Family Tries To Pull Off $7 Million Black Friday Heist

A young man, his girlfriend, and his mother were arrested on Saturday for stealing $7.4 million from an armored car company last Monday in Cleveland, Ohio. They timed the robbery to occur after Black Friday and the ensuing weekend because they knew the company would be chock full of retailers’ profits. Then they loaded a newly bought getaway van with the cash and hid away in Pipestem, West Virginia. The FBI tracked them down using old shopping receipts found in the girlfriend’s abandoned pickup truck.

Roger Lee Dillon, 22, who had worked at the northeast Ohio company for about nine months, had security clearance and used a pass code to get access to areas where cash and checks were kept.

…[FBI agent Frank] Figliuzzi said that a purple pickup truck belonging to Nicole Boyd that was found in a parking lot in Salem, Ohio, contained receipts from buys made in the Beckley, W.Va., area, which led the FBI to focus its search there. A retailer led the FBI to Pipestem.

According to the article “almost all of the cash and checks have been recovered.”

“FBI: Heist Timed to Holiday Shopping” [Associated Press]
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  1. nutrigm says:

    The nerve!!!

  2. hypnotik_jello says:

    Guess that would be ex-girlfriend now, eh?

  3. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    Don’t these people watch CSI? I guess the girlfriend isn’t a professional bank robber.

  4. timmus says:

    They should have just skipped this ridiculous plan and printed up million-dollar bills like that guy in South Carolina.

  5. Trai_Dep says:

    No confirmation if the armored car company had a check-receipts-at-door policy at the time.

  6. Wormfather says:

    The plan was so genious, but the execution was lacking.

  7. Benstein says:

    If you go through the effort to do an old school robbery instead of the easier and more lucrative identity theft, I will give you props.

  8. darkened says:

    I was actually impressed by these people to be owned by a bag of receipts WTF WHERE THEY NOT THINKING

  9. jeffeb3 says:

    What? They looked at their RECIEPTS!?!?! Call the ACLU! This is a complete disregard for the rights of the robbers! How could the FBI even think of following leads! It’s rediculous!


  10. Alexander says:

    Wow, you somehow pull off the heist (no easy task) and you have the cold hard cash in your hands and you get caught by the receipts??? Not to condone anything, but I think once I had the cash in hand, I’d be out of the country in mere hours…the heist is the hard part.

  11. azntg says:

    When I read this out loud to a friend sitting next to me, his response was “Oops, we always forget one thing!” (I couldn’t have said it any better)

  12. TMurphy says:

    If she had read the consumerist, she would know not to add to the risk of identity theft by leaving receipts around. Shame on her.

  13. agb says:

    Moving targets are much harder to catch.

  14. That’s what they get for shopping at “Ski Masks’n’Stuff” and not ditching the receipts.

  15. raincoaster says:

    Boy howdy, I know if I had $7.4 the first place I’d head to would be Pipestem, West Virginia.

  16. floydianslip6 says:

    @raincoaster: hehehe.

    Dude receipts. UGH. COME ON! Who does that?

  17. Superweevil says:

    @Benstein: Usually this indicates said parties are too stupid or unimaginative to pull off anything more complex. They did at least get the timing right. They earn a bronze star for effort.

  18. eighth_note says:

    These are some of the dumbest robbers on the planet. This heist was all over local news for like four days without leads. That was enough time to high tail it Mexico and be scott free. But *no* they go to neighboring state West Virginia O_o