12 Least Satisfying Cars Of 2007

Here are the 12 cars drivers enjoy owning the least, according to a Consumer Reports survey of its readers, which asked, “Considering all factors…would you get this car if you had to do it all over again?

Rank / Model / % Satisfied
12 Chevrolet Aveo (sedan) 44
11 Ford Ranger 44
10 Mazda B-Series 44
9 Ford Freestar 44
8 Chevrolet Aveo (wagon & hatchback) 44
7 Chevrolet Equinox 41
6 Jeep Grand Cherokee (V6, gas) 41
5 Chevrolet Colorado (4-cyl) 40
4 GMC Canyon (4-cyl) 40
3 Bucik Terraza 34
2 Saturn Relay 34
1 Chevrolet Uplander 34

Bigger vehicles seem to dominate the list, perhaps their lower fuel economy leaves drivers sore at the pump in the face of rising gas costs.


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  1. Sam says:

    Hahahaha, yes! My family rented an Uplander on a recent vacation and it was easily the worst vehicle I have ever sat in. Its doors were extremely difficult to open, the turning radius was horrible, and it had gigantic blind spots. Bravo.

  2. Geekybiker says:

    Nice. All american (or american owned) companies.

  3. Sam says:

    @Sam: Oh, this wasn’t without its context — we have a Honda Odyssey at home.

  4. Leiterfluid says:

    Why is the Aveo on the list twice?

  5. catnapped says:

    @Leiterfluid: Sucks twice as much?!?

  6. dale3h says:

    @Leiterfluid: Because it’s just that unsatisfying! I made a comment about how it was the last car on Earth I’d ever buy.

  7. cgarison says:

    @Leiterfluid: Who cares? The Grand Marquis, Crown Vic, and Lincoln Towncar did not make the list.

  8. workingonyourinvoice says:

    @Leiterfluid: It should be on the list at least 12 times.

  9. allirob says:

    This shows just how bad GM has become. Is there anything they make that is really desirable? 8 of 12 (even with the Aveo twice) is not a good sign for the General. Maybe they need to see about offering things people actually want. OnStar? Do not want. Why should I pay a fee every month to use my cell phone hands-free? Have they not heard of Bluetooth over there? My Charger came with it and it gets used a LOT. Add 350, rear-drive horsepower and awesome styling FTW.

  10. yg17 says:

    @Geekybiker: For the most part, the Mazda truck is a Ford Ranger, so yeah, all American cars.

  11. Andywsea says:

    @Leiterfluid: I would guess that since it comes in a 2 dr and a 4 dr version, they both suck.

  12. Zombietime says:

    What a surprise, all american junk.

  13. ganzhimself says:

    Let’s be fair here… The Aveo is listed twice (sedan and hatch?), the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon are the same truck, just rebadged, and the Buick Terraza, Saturn Relay, and Chevy Uplander are the same ugly-ass minivan, just rebadged. So, take the General’s 8 and cut it down to 3. And, to be fair to the others, the Mazda B-Series is nothing more than a rebadged Ford Ranger.

  14. clickertrainer says:

    The worst car on that list has a higher approval rating than our President currently does.

  15. howie_in_az says:

    The only countries making decent cars all lost in WWII. I’ve been saying this for years.

  16. nweaver says:

    Note the duplicates:

    Mazda B Series == Ford Ranger

    Chevy Colorado == GMC Canyon

    Bucik Terraza == Saturn Relay == Chevrolet Uplander

  17. clickertrainer says:

    @howie_in_az: Fiat?!

  18. texasannie says:

    I wish there was more info telling how the readers arrived at these conclusions. My husband bought an Aveo sedan new in 2004 and we love it. It gets great mileage, never needs repair, and is shockingly roomy inside. My 6’3″ husband is perfectly comfortable driving it — ample leg and head room — even though it looks like a roller skate on the outside. Are people just pissed because it doesn’t come with a DVD player? Cup holders not fancy enough?

  19. spinachdip says:

    @howie_in_az: Did France win or lose in WWII? They were on the winning side, but they were eliminated in the early rounds. What does that say about Peugeot, Renault and Citroen?

  20. Sudonum says:

    @allirob: Corvette

  21. TechnoDestructo says:

    Expand your horizons and you’ll find lots of cars worse than the Aveo. Daewoo themselves make one (the Matiz). Also most of China’s home-grown autos.

    The Aveo is Korean junk, with an engine based of a British design for an American company.


    Poor quality control does not mean that every car off the line is a pile of crap. (Because that would take some control)

    You got lucky. Congratulations, you played Russian Roulette and won.

    Ultimately, the parts of France that came out on top after the war…won. And it has absolutely zero to say about Peugeot, Renault, and Citroen.


    Corvette. New Camaro. The Cobalt is not without its charm, and it’s relative, the Ion…while being ugly and having unnervingly twitchy electric power steering, has its high points, too. (VERY tight turn radius) Hummer H3 (not overpriced, and not a total poseurmobile). HHR. Solstice. Sky…actually everything coming down the pipe for Saturn. If you like big FWD coupes and Sedans, you could do worse than a Grand Prix or Monte Carlo. The ergonomics of the Monte are great for a tall guy like me (even if the materials could be better). The new Malibu is gorgeous.

