Wii Stolen From Porch, Amazon Executive Customer Service Replaces For Free

I read consumerist everyday and your tips help me procure a Wii for xmas. I had bought one through Amazon, and it was delivered when I wasn’t home. By the time I got home, someone had stolen it off my porch…

I tried calling regular customer service who offered to refund my account but couldn’t help me get another Wii. I emailed Executive Customer Relations at Amazon and they were able to get me another one without having to wait and get lucky again. I wouldn’t have known to use that email address to get better service without your blog. So, thanks and happy holidays.

– Kyle

That’s right folks, there is a magical email address for acute Amazon.com customer service issues, and it’s ecr@amazon.com. Before using it, you should try calling 1-800-201-7575, use one of their online forms, or have them call you.

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  1. SaveMeJeebus says:

    It was probably stolen by the DHL delivery moron.

  2. Meg Marco says:


  3. youbastid says:

    This is why I’m pretty sure the absolute only reason people ever to go to Best Buy is for instant gratification. If you can wait 3-10 days, Amazon’s customer service is MUCH better and they’re (usually) cheaper, and no tax to boot!

  4. missdona says:

    That’s why I pay for Amazon Prime. I love clicking and having it appear at more door less than 48 hours later.

  5. majortom1981 says:

    Why have something that expensive left on your porch?

  6. milty45654 says:

    1. Don’t have expensive items left on your porch…duh.

    2. Don’t take a picture of yourself with your wii and controllers spread out on the floor…for our sake.

  7. Torgen got 99 problems but the PAXFlu ain't one says:

    @majortom1981: Sometimes they do it without asking.
    I got the same service a few years back when my amazon shipment got ganked after the mailman left it in the unlocked cubbyhole in my apartment’s lobby instead of knocking on my door. (I was home at the time.)

  8. Buran says:

    What’s the difference between refunding your account and getting a replacement?

    Oh, right, you don’t want to waste 5 minutes re-ordering the item from their website and paying for it with the refunded money.


  9. spinachdip says:

    I blame Darren.

  10. stevebosco says:

    I admit, I could be naive, but how is it Amazon’s responsibility to ensure the security of a package they didn’t deliver? Once the package hits your doorstep, its not the retailer or the postal carrier’s responsibility. Or so I thought. Honestly, not trying to be a jerk, but could someone explain?

  11. Southern_Gent says:

    @Buran: Or if you bought it on sale, you’d have to pay more if the sale was up and they just refunded you the money, no?

  12. @Buran: He said he didn’t have to “wait and get lucky again” which sounds like there weren’t any more available at the time.

  13. comopuedeser says:

    Just another example of why it pays to have good customer service. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  14. Ryan Duff says:

    @Buran: Wiis are still really hard to find. You get lucky if you click on Amazon’s page for the Wii and it says they’re in stock. Its very random and only a few at a time. For all I/You/We know, he could have been trying for months to get a Wii and was finally able to get one.

    Its not like he was ordering some average product that’s always in stock.

    You like to comment on every story. Maybe that’s getting in your way of actually reading/comprehending.

  15. mopar_man says:


    I take it you don’t have many couriers deliver items to your house? Unless it needs a signature confirmation (rare), the driver tosses it and runs back to his truck.

  16. ShadowFalls says:


    It is not a matter of reordering it, it is the fact that Wiis are still very hard to come by. He might not have another chance to buy one for quite awhile.

  17. Faerie says:


    As others have said, Wiis are still very hard to find. It doesn’t sound like just ordering a replacement was an option.

    Chill out with the snark, dude. It’s unwarranted here.

  18. milty45654 says:

    Actually I do have may people come to my door. You can call UPS/DHL AND FEDEX and specifically state you do not want packages left at your door. I had a guy leave one over the weekend one time and it rained…ruined the package…i called them up and told them NEVER leave it at my door again…full compliance.

  19. Mrs. Stephen Fry says:

    Buran, do you just wait to pounce on new posts? You always, always, always comment, but 8 out of 10 times, it sounds like you haven’t even read the OP.

  20. Daveed says:

    I’ve had to call customer service for Amazon once a couple years ago, and I was preparing things to be difficult.

    But no, they sent me a $300 camera replacement the next day without qualms or problems.

  21. Buran says:

    @Ryan Duff: Insulting someone’s reading comprehension is not an acceptable way of disagreeing with them. And it’s perfectly fair to say that securing your own packages is your own responsibility, not the seller’s. Why should someone else who wants to buy the product at hand be denied a fair chance because somebody didn’t take simple steps to secure the goods — like have it sent to somewhere where someone will always be available to sign for and secure the package?

