Exclusive: CompUSA's Tentative Liquidation Schedule

A CompUSA repair tech has leaked to The Consumerist what he says is their schedule for the liquidations happening now until they close everything down after the holiday season. This is in no way set in stone, he says, but it looks like this is how it’s going to go down starting this week. (He would also like everyone to know that no one his place steals porn from customers).

New product shipments have ceased, what’s already shipping and in the warehouse is it.
TAP Warranties are run by Assurant and so they will probably all be valid.

General Managers get told what’s going on:

Last day to check in your computer for repairs.
Tuesday is the last day for returns.
Employee discount ends.

10% off sales start
Repairs get shipped to Blue Raven
All sales final and if a return is accepted, it will be on a case by case basis

After Wednesday:
10% is only the beginning. Prices will be dropping weekly.

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(Photo: quentinr)

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