    GM makes a lot of worthwhile cars.

    It did just occur to me, though…why does every US automaker think it is acceptable for their minivans to be unreliable piles of garbage? Do they figure they’ll make a mint on Dodge Caravan transmission sales?

  22. domo arigato Mister Imorto

  23. ranwhenparked says:

    Note that 4 models on that list are no longer in production (Uplander, Terraza, RELAY, and Freestar), and 2 are on their way out (Ranger and B-Series). The Buick and Saturn minivans have been replaced by the highly successful Enclave and Outlook crossovers, and the strong selling Ford Edge essentially replaces the Freestar.

    It took some time, but the automakers are indeed listening to what their public is saying.

  24. yeah the key between o and [ seems to be non-functional. damn American keyboards

  25. warf0x0r says:

    @nweaver: GMC Made a Canyonero?

  26. LatherRinseRepeat says:

    I actually like the current design of the Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon. It’s modern, but still rugged looking. However, it suffers from the trademark GM interior.. ugly design, cheap plastics, and eventually rattling panels.

    I’ll take a Toyota Tacoma any day over the Colorado/Canyon. Sure, it costs more. But at least I’ll know the Tacoma won’t be falling apart 10 years down the road.

    I heard GM is discontinuing the Equinox and its clones. I never understood the reason for offering that thing. It just seemed a bit redundant considering GM already offers a mid-sized SUV, the Trail Blazer.

  27. SaveMeJeebus says:

    I’d rent one but I’d never buy one.
    @warf0x0r: Yes, there is such a thing as a GMC Canyonero!

    Can you name the truck with four wheel drive,
    smells like a steak and seats thirty-five..

    Canyonero! Canyonero!

    Well, it goes real slow with the hammer down,
    It’s the country-fried truck endorsed by a clown!

    Canyonero! (Yah!) Canyonero!
    [Krusty:] Hey Hey

    The Federal Highway comission has ruled the
    Canyonero unsafe for highway or city driving.


    12 yards long, 2 lanes wide,
    65 tons of American Pride!

    Canyonero! Canyonero!

    Top of the line in utility sports,
    Unexplained fires are a matter for the courts!

    Canyonero! Canyonero! (Yah!)

    She blinds everybody with her super high beams,
    She’s a squirrel crushing, deer smacking, driving machine!

    Canyonero!-oh woah, Canyonero! (Yah!)

    Drive Canyonero!

    Woah Canyonero!


  28. UDman says:

    A little history on all of these marks. Each and every one of them are old designs, with the exception of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The Aveo is at least a decade old Daewoo before GM slapped a Chevy badge on it. The Ranger (and Mazda) have suffered from neglect by Ford, and the truck is at least 2 decades old. The Uplander, Relay, and Terraza were freshened GM Minivans, based on a platform introduced in 1996. And the Canyon and Colorado were designed by Isuzu to replace the 20 year old S-10. So it really is no surprise that they finished the way they did.

  29. jaredharley says:

    I am very satisfied with my Equinox, save one thing – the “set in” windshield. My uncle, who is an engineer with GM, says this is to prevent rainwater from washing over the edge of the windshield and onto the side windows while driving. But since I live in Colorado, all it does is make it a pain in the ass to clean snow off my windshield.

  30. 1964F100 says:

    I find it kind of telling that the Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon compact pickup, a recent design, is less satisfying than the Ford Ranger/Mazda B-series truck, based on an aging platform dating back to the 1993 model year.

    Proof that most of the time GM can’t design itself out of a paper bag.

  31. 00solstice says:

    Of all the car models on the market, how many are GM? And of the GM cars on the list, how many are the same product under different marques/configurations?

    Is there anything they make that is really desirable? Well, if you don’t follow cars much, there’s the Corvette, CTS, Malibu, Solstice/Sky, G6/Aura, Astra, and Holden models that continue to be brought stateside… just to name a few that catch my attention. C’mon now.

    Just because they’re not desirable to you doesn’t mean they’re not desirable to others… just like how your assessment of the Charger’s “awesome styling” is debatable. Different strokes for different folks.

    @clickertrainer: The worst car on that list has a higher approval rating than our President currently does.
    … who, in turn, has a higher approval rating than congress and the house speaker… who, in turn, are attempting to legislate the engineering of product line-up for the next 13 years. How’s that for disturbing?

  32. mistifi says:

    I have a 2004 Chevy Aveo hatchback and I love it. I just moved across the country and rather than sell it, and try to find a new car, I had it shipped out to CA with me. It’s compact and easy to parallel park (a dream!) and incredibly spacious inside. And it makes cool chirping noises when you lock it (my friends used to fight over who got to lock my car). I wonder if the 2007 model is really different…

  33. bmoredlj says:

    First of all, any study made by Consumer Reports must be taken with a grain of salt, if not outright ignored. Consumer Reports has long exhibited vast automotive ignorance and harbored an obvious and unhealthy bias towards the Imports. They simply have an outdated knowledge of any cars, not just domestics. They’re stuck in the past, maaan.

    Second, and case in point – 2007 is the last year for the Freestar, Relay, Terraza, and Uplander, and the Ranger and B-Series will be gone next year. Most have already been replaced by superior models, so progress is being made.

