How to join that crazy club of airline mileage runners who take flights simply for the frequent flier miles and perks. [Gadling]


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  1. n301dp says:

    Looking for a good start? Northwest is currently running a sale to Germany…try anywhere Northwest flies in the USA to a city in Germany and you’ll likely come across fares below $500, even out of NW fortress cities in the Midwest. I found one to Frankfurt that’ll route me through Minneapolis, Chicago and Amsterdam on the way there and Detroit and Minneapolis on the way back over Martin Luther King weekend.

  2. n301dp says:

    Also–the ITA Trip Planner website ([]) is an awesome tool for booking travel, mileage runs nonwithstanding. I was able to book a trip to Bogota, Colombia and save almost $600 because the website found a flight combination no airline website would provide.

  3. mzito says:

    I second the recommendation for ITA – I just used it to price out a great fare to Delhi to get me to the top tier of american airlines status, and I’m doing it in business class. I don’t get a lot of time to spend in delhi, which is too bad, but that’s due to my schedule, not anything with the fare.

  4. bilge says:

    Mileage runs are a lot of fun if you’re into planespotting. Last year I went Philadelphia to Los Angeles, outbound via Miami and Mexico City, return via Salt Lake City and Atlanta–McDonnell-Douglas twinjets galore!

  5. hektik says:

    I used to do mileage runs when I was in grad school. Would show up at the airport with just a msgr bag with some books and paper in it. But I did get stuck in Miami that one time [aborted take off]. Gah!

  6. shanaynay says:

    Earth pigs, the lot of you. All those emissions to rack up miles is more than a tad selfish, no? God bless America….

  7. dewald says:

    I chuckle as I type this. I am sitting in St. Louis, waiting to return to Denver. I needed about 1,300 miles to hit 50K on United. I am able to pick up the 1,300 miles on this DEN-STL-DEN run.

    To Shanaynay…. “Emissions”. Sure the plane produces emissions, but it is going whether I am on it or not. Also, my drive to the airport today probably produced less emissions than if I had gone into work.

  8. dohtem says:

    @shanaynay: You do realize that those planes will fly their scheduled flights whether empty or full.

  9. ab3i says:

    Mileage runs are fun, there is no question about it. I need another 1250 miles to hit premier exec on UAL this year, anyone got any ideas for a cheap mileage run out of DEN?

  10. dewald says:

    @AB3I: I just got back from DEN-STL to hit Premier Exec (see my earlier post). That will get you the miles (1,540 total), not sure what the current fares are.