Family Tries To Pull Off $7 Million Black Friday Heist

A young man, his girlfriend, and his mother were arrested on Saturday for stealing $7.4 million from an armored car company last Monday in Cleveland, Ohio. They timed the robbery to occur after Black Friday and the ensuing weekend because they knew the company would be chock full of retailers’ profits. Then they loaded a newly bought getaway van with the cash and hid away in Pipestem, West Virginia. The FBI tracked them down using old shopping receipts found in the girlfriend’s abandoned pickup truck.

Roger Lee Dillon, 22, who had worked at the northeast Ohio company for about nine months, had security clearance and used a pass code to get access to areas where cash and checks were kept.

…[FBI agent Frank] Figliuzzi said that a purple pickup truck belonging to Nicole Boyd that was found in a parking lot in Salem, Ohio, contained receipts from buys made in the Beckley, W.Va., area, which led the FBI to focus its search there. A retailer led the FBI to Pipestem.

According to the article “almost all of the cash and checks have been recovered.”

“FBI: Heist Timed to Holiday Shopping” [Associated Press]
(Photo: Getty)

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