    Forth and most important, that bias and ignorance of Consumer Reports is made quite evident when badge-engineered models are counted as seperate. The Terraza, Relay and Uplander are the SAME VEHICLE, as are the Canyon and Colorado, and the B-Series and Ranger.

    That’s three arcitectures for seven of the 12. Also, that the 4-door and 5-door Aveo (“wagon and hatchback”??? There IS no wagon!) are counted as separate models is absolutely ludicrous; by the same logic, the Ranger comes in numerous bed and cab lengths that could nearly fill the 12-car list.

    Finally, the list was put together by people who made a big embarassing mistake with child seats that got them in a lot of trouble, because they outsourced their testing. If they’re too lazy to do their own child seat tests, why would I believe anything else they say or do to be accurate in any way? They probably outsourced the survey as well. In any case, The pool of people they surveyed was undoubtedly tainted by people who don’t know a car from an iPhone.

    Any professional auto journalist or amateur autoblogger will tell you some of the most boring and therefore unsatisfying cars out there aren’t just American.

    Although the Equinox does stink. It’s the Chinese motor. The Jeep just stinks, period. :)

  34. Joetimek says:

    It makes sense that half of these vehicles are going out of production soon. I think this goes to show that Chevy is finally turning around by realizing the turds they’ve laid actually stink.

  35. kingedwin says:

    The Ranger was only kept in production so Ford could meet CAFE mileage for its trucks; they will quit making it once the diesel engine is available in the F-150. Oddly enough, even though it’s still basically the same truck they were making over a decade ago, it still ranked higher than the newer base Colorado/Canyon.

    The Freestar ended production in ’07, and even then was almost entirely a fleet vehicle. It has been replaced by the Taurus X and Edge.

    The Cherokee, Colorado, and Canyon are heavy vehicles which are overwhelmed by their base engines; try actually finding one on the road.

    The Aveo sells because it’s very, very cheap.

    The GM Minivans were a tremendous failure when they were released a couple years ago, both because crossovers have almost completely replace minivans in the market, and because they were far behind the other cars in the market while being more expensive(list was about $1-2k more than a similar Odyssey or Caravan).

    The Uplander is the worst car I’ve been in in recent memory: terrible ride, uncomfortable seats, cheesy interior, no power, no handling, etc. Also, the engine is made in China, so it’s probably a cast lead block. :)

  36. DetroitWhat says:

    I am surprised the Kia Amanti is not on the list. That is one hideous car! But I guess their lame owners are content with a shiny turd on wheels…
    If the Aveo and Aveo5 are considered different cars, how is the Corolla and Martix considered the same when total sales are reported? If thats the case, the Cobalt and HHR would be the same!

  37. ChrisPC24 says:

    I have a Mazda B2300 and I like it. It’s got almost 160K miles on it, and it still runs fine. I’ve had to replace all the normal things, like tires and batteries, but nothing major. There’s a crack in the windshield, and a rip in the seat, but what do you expect after 160K? It’s not as powerful as an SUV, but it has the highest MPG of any truck, period.

  38. gingerCE says:

    I’ve never heard of half these cars or seen them on the road.

  39. goller321 says:

    I’m guessing the Aveo is on there for reasons listed in this website…


  40. HDC says:

    How’d they find anyone that bought a Freestar in order to poll them?

    And on the Jeep, that 3.7l V6 engine is woefully underpowered for a truck of that size. I’m surprised that Jeep stuffed that in there. No doubt people hate the combo.

  41. CSMiller says:

    i wonder if the fact that there aren’t more cars such as kia’s and hyundai’s on here is because their owners had lowered expectations to begin with. if i had a replaceable plastic car that was less than stellar i really wouldn’t be surprised. i think shame might have something to do with them not making the list as well. you know, one doesn’t want to admit to making what, in hindsight, was a blatantly terrible decision.

  42. allirob says:


    My bad. Forgot to qualify my post with “In my humble opinion”.

    Corvette is desirable, yes.

    New Camaro is not out yet. Let’s see if they can live up to the hype when it does roll out. Nice original idea there with the retro styling.

    The HHR? Come ON. Soccer moms everywhere rejoice! Bigger than a PT Cruiser, almost able to merge without being rear-ended, unable to make men drool.

    The one shining star at GM (besides the venerable Corvette) was the Pontiac (Holden) GTO, which they quit making. 400hp and a manual tranny is nice, too bad they had to go all the way around the world for the platform to put it in.

    Got rid of a Monte Carlo for the Charger because the Monte was lame. The car was a 2003, free to me (death in family) and I traded it away after a 2 years to get something worthwhile. It took that long because, well, it was a free car with 1,500 miles on it. Had 25K when it got traded.

    Maybe It’s because I am a hot rodder or something and feel that GM keeps dropping the ball in that respect more than anything. A hot rod should have 8 cylinders and rear drive. My ’56 Ford 2-door certainly does. So does the wife’s Torino GT. So does the Charger, 300C, Magnum, the forthcoming Challenger, and…oh, yes, the Viper. Viper. Corvette killer.

    Hummers are ridiculous in any form other than the original military versions. My opinion, don’t have to agree. Most SUV’s are a waste and could be replaced with a nice station wagon like a Subaru.

