China Pulls Carcinogenic US Pringles From Hong Kong Shelves

Ah, the game is afoot, China! See how the worm turns! Cliché #3 should go here! China has pulled some unofficially imported (from the U.S.) Pringles chips because they contain potassium bromate, a preservative that we Americans happily ingest in order to breed a race of lumpy super-capitalists—but that China, Hong Kong, and other countries have banned “because tests have found it to be carcinogenic.”

Chinese Pringles are usually made in mainland China, and are potassium bromate free; there’s no information on how these U.S. ones made it to their docks.

We’re curious to see what China will come up with for the next round of the Toxic Import War. Don’t mess with us, China—we have Twinkies, which our top scientists are still struggling to chemically decode.

“Pringles taken off sale in Hong Kong in cancer scare” [] [Thanks to Nathan!]
(Photo: jetalone) (We know the Pringles can is probably not using the right ideograms for Hong Kong supermarkets, but the point is that it says “Devil” on it, and we are talking about a U.S. product.)

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