most commenters. I’m not worried about me as much as the cop. Everytime a cop makes a “routine” traffic stop he has to wonder – is this guy going to run? Is he going to pull out a gun and shoot at me when I get to the window?

    Everytime a cop pulls someone over he puts his own life in jeopardy. I would hate to hear a story about a cop that got shot b/c he went to give someone a Starbuck’s coupon and it turns out that someone is on the lam, wanted for murder and thinks he’s just been spotted.

  64. forgottenpassword says:


    I wouldnt bitch if I got $5 in the mail saying it was a reward for driving well.

    But anymore these days…. when cops stop you …. people dont look at it as a good experience. Whether you did something wrong or did something right. Cops have basically become something to fear. Long gone are the days of officer friendly.

    Ask yourself something… how easily are you apt to walk up to a cop (you dont know) to shoot the shit, kindly say hello, or just ask a simple question about the neighborhood? Heck even when I had a real need to talk to a cop, I have been treated with suspicion, annoyance & had my plate run.

  65. StevieD says:

    Pulling me over to give me a Phuking discount ticket for a sucky cup of coffee should be grounds for using my Mac-10 on a bullet proof vest …. if you get my drift.

    This whole scheme goes beyond commom sense. I see flashing lights on my arse I know one of two things is about to happen:

    1) Some entry level cop is going to have to defend his poor job performance to my family member whom is his supervisor

    2) I was doing 93 in a 35 and actually deserve the ticket.

    Anything else is dangerous and utterly stupid.

  66. North of 49 says:

    I would thank the officer, after asking if I had done anything wrong, for looking out for all drivers on the road. There are too many impaired or just plain bad drivers out there, like Chris from Canada’s Worst Driver 1, Michael and Henrietta from CWD2, and Shelby from CWD3. Jason, from CWD3, has reportedly hung up his license for good.

  67. Mr. Gunn says:

    Just in case no one’s figured this out yet, this, and the “cheer chain” are viral marketing stunts. There will be more.

    /Oh yes, there will be more.

  68. alhypo says:

    Terrible idea! I think this is just a backwards way for them to catch criminals who happen to be smart enough not to drive like maniacs. This gives them an excuse to pull over anyone, regardless of whether they are visibly breaking the law. Seriously, do you think if they see a driver they want to scrutinize, they aren’t going to pull him over under the guise of giving him a good driving prize? If they happen to see something suspicious while handing them the reward, well, then they can search the vehicle.

    I predict the proportion of these cards presented to Hispanic and black people will be far greater than the proportion of the driving population those demographics represent. In other words, cops will target those particular races. I suspect this is just another violation of our civil rights dressed up to look nice. (I’m Caucasian, for purposes of disclosure.)

    But aside from that, I would be furious (well, annoyed) if a cop pulled me over to give me a gift card to any store, let alone a coffee place I would never buy anything from.

  69. alhypo says:

    @Troy F.: That is a really good point. Cops pulling someone over to give them a reward might be in a less aroused mental state thereby putting themselves in danger as well as the people they stop since any surprises might catch the cop off guard. When a cop hovers over behind your shoulder during a traffic stop, it is for everyone’s safety. Being in a strategically advantageous position makes the officer less likely to respond inappropriately to anything the occupant does that might be misconstrued as a threat.

    Plus, there is always the danger of being hit by a wayward vehicle.

  70. forgottenpassword says:

    This is pretty much the equivalent of running at your dog, yelling at him while raising a hand to hit him….. then handing him a dog treat.

  71. swalve says:

    @StevieD: You’re a dick.

  72. Buran says:

    @forgottenpassword: Maybe if people weren’t so grouchy and were willing to actually *GASP* talk to strangers, they wouldn’t go “OMG! Someone I don’t know wants to talk to me! AAAUUUUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!”

    In other words, we as a collective society need to loosen the hell up.

  73. Trumps says:

    @ancientsociety: i was thinking the exact same thing. Suck to get pulled over for not doing anything wrong and they smell my weed :P

  74. Dick.Blake says:

    How the hell can they afford to give out gift cards to…. oh, wait… kickbacks courtesy of Starbucks. At least I hope that is the case and not taxpayer dollars.

    Stay out of government all you mega-corporations. Ugh.

  75. Bruce Bayliss says:

    Yeah right…
    Just wait for the racial profiling to kick in and it’ll be “Well, I stopped this black guy in a Cadillac to give him a Starbucks voucher for good driving and then I smelt something funny when he wound down the window so we searched the car and just look what we found…”

  76. trollkiller says:

    I have been thinking hard on this one, I would like to think “oh how nice rewarding people for good driving”. But the realist in me keeps overriding the happy thoughts with “this is a great way to stop people with no probable cause”.

    This is going to be used as a wide cast net. I wonder how many cases will be dropped when the constitutional lawyers get involved.

    Like others have said they could easily mail the reward to you.

    @Bruce Bayliss:
    Arrrggg, forget racial profiling, let’s just deal with profiling. Just like everybody else cops learn to look for common elements. So profiling does happen and it can be a good thing. Profiling is only bad when you fit the common elements and you have done nothing wrong.

  77. chemman says:

    Thanks for that comment, you had me laughing so hard I almost spit out my coffee (made at home BTW, not Starbucks)
    As for the article, I too, would be upset for getting pulled over only to be told I was driving good and given $5 gift card for a store I would never shop at. Even if the whole stop only took 10 minutes, 10 minutes of my free time is worth much more than $5.