    The new Malibu looks like a Euro sedan but does not have the cache to go with it and cannot live up to that expectation of quality materials and superior handling/power. Businessmen everywhere will love their rental cars though.


    All is debatable. You are correct. That’s part of why we are here…right? =)

  43. Mad_Science says:

    Why was this on Consumerist, not Jalopnik?

    This is a pretty pathetic list. Yes, these are some definite automotive bottom-feeders, but there’s some serious automotive gerrymandering going on with the definition of “models.” Not that I’d expect much more from Consumer Reports. There’s also the fact that Detroit isn’t all that good at building transportation appliances. People who want to be lulled by their driving experiences shop elsewhere, with Toyota (and Lexus) being very good at removing you from the driving experience.

    @allirob: “A hot rod should have 8 cylinders and rear drive…and…oh, yes, the Viper

    Viper’s got 10 cylinders, Mr Hot Rodder. I’d hardly call the Viper a Vette Killer when it’s substantially more expensive and a lot less useful. To quote Car and Driver on the Z06 Vs Viper matchup: “This brawl was over even before the teachers broke it up. In every performance category except one, the Vette won or tied the Viper.” But I suppose it’s still debatable.

  44. yg17 says:

    Maybe an older Corvette….but nowadays, it’s the definitive “Look at me, I’m going through a midlife crisis and have a small penis and need to compensate!” car.

    I just don’t see a Corvette and think it’s a big deal. There are so many on the road, they’re like Civics. And I don’t think “I want one!” I think “Oh, there’s the midlife crisis guy with nothing in his pants” Every time I look in the drivers seat of a Vette, it’s someone about 110 years too old for the car.

    For the money, there are many other cars I’d rather have, even if they’re not as powerful. Not that I’d ever buy an American car ever again. My family’s had enough bad experiences with them to never go near one ever again.

  45. yg17 says:

    @CSMiller: My family has 3 Hyundais (and FWIW, Kia is Hyundai) and they’ve all been great cars. Perfect, no complaints to speak of. Only problem we’ve had across all 3 of them was the power window motor on my car crapped out. No big deal, replaced under warranty, in and out of the dealer within an hour. And something that minor can happen with ANY manufacturer. None of us consider our purchases a terrible decision and I have absolutely no problem admitting I own a Hyundai (although not for much longer, I’m upgrading to a GTI in a few weeks, but not because I hate my car or am sick of it, we all like to upgrade every now and then. And I would definitely have considered another Hyundai, it’s just they don’t offer what I want in a car right now). They’re great cars and are nothing to make fun of anymore.

  46. Buckus says:

    The Uplander/Terrazza/Relay is what happens when you try and design something but don’t actually put any money towards it, and don’t care about the outcome, evaluate the competition, etc.

    The Enclave/Relay/Acadia weighs 5000 lbs and is smaller inside than most minivans.

  47. icntdrv says:

    Nope, Aveo is a rebadged Daewoo… and its counted twice. Other than that, yeah, all american cars.

    Interesting, though, with the exception of the Grand Cherokee (worse than an Aveo?), all of the vehicles come from Ford or GM rather than Chrysler. A very disproportional number indeed.

  48. Major-General says:

    @HDC: It’s mostly because they killed the AMC I-6, which was a really nice engine to drive.

  49. JayXJ says:

    I have to agree with them on the Uplander. Last year when we were hunting for a new minivan we test drove pretty much every make and model of family van made in the last 10 years.
    This thing was so bad I was actualiy offended. Cheap happy meal grade plastics, wheezy engine, and clunky shifting (to be fair there may have been something wrong there). The sales person bragged how easy the seats were to remove. “Show me,” I replied. He couldn’t make them budge. Pure gravy.
    The styling, which tried to do an SUV impression, came off as odd.

    Still, it’s a shame to see the General bail out of the minivan segment rather than try again to build a decent one.

  50. rlj676 says:


    I wouldn’t take that website to be anything near the “truth” about cars. There’s lots of valuable info, but the bias against domestics is beyond subtle.

    As everyone has pointed out, basically the whole list, which is really like 4 models, is on the way out. Further, there is no way to know what kind of statistical signifigance these numbers have.

    If only 1 of 3 people say they would buy the car again, that’s the 33% we’re seeing. You can’t extrapolate that out, and I wouldn’t be surprised if CR does.

  51. Caswell says:


    I think you’ve fallen behind the times. The Corvette doesn’t define the midlife crisis anymore, because domestic cars are a big no-no for former yuppies raised on BMW and Lexus.

    Nope, nowadays Harley-Davidsons and giant lifted trucks (with plastic testicles hanging from the trailer hitch) are the tool of choice for compensating individuals. Led a life of corporate complacence? Let it ride on a Harley!

    Besides, Corvettes have become too powerful for the typical midlife crisis meatsack to handle without hurting themselves. Better to stay away from the Z06 and drive something a bit tamer, like a Porsche Boxster, if a car has to define your midlife crisis.

  52. floydianslip6 says:

    @Leiterfluid: One is the hatchback wagon, the other is a sedan. Pretty shitty all around.

  53. allirob says:

    @Mad_Science: Touche on the Viper cylinder count. All I can say there is that it was late and I was typing faster than I was thinking…which is bad, mmm’kay? Especially in this case.

