There are over 48 lawsuits out there against Advanced Medical Optics for selling Complete® MoisturePlus™ multipurpose contact lens solution that was recalled for giving people Acanthamoeba keratitis, aka, crazy fungus in your eye. Several of them are class actions. [PRWEB]


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  1. mammalpants says:

    sorry, but i cant read this. the type is really REALLY blurry for some reason.

  2. rse506 says:

    Actually Acanthamoeba keratitis is an amoeba, not a fungus, and it can make you go blind, whereas a fungus is just sort of annoying.

  3. corkylaudersmell says:

    From a previous comment of mine….

    I’m a long-time contact wearer. I was fortunate enough to begin having the symptoms of an Acanthamoeba infection on the morning of Friday, December 22, 2006. I was on my way home from work on the previous night when I noticed I was having trouble seeing (but no pain). By the morning, I was in extreme pain with severe eye redness (the actual cause of the initial pain was a corneal ulcer that may have allowed the infection in and then the infection made things even worse – think of it as a hole in the skin in your cornea). My wife and I were at my eye doctor’s before they opened that morning. He treated it as it were any other eye infection and told me to call him the next day if things didn’t improve. Long story short – after a long Saturday, he called in his partner on CHRISTMAS EVE for his opinion and they located a collegue that is a respected corneal surgery specialist. She was awesome enough to meet me on the afternoon of December 24th at her office, which was a 50 mile drive from my home.

    Out of three very experienced doctors that were involved, none had ever seen an acanthamoeba infection but the specialist had a test to confirm. It was an odd feeling to have the doctor tell me about the 40% chance of needing a cornea replacement and the 1% chance of needing an eyepatch to cover my empty eye socket, when at the same time she seemed a little bit giddy about the whole thing. While my wife and I were waiting in an exam room of her completely empty practice, we overheard her call her husband (an optometrist) to say she would be there a while. Funny thing – she didn’t seem disappointed to be missing Christmas Eve with her family.

    I spent Christmas and the days following sitting at home in the dark and taking at least two types of eyedrops every hour. One perscription had to be compounded in California and air overnighted to me. Another eyedrop I needed is not FDA approved and we had to purchase it from New Zealand.

    Eventually, everything started to clear up and I didn’t wear contacts again until April. I have some corneal scarring that will bother me for some time because it always feels like something is in my eye. Also, the infected eye (my left one) went from moderate nearsightedness (-4.00) to having a bad astigmatism (-2.50, -0.75 cyl, AX 90 – I have no idea what any of this means). This really sucked because my glasses were only good for my uninfected eye.
    I probably got the infection while swimming in Mexico in my contacts. This is not to say the water in Mexico was the culprit. The cysts for this organism are found absolutely everywhere including chlorinated tap water as well as natural waters and soils. The moral of the story is to be careful not to let water of any type into your eyes when wearing contacts.

    BTW, a guy named Nick Currie that used to write for Wired LOST AN EYE to this…

  4. aaronw1 says:

    I got a corneal ulcer back in July, but it was not fungal – it was bacterial. Also, I also had to have compounded antibiotics, from California. One was Gent and the other was Ancef Did you get yours from Leiters? Luckily, mine was off the visual axis, so no long term problems, but I do have the corneal scar which I can’t feel.