Vonage Sued For Infringing 12 More Patents

Will Vonage’s troubles ever cease? They’re now being sued by Nortel for infringing not one, not two, not three—but twelve patents.


Vonage initiated the proceedings by suing Nortel over three patents, and Nortel countered by suing Vonage for infringing on those three—plus 9 more.

From Marketwatch:

The patents relate to technology that forms the basis of Internet-based voice service, as well as features such as 911 and 411 calling and click to call, according to Nortel spokesman Mohammed Nakhooda.

Vonage, meanwhile, had filed an earlier suit alleging that Nortel had violated three of its patents.

“Litigation is ongoing, and both parties have filed, and will continue to file papers supporting their case,” said Vonage spokesman Charles Sahner.

This strategy is excellent. Maybe Nortel can borrow Verizon’s team of super robot lawyers.

UPDATE: Nortel Files Patent Lawsuit Against Vonage [Marketwatch]

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