Police Pulling Over Good Drivers And Giving Them $5 Starbucks Gift Cards

Out of a misguided sense of goodwill, Rancho Cordova police officers will be pulling over citizens who aren’t doing anything wrong and reward their good driving with $5 Starbucks. While nice in theory, it would be a pain in the butt if you were running late for work. I wonder if, just like when you get pulled over for speeding, they’re going to make you wait in your car for 10 minutes first. I also wonder why they couldn’t just take people’s license numbers down and mail them the gift cards. I also also wonder if it’s legal for a police officer to detain someone who isn’t breaking the law. N doubt such irritating questions will disappear the moment the free Mocha Frappacino hits your brain nerves.

Police Reward Good Drivers With Coffee [AP] (Thanks To Moss Media!)
(Photo: Tengaport)

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