    There is about 90-100 HP difference there…and over $10K…over the Z06, though I had to compare the price on the Chev web site to a an actual Viper for sale in my area since the local Chev dealers did not seem to have a Z06 listed. I admit to being ignorant of the pricing on these vehicles because I would never actually purchase either one so never bother to keep up on cost. The Car and Driver test was very close with the Viper outperforming the Vette by the slightest of margins (.2 of a second to 60, .1 sec and 1mph in the 1/4 mile, and 1 second on the twisties) but they still picked the Vette–because of the price tag and comfort. Both are valid reasons and people will make their decisions however they will.

    The thing about this article/list is that Consumer Reports compiled the data from people who gave their opinions of cars that they actually own. Unless they were messing around with statistics in the back room to make sure the GM products were well represented at the bottom of the list (or top of the bad list, however you wish to look at it)…I would say that people who own them (the vehicles represented on the list) do not want to buy them again, regardless of which model (the Aveo was on twice because it is available as a hatchback and sedan) of the particular vehicle they bought.

    Anyway, probably going to get roundly trounced again here and will run with tail between legs when it happens…only so much arguing I can do before giving up, not worth the effort at some point…LOL

  54. allirob says:

    @allirob: Forgot to add that the matchup was 2 years old that you posted…the latest C&D matchup was quoted here, trying to find the article on C&D:


  55. Myron says:


    Here is how Consumer Reports came up with this list:

    “The scores are based on the percentage of Consumer Reports subscribers who responded “definitely yes” to the question “Considering all factors (price, performance, reliability, comfort, enjoyment, etc.), would you get this car if you had it to do all over again?”

    Our 2007 Annual Car Owner Satisfaction Survey drew responses about more than 415,000 individual vehicles, allowing us to provide scores for more than 300 models. The survey was conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center.”

    I’m no rocket scientist, but I think 415,000 responses counts as statistically significant.

  56. 00solstice says:


    “Most SUVs are a waste and could be replaced by a nice station wagon Suburu”

    Do you mean the 20%-owned-by-GM-before-2006 Suburu? Who would want to buy something owned and influenced by GM? ;-)

    “The new Malibu looks like a Euro sedan but does not have the cache to go with it and cannot live up to that expectation of quality materials and superior handling/power. […] All is debatable. That’s part of why we are here…right? =) “

    Indeed :-) As such, let’s consider the “cachet” of European sedans. To what “superior” marque are we comparing the Malibu? Not BMW. Not Mercedes. Not Audi. VW attempts to market itself as having cachet — specifically that of a quality, premium product, neither of which it is these days. It has been trending toward the bottom of JD Powers for the better part of a decade. Who is left? Alfa? Rover? Renault? They carry no cachet in the States.

    Regardless of whether the styling lends a European feel (and I agree with you there), why don’t we compare the Malibu with what it’s designed and marketed to compete against: the Camry and the Accord. It doesn’t need to carry a cachet to compete against those cars. Those cars have sold, historically, on the aspects reliability, content, and value. Not prestige or image.

    And considering it’s been very well-reviewed even at its $17k base trim, I’d say it’s well on its way to beating those over-priced, over-rated imports at their own game… with style, to boot. The only people who will be preoccupied with “cachet” are the ‘$30,000 millionaires’ and those prejudiced against the bow-tie to begin with.

  57. 00solstice says:


    “Most SUVs are a waste and could be replaced by a nice station wagon Suburu”

    Do you mean the 20%-owned-by-GM-before-2006 Suburu? Who would want to buy something owned and influenced by GM? ;-)

    “The new Malibu looks like a Euro sedan but does not have the cache to go with it and cannot live up to that expectation of quality materials and superior handling/power. […] All is debatable. That’s part of why we are here…right? =) “

    Indeed :-) As such, let’s consider the “cachet” of European sedans. To what “superior” marque are we comparing the Malibu? Not BMW. Not Mercedes. Not Audi. VW attempts to market itself as having cachet — specifically that of a quality, premium product, neither of which it is these days. It has been trending toward the bottom of JD Powers for the better part of a decade. Who is left? Alfa? Rover? Renault? They carry no cachet in the States.

    Regardless of whether the styling lends a European feel (and I agree with you there), why don’t we compare the Malibu with what it’s designed and marketed to compete against: the Camry and the Accord. It doesn’t need to carry a cachet to compete against those cars. Those cars have sold, historically, on the aspects reliability, content, and value. Not prestige or image.

    And considering it’s been very well-reviewed even at its $17k base trim, I’d say it’s well on its way to beating those over-priced, over-rated imports at their own game… with style, to boot. The only people who will be preoccupied with “cachet” are the ‘$30,000 millionaires’ and those prejudiced against the bow-tie to begin with.


    The survey was based solely upon responses from Consumer Reports subscribers?? And how would we define the demographic of their readership? So we have 415,000 oatmeal-eating grouchy Wilford Brimley types griping about their Aveos and GM minivans… complaining these vehicles aren’t the bargains they thought they would be. This is news?? This tells us more about Consumer Reports subscribers than it does about these cars. I know two Equinox owners who positively love their cars. They don’t read Consumer Reports, much less subscribe to the publication. I wonder how the survey of only a certain buyer/personality type affects the results that show up.