  78. polyeaster says:

    I’m no grinch, but if I got pulled over for this nonsense, I would advise the offier to shove the starschmucks giftcard up his arse, and contact the offending PD to tell them to stay the F*** away from me if I haven’t broken any laws.

  79. Upsilon says:

    Bull Crap, Consumerist.
    I mean, do you know anyone who obeys every single rule of the road when they’re running late for work? I don’t. That’s why it’s called “running” late for work, not “moseying” late for work.

    And OMG I just realized! They’re giving out starbucks gift cards so that the drivers can get caffeinated… and then their deluded sense of time and hyperactive awakened state will cause them to speed… and allow officers to give them tickets, making back the money spent on the cards about twenty-four-fold!

    It’s bulletproof!

    And no, I guess I rarely believe in true human kindness without ulterior motives… as much as I’d like to…


  80. bbbici says:

    The best gift to me and society would be if another car plowed into the officer as he approached my car.

  81. swalve says:

    @bbbici: Jesus, what’s wrong with you?

  82. Peeved Guy says:

    Good grief. Like this is going to be an issue… If the drivers is Rancho Whatever are like the ones in my city, I’d wager the cop bought one gift card two years ago and is still waiting for that mythical “good driver” to pull over.

    Still, nice thought, Officer Diogenes.

  83. qmsterling says:

    C’mon ~ ~ ~ how often is it police do something other than harass people over minor infractions?

    It’s a rare about-face for our “finest,” who are usually more interested in sticking it to you to make their ticket quotas than helping fight serious crime.

  84. Japheaux says:

    Ten years ago I lived (and I use that term loosely) in North Dakota. A friend of mine was pulled over for speeding. The officer gave him a warning, and after seeing him, and his four family members wearing their seatbelts, gave my friend for coupons for $5 each for McDonalds as a reward for caring about their lives.

    But one has to wonder, what’s more dangerous, not wearing your seatbelt or eating at McDonalds?

  85. inkhead says:

    If an officer were to pull me over and give me a starbucks card, his entire city police force is going to be in serious trouble.

    The supreme court has ruled on this several times, and you can’t pull over/stop someone without cause.

    I’d be polite because I understand the officer is trying to be nice, but come on, I’m sure even most of the officers being told to do this, I kind of annoyed that they are bugging drivers.

  86. kwsdurango says:

    This does seem a little sketchy – no doubt Johnny Law will bend down to your window (or not bend down for SUV people) and take a good look at you and the interior of your car as he/she hands out the coupon.

    Additionally, as someone who has been pulled over a few times for “responsible” speeding, no matter what the circumstance it’s always a little embarrassing to be seen on the side of the road parked in front of anything with flashing lights.

    And what about the danger of merging back into the traffic flow, etc?

    By the way, I think some of you need to get pulled over a few more times, for you know, practice. It’s really not that bad if you keep your hands on the wheel and greet the officer politely. Police are people too and I’ve never encountered a rude one – despite my penchant for occasionally exceeding the suggested speed limits.

  87. XTC46 says:

    @Coder4Life: our starbucks already do give cops free donuts and coffee. When I worked at a Mexican fast food place we commped all cops, EMS, Fire fighters, and military guys in uniform. Our owner had a thing rewarding those who dedicate their lives to helping others. Having a bunch of cops who know you give them free food aint so bad either.

  88. XTC46 says:

    In other news: Police officer is shot while pulling over a car this afternoon to reward the driver for good driving. Unknown to the officer at the time, the driver was a wanted felon with outstanding warrants. It is believed he shot the police officer out of fear of being arrested.

  89. Mary says:

    Actually, I heard of a study where something similar actually resulted in better driving and lower fatalities all around, much more so than punishing BAD driving.

    I think rewarding good behavior is a good idea, if there is the proper advertisement of the program so nobody gets all freaked out.

    As for everybody believing the cops are all up to something and just want to catch you with your drugs…well, I suppose it could happen. I just don’t believe it.

    Though I do agree the better option would be writing down the license number and mailing the card instead. Then less people would be so damn cranky about the idea.

  90. @swalve: Wait, what’s wrong with “cop”?

  91. @joemono & @xtc46: Yeah, aren’t traffic stops supposed to be really dangerous to do? The police chase videos always show at least one that began when the officer didn’t suspect any wrongdoing. It’s something like a tail light being out.

  92. bunnymen says:

    This is seriously the scariest thing I’ve read or heard in a long while (assuming it is true).

  93. mac-phisto says:

    a $5 gift card, officer? i’ve got a better idea. i’ll take a couple hits off the bong you were smoking when you came up with this idea.

  94. forgottenpassword says:


    Now THAT’s pretty damn cool!

  95. iMike says:

    @swalve: I don’t think your suggestion not to call police “cops or pigs” was directed at me, but I worked with cops for years and they all call themselves cops. As does my brother in law, another cop.

  96. iMike says:

    @inkhead: Any cop can find a more or less legitimate reason to pull any motorist over after a few minutes’ following them.

  97. thomamas says:

    @swalve: Why did the police name their television show “COPS” if they didn’t want us to use it? Or is it like the name of god and only they’re allowed to say it?

  98. war59312 says:

    Yeah I would be pissed if I got pulled over for something like this. I would be scared enough as is and this would just make me blow up, knowing I did nothing wrong..