  22. UpsetPanda says:

    @Buran: Don’t know about you, but I don’t know ANYONE who is always available to sign and secure a package. My grandmother, who doesn’t speak english? My parents who both work full time, friends who go to school or have jobs…yeah, it’s kind of hard to find a person who is at home all the time and is willing to be your personal Amazon warehouse.

  23. UpsetPanda says:

    I forgot to put up my story. When I bought my macbook, I wasn’t sure where to send it. I didn’t want to trust my college mail system to take care of the box, so I had it sent to my boyfriend’s parents’ house in town. He was at school or work at the time the order was going to be there and his parents were both at work at the time, so there wasn’t going to be anyone at the house. Apple has an option for you to specifically request it be signed for (and if no one was home, they’d take it to the closest package facility) or just to leave it at a back door or a door of your choice. I can’t remember if it was UPS or Fedex that Apple uses (heck, it might’ve even been good ol USPS) but there wasn’t a facility nearby where I could pick it up if I needed to do so (or I was lazy to do it), so I had them just leave it at the house. I was assured by my boyfriend that no one would touch it, but I was so nervous about it that I called practically right when I knew someone was going to get home and asked about it.

    Another reason why I love that Apple ships their products in boring brown (and sturdy) boxes.

  24. rebecca l says:

    you should also always file a claim with FedEx or UPS or whoever else was supposed to deliver it. a few years ago, I had an expensive photo-quality scanner shipped to my apartment. lo and behold, left outside, stolen by the parolees upstairs (gotta love when landlords don’t do those ‘fancy background checks’). Epson shipped me a new one, but you should always file that claim because usually, you’re not the first one to have a package stolen by whoever took it.

  25. mgyqmb says:

    Playing super mario galaxy right now. sooooo tight

  26. Buran says:

    @CaffeinatedSquint: There are places like Mailboxes Etc. that can do this, or you can see if friends can accept the packages, or if you can have them sent to work, or held at the depot. There are options.

  27. Buran says:

    @Faerie: I understand that; however, I don’t agree that the seller should be obligated to replace a package that was stolen. That’s between you and your insurance agent, if you have a policy against that sort of thing, or maybe the shipper, depending on what their liability is (for instance, did you take out insurance/do they cover theft/etc).

    The seller completed its obligation when it shipped the goods as ordered and paid for to the address requested and paid for. In no way does a store accept responsibility for goods after they have been sent to the shipper.

    I wouldn’t expect Amazon to replace something I ordered that was stolen. I would ask the shipper to investigate and be able to show that the package was indeed delivered, and if a signature was required, why one was not obtained. Then a claim would be filed, if appropriate. If homeowner’s/renter’s insurance covered the situation, I’d file my claim with them. Or with my credit card if the card had this kind of coverage.

    But not Amazon — and I sure wouldn’t demand that they replace the goods. That’s not their responsibility. Yes, I’d reorder, but demanding that they ship out a new one immediately, especially for something that is in high demand and wanted by others who would probably ensure that the shipment was sent somewhere safe, is a little selfish.

    And I am not trying to be a jerk, but the “snark” was probably my annoyance at the aforementioned selfishness and lack of consideration for other people in the face of one’s own failing showing through. I’m sorry if that offended you, but that’s how I feel, and I don’t like selfishness.

  28. elislider says:

    yeah amazon’s elevated forms of customer services are actually really good. i misquoted from memory what the original purchase price on one of my orders was while trying to get a partial refund (price had since gone down). he refunded me $10 too much, and THEN noticed the original price i gave him was incorrect. he was like “well, lets see, ill have to…. actually whatever its only $10 difference, have a nice day!”

  29. erratapage says:

    @Buran: I think the point is that Amazon’s Executive Customer Relations (and Consumerist’s advice) was AWESOME. Who cares whose obligation it is to replace the console?

    (My guess is that Amazon didn’t authorize an unsecured delivery. My experience is that they usually require signatures in triplicate, even if I ask otherwise. I mean… if Amazon wants, I’m sure it can file a claim with its delivery service.)

    The story here is that it is good customer service not to make the customer figure out how to fix the problem.

  30. trillium says:

    But when your shipping info says “received by man at door” and you know you weren’t home – what then?

    I’ve had failures with packages that were “mysteriously” signed for when myself nor my husband were at home. I don’t think I can blame it on my cats.

    I’m a big fan of the “package accepted” showing up in tracking before it’s even left the facility (happens with FedEx/UPS to often enough to bother me).

  31. Buran says:

    @erratapage: True. I will agree that their service is great. I don’t, however, agree with the circumstances, and I don’t see anything wrong with saying so. Still, I hope I’ll never have to use exec service — so far so good with amazon. (crossing fingers)