  58. 00solstice says:

    (there appears to be an unusual lag in comments being posted, my apologies for any duplicates)

  59. Myron says:

    @00solstice: Yes, your anecdotal evidence based on 2 folks you know trumps the opinion of 415K data points used by Consumer Reports.

    In related news, the US continues to fall behind in math and science literacy:

  60. Packa says:

    Americans, trapped on a debt-fueled upward spiraling conveyor belt of consumer mania… find the Aveo unsatisfying?

    Stop the presses.

  61. coaster.n3rd says:

    @Sam: have you had all 8 recalls done on your Odyssey?

    Lets be realistic here. 2007 North American Car of the Year? Saturn Aura. Beat: Toyota Camry & Honda Fit. 2008 Motor Trend Car of the Year? Cadillac CTS. beat: Honda Accord. Car that sits on the lot the fewest amount of days? Buick Enclave 27 days. C&D top ten list? Chevrolet Corvette, Chevrolet Malibu and Cadillac CTS. Solstice/Sky average days on lot, 32 days. Be honest & don’t lie to make a point.

    @LatherRinseRepeat: do you own any ATVs? Don’t load them using the tailgate of that Tacoma or Tundra. Why? It will snap.

    Consumer reports admitted that they will no longer give Toyota a break when comparing vehicles due to its less than steller reputation this past year.

    In related news, Myron continues to fall behind the times on current events.

    Re: Most of you. Don’t assume or you will end up like the latest group of Toyota Camry buyers. Stranded on the side of the road due to a transmission problem that Toyota knows about, yet has done nothing.

    Google. It works.

  62. Myron says:

    @coaster.n3rd: “Consumer reports admitted that they will no longer give Toyota a break when comparing vehicles due to its less than steller reputation this past year.”

    What does that have to do with the original post? For hundreds of thousands of cars people were asked would they buy it again. They gave their answer. The results are tabulated. End of story.

  63. allirob says:


    Be honest & don’t lie to make a point.

    Ummm, not sure as to what you are referring to there…if there is a lie in what I said, please let me know what it was so I can be better informed…it would be from ignorance on my part, not an intentional deception. I can admit ignorance easily enough…everyone is ignorant in one way or another…

  64. rondeimer says:

    @Zombietime: Are you implying that Americans are junk?

  65. coaster.n3rd says:


    No. [money.cnn.com]

    Toyota was given a break and automatically awarded points by CR. The people have not spoken. CR did it for them.

    @allirob: you said “this shows just how bad GM has become.”

    No it doesn’t. It’s a blatent lie. 3 (or 1 depending on how you look at it) have been discontinued.

    Research people. Research.

  66. Elhigh says:

    Ouch, except for the Aveos they’re all American.

    I don’t mind if they’re mostly SUVs, people generally don’t need that kind of car. They just want it for its perceived power and safety. These are arbitrary values.

  67. Elhigh says:

    @00solstice: Certainly Renault has cachet in the States, that of being junk. People remember the LeCar and the Alliance, and not happily. Sure the LeCar was tossable and all, but c’mon – if you see any Renaults on the road these days, you really notice them, don’t you? Because it’s super uncommon to see one still rolling.

    Nobody blinks twice at a Ford Maverick or even an AMC Eagle, and they’re from an even earlier period.

    Don’t get me started on Peugeot. The last time I saw one moving on the road was also the last year they were imported to the States; the next year, nothing. When support for those things dried up, drivers abandoned them in droves.

  68. skeleem_skalarm says:

    I’ll keep my ’84 Crown Vic (27,474 actual miles on it when I bought it last year, one owner), and I don’t have to worry about what new cars are good or bad, although finding parts for it can be a chore.

  69. allirob says:

    @coaster.n3rd: I would not call that a blatant lie…I would call that an opinion…mine, based on the list. As I said in a followup post to another comment…I should have qualified the entire thing with “In my humble opinion”. I did not, for example, say that the whole state of Michigan was purple…that would be a blatant lie.

    My opinion is that GM has not made a vehicle (excluding the Vette and GTO) lately that I would buy. I think that the styling is no good, the power-train choices generally suck and the technology (such as lack of Bluetooth) is not where I would like it to be. A fact is that out of over 400,000 people who answered the survey, a lot do not want the same GM car again, regardless of whether it is still being built…given the opportunity to buy it again, they would not have. We will have to wait to see how the replacements fare.

    A fact is that though they are getting good reviews on their cars, they are still selling fewer…at least according to the NY Times, where I did some research:


    I am done here, this is a battle that cannot be won.

  70. Myron says:

    @coaster.n3rd: The cnn article you link to is concerned with RELIABILITY. This Consumerist thread deals with SATISFACTION. They are, believe it or not, separate questions.

  71. mammalpants says:

    i COMPLETELY understand why all of those chevrolets are on the list. they are the worst looking cars ever. Like A Turd! i got an one of those orange hearse addams family-looking car-trucks as a rental and was so embarrassed. it was horrible and the inside details looked marshmallowy. i think the industrial designers and engineers mustve been sharing crack or something. well, they ARE in detroit, so that would make sense, i guess.

    my confession….we own an aveo hatchback for just getting around town and although we get laughed at because it’s so small and funny looking, my family loves it. it’s a no frills car, but does well on gas and is easy to park. it shouldn’t really be on the list, IMO. it was also less than 9K. not too shabby. we call it our zip car.

