Some Gift Cards Sorta Friendlier, Thanks To FTC

Gift cards have fewer hidden fees and expiration dates this holiday season, thanks to FTC action, reports the Washington Post. A survey by the Montgomery County’s Office of Consumer Protection found that about 80% of the 22 retail examined had no fees or expiration dates, could be replaced if lost or stolen and had scratch-off PINS for security.

The same cannot be said, however, of the gift cards issued by banks, like those VISA-backed gift cards…

All 20 of these studied had purchase fees, maintenance fees and expiration dates. So if you buy a gift card, get it directly from the retailer instead of the bank or a mall operator, or just give cold hard cash, which never expires or incurs fees…

Gift Cards Coming With Fewer Strings [Washington Post via U.S. PIRG Consumer Blog]
(Photo: *davierae*)

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