"Injected Pork Water" Is Completely Out Of Control At Kroger

“At our local supermarket chain (Kroger), it is now impossible to buy any fresh pork product (except sausage and bacon, but what’s in them is a whole other story) that has not been “enhanced” by the injection of “up to 15%” of some kind of saltwater solution. Pork chops, pork loin, everything. And now chicken is getting this way, too – it is getting harder and harder to find any fresh chicken that has not been injected with “up to 15% chicken broth.” Even bone-in legs and thighs, now. When did this happen?

Anyway, not only does this extra water screw up a lot of recipes (the meat won’t brown right, and roasted chickens end up soggy), it means 15% of the price of grocery store pork and chicken I am actually paying for water! (Mmmm, sizzling, juicy water.) Working this into the equation, the price per pound of actual meat for unadulterated pork and chicken at the natural foods co-op is not as high as it might seem.


It’s probably very un-consumeristy of us, but we have to admit to not noticing how much water has been injected into our pork or chicken—or even if unsoaked pork is still available at the local grocery store.

We did post a news story from NBC Augusta in which they squeezed a bunch of chicken and then figured out how much your average consumer was paying for “chicken water” each year. Guess how much it was? Did you guess? Ok, fine we’ll tell you.

$60 a year. In chicken water. Yuck.

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