  72. Eric Lai says:

    @Myron: Previously, CR had been extending its ‘recommended’ label to every Toyota by virtue of it being a Toyota. By and large, Toyota still makes great cars, but they’re trending downhill. When CR recommended new Toyota/Lexus models despite them being an all-new design (Tundra, ES350), this really came back and bit them in the ass when serious problems like snapped camshafts and tailgates began to arise on the Tundra, and the 6-speed auto that went into the V6 Camry/ES350 started developing torque converter issues.

    I still consider CR ratings an important resource, but I don’t treat it as the bible that a lot of people think it is. Whether we like it or not, a CR recommendation is associated with quality – and it’s been responsible for selling a lot of Camrys and Accords. Just like the Ford Fusion getting a lot of press when they received a CR recommendation, the fact that the V6 Camry and GS450h has dropped off that list is going to cost Toyota a lot of sales.

    TrueDelta (not affiliated with them, but with the Truth About Cars in previous posts) offers some commentary on the flawed methodology/conflict of interest with JD Powers and CR:

    There are some really great new models from the Big 3 – like the Ford Edge, Fusion, GM Lambda (Acadia, Outlook, Enclave), CTS and new Malibu. And I know the Jeep Grand Cherokee V6 is on this worst-of list, but remember that they make an SRT8 version of it with 420hp, beating the Porsche Cayenne Turbo/BMW X5 4.8is for less than half of what they cost.

  73. drewheyman says:

    i don’t care about the list of cars – the interesting thing here would be to create a list of reasons, and match them. i mean, you know that an Aveo is gonna be ugly when you buy it, so that should be a legitimate reason for sending it back.

    what were the main reasons for these cars’ suckage?

  74. Nytmare says:

    @yg17: I’m pretty sure your little obsession has little to do with the topic of car quality and owner satisfaction. Owning a sports car that is somewhat common has the advantages of convenient local maintenance and a ready supply of parts, in addition to the very high performance-to-cost ratio of the Corvette in its category.

  75. Nemesis_Enforcer says:

    @CSMiller: Dude ok yeah Hyundai was laughable in the 80’s and early 90’s but they are producing some really great cars now. I have 2 Hyundai’s a Sonata and a Tucson, I love em they are a great value for the money. I tested a bunch of cars before buying and really couldn’t find that much of a difference. Plus 100k/10year warranty….awesome. The only thing I have ever disliked is thier transmission is a bit wonky sometimes.

    My wife had an Elantra and traded it in for a PT cruiser worst mistake ever car related. We hated that thing, we hated it so much we didnt mind losing $1,200 in the trade in.

    @Caswell: Yes a lot of people are looking at a Harley as a status symbol and a way to recapture thier youth. I have been riding for over 10 years and I really noticed the change about 2 years ago. I ride a Kawasaki because I don’t have the money or desire to spend that much on a bike right now. I have friends who have over 50k invested in thier Harleys.

  76. coaster.n3rd says:

    @Myron: The point was CR answers those for the consumer as was evident in that article.

    @allirob: Back peddle much? You said “how bad GM has become.” Not “I think GM cars are not for me.”

    What is your idea of a “lack of powertrain choices?” BMW, Honda, Chrysler, Toyota and Subaru use GM’s powertrains. Two-Mode Hybrid is the brain child of GM which is why the Tahoe won green car of the year. They cannot be lacking that much for all those companies to buy their powertrains.

    Technology? Blue tooth? New CTS, Malibu (later this year) Saturn Astra all provide that. Without GM you would not have manual transmissions, power windows, airbags, traction control, VVT, heated seats.. the list goes on and on.

    No need to wait for the replacements. Enclave, Outlook and Acadia are already trouncing the competition.

    By the way, they talk about market share. But for the last 4 months, GM has continuosly been the largest auto manufacturer by sales volume.

  77. Eric Lai says:

    @Nemesis_Enforcer: Yea, new Hyundais that I’ve looked at have immaculate attention to detail and fit/finish. The new Veracruz seemed to me as if it were better put together than the RX350. Hyundai just announced some early specs on their new Genesis sedan, too – you’ll be able to get it with a 375HP V8 for around $35K.

    @nytmare: And the upcoming Corvette ZR1/Blue Devil with its supercharged 6.2L V8 with 650HP+ is going to be a Ferrari-beater, since the current Z06 can match Ferraris/Lamborghinis on the track as it is. The interior is pretty abysmal, but it won’t matter because you won’t be able to see the cabin clearly enough for it to matter when you’re accelerating.

  78. Eric Lai says:

    @coaster.n3rd: BMW, Honda, Chrysler, Toyota and Subaru might have used a lot of GM transmissions in the past – and there’s no denying that GM makes some great automatic transmission, but a GM transmission in those cars is more exception than the rule these days. BMW usually uses Getrag/ZF, Toyota Aisin-Warner, and Honda develops their transmissions in-house.

    GM did have involvement in the two-mode hybrid transmission, but it would be more accurate to say that they contributed to it (instead of calling it their ‘brainchild’), along with Daimler AG (which is why you’ll find it in the hybrid Durango/Aspen and an upcoming Mercedes hybrid SUV) and BMW.

  79. 00solstice says:


    Don’t try to wear irony, babe, it’s not your color. In your ham-handed attempt at delivering trite wit, you ignored my point: Those 415k data points are all Consumer Reports subscribers. What kind of person subscribes to Consumer Reports and how does that affect the cars that show up on the list?

    Considering I know my friends and trust their opinions, I’d say their input trumps those of 415k people who pay for a magazine I wouldn’t pick up while waiting at the dentist’s, much less pay to have delivered to my doorstep.

  80. Myron says:

    @00solstice: Ugh. I give up.

    Beam me up Scotty.

  81. coaster.n3rd says:

    @Eric Lai:

    Two-Mode is GMs hands down. Point me to where it says otherwise. BMW X series SUVs are GM transmissions. 4 speeds at that. Toyota Matirx/Corolla & Pontiac Vibe a NUMMI developed car. GM Trans, Toyota motor.

    Not the past, the present. Getrag? Developed by GM engineers.

    Come on guys. Quit ragging GM, get your head out of your asses and smell the truth.

  82. F50F60 says:

    Wow!!!! I think the list is wrong!!!! Why are all the cars American??????? Oh wait Union-Workers, over-managed, greedy-parts vendor, moronic engineers. I think that will do.

  83. Eric Lai says:

    @coaster.n3rd: Global Hybrid Cooperation describes what the joint effort between Daimler AG and GM created, and the two-mode hybrid powertrain that go into GM/Mercedes/Chrysler/Dodge vehicles: [en.wikipedia.org]

    The Matrix/Corolla/Vibe are indeed based on the same platform, and the Vibe is a rebadge of the Corolla, which came along first. All of them use Aisin-Waner Toyota ‘A’ transmission, not GM units: [en.wikipedia.org]

    I don’t think there’s a single new BMW model left that uses a GM transmission – the X5 had one (along with numerous 5 and 7 series up until the early 2000’s), but the second-gen X5 now uses a 6-speed ZF: [www.motortrend.com]

    Getrag seems affiliated with Ford and Dana, but not with GM, though it does supply manual transmissions for the relatively few cars that GM does sell with one: [en.wikipedia.org]

    That said, I’m beginning to like what I’m seeing from GM – the new CTS embodies what a Cadillac should be, especially in 3.6L direct-injection form, the new Malibu is finally on par (or better) than Camry/Accord, and GM/Ford trucks have always been the best you could buy. I’m really excited about the upcoming twin-turbo 3.7L from Ford that we’re going to see in the Lincoln MKS in a few years.

  84. karmaghost says:

    I’m just going to jump to the end here and say that I have never heard of most of the cars on this list.

  85. TechnoDestructo says:


    So basically you don’t like it that there are cars made with people other than you in mind.

  86. rioja951 - Why, oh why must I be assigned to the vehicle maintenance when my specialty is demolitions? says:

    @coaster.n3rd: I’m not sure, haven’t been following the auto world, but wasn’t airbags a Volvo gig, Idem with Toyota and the VVT?

  87. rioja951 - Why, oh why must I be assigned to the vehicle maintenance when my specialty is demolitions? says:

    @rioja951: Forget what I said!!

    Went back to my old auto manufacturers historic database and got my record up to date.

  88. allirob says:

    OK, OK. I look like a total dipshiat, made specious comments and could not defend my position at all. Next time I will do exhaustive research with that there Googles thingy and make sure that I am perfectly aligned with the opinions and obsessions of those who read these posts and then still not say anything…it is probably safer that way. ;-P

  89. katoninetales says:

    “Satisfaction” is a funny concept without context. This year, my husband and I bought an ’06 SSR. If I had to do it over again, *considering the number of other financial commitments that have arisen in the meantime and stretched us nearly to our limits*, I would not. The payments are high and it both takes premium gasoline and has fairly low gas mileage. That doesn’t mean I regret the car or am in any way unsatisfied with it. It’s the best thing either of us has ever driven (despite the fact that it’s an automatic).

  90. eddke says:

    I’m usually very dissatisfied with Consumer Reports.If you want to learn about cars read a car magazine written by a bunch of car nuts who know what they’re talking about and you begin to realize they are biased against domestic car companies.That said,I wouldn’t even sit in the cars mentioned.

  91. Anonymous says:

    I have an Aveo5 (it’s different than the full bodied Aveo, but I’m sure equal in incompetence factor). I have had nothing but problems with it since day 3 of having it, it is year three, several recalled parts, car stalling, smoking, vents smoking, airbag sensors replacing, etc, etc. GM will get a lacky to call you if your not satisfied with their sub-standard product, yet instead of trying to please a customer, attempts to convince them that they have a good car. Safe, no, reliable…no, fuel efficient yes (because it doesnt run consistently). I was told once by a GM spokesperson that I would no longer have problems with this car. My response was saying “no thank-you..oh I’m sorry, I thought after that last outrageous comment, that you would ask me to buy some attractive swamp land in Florida”. I would NEVER again go with this scam of a vehicle. According to the attitude I’ve recieved by the company, they can afford to lose customers????