Target To Downgrade Return Policy: Receipts Always Required

A Target insider writes:“Starting next year, guests will no longer be able to return items without a receipt. This means that if you accidentally lose your receipt, or if your cashier doesn’t give you one, you’re SOL.

Our gift registries used to be good, but I’ve watched Target corrupt them as well. Now, you need a receipt to return any items purchased off the registry, even if you received duplicates caused by our glitchy system. Most stores allow you to use the registry to return items, but Target has crippled that system completely. I’d recommend not using our gift registries at all, and registering at other stores…”


When I started at Target, you used to be able to return any items without a receipt, as long as you presented a drivers license. This could be done twice per year. I’ve watched the return policy change frequently and have said nothing.

I’ve been working for Target for over a year, and it’s had its ups an downs. I’ve enjoyed working there, and would like to continue working there, but the return policy is disappointing me.

I recommend going to your local Target, and filling out a comment card telling corporate how you dislike the
direction the return policy is going. You can also call them, at 1.800.440.0680. View more contact information.

Tsk tsk, Target is just “going green” and saving on electron costs by not looking up and seeing if a person’s identification matches the credit card used to purchase an item. If you’re giving gifts to other people, or to yourself, be sure to save your receipts in case anything goes wrong. We have two folders for receipts, one for tax deductible items and one for non tax deductible. All our receipts go into one of these folders.

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  1. scoosdad says:

    Hmm, a Target “insider” who enjoys working for them, except for that pesky returns policy. Why would this person care whether or not we need receipts to return things? There are things about the way my company deals with the public on various issues, but I don’t go posting on a consumer help site about how upset that makes me.

    Even helpfully provides a means for us “outsiders” to complain and maybe get the policy changed.

    Sounds to me that this in the end could actually be a pretty consumer-friendly policy change. Target is trying to put a stop to people ripping them off with bogus returns, and thereby raising everyone else’s costs in the process.

  2. kimsama says:

    Ugh, please stop calling customers “guests” unless you’re going to serve us booze and dinner, and let us rifle through your medicine cabinet.

  3. warf0x0r says:

    Out of curiosity when you return Items without a receipt what was the method of refund used, cash or store credit?

  4. disavow says:

    They’ll still be able to process returns if you present the original credit/debit card used…right…?

  5. Nick says:

    To be honest, the ease with which Target returns things is one of the many reasons I like the place. Maybe if I ever form a gift registry some day, I might consider looking elsewhere (or requesting gift cards), but otherwise, I love Target’s return system.

    Because I always pay with a credit card, they can always return something, either with or without a receipt, as long as it is within 90 days. I can’t stand returning things to stores that insist I fill out forms, present ID and do other pointless stuff, even with a receipt.

  6. foghat81 says:

    Just use your credit card and they’ll look it up. done and done.

  7. ucdcsteve says:

    It goes both ways – I’ve seen people take advantage of the system. It’s unfortunate that affects those of us that use the system legitimately because up until now, I’ve had generally good experiences just using the purchase card to look up a return at the stores. Maybe it’s part greed by a big retailer, but either way, the system works until people find a loophole and ruin it for the rest of us. I saw someone the other day returning four of the same baby car seat without a receipt. What are the odds they legitimately bought all four and happened to not want any of them?

  8. parad0x360 says:

    @disavow: No, no receipt no return period.

    Right now its only under $20 with no receipt, it use to be $40 and now its going to be nothing. People complained on those comment cards when it was $40 and they have been since and all Target has done is make it worse so I highly doubt anything anyone says will matter unless its a HUGE backlash.

    Target wont give any reasons for this change not even to people who work there.

  9. ExtraCelestial says:

    im a bit confused and leary of the “tipster”. target has never asked for a drivers license to complete a return, ever. they ask for your credit card, review the purchases made with the card, locate the item, and refund it to said card. ive done this many many more than two times a year. maybe even more than two times a month. perhaps its just the people paying with cash theyre changing the rules for? if thats the case then i dont blame them. if youre unable to determine whether the item was stolen, how much was paid for it, and if it was purchased within the return time frame why should you get your money back? if you paid cash for something like a car repair or rent and werent able to reproduce a receipt and it the service or charges were disputed you would be sol.

  10. ExtraCelestial says:

    ok so reading the other commenters it does seem as if this is a cash return issue. if thats the case im even more leary of the tipster because of the way this person worded the change.

    “Starting next year, guests will no longer be able to return items without a receipt.”

    it doesnt mention cash anywere in this post. no cash returns without a receipt is reasonable but it appears as if the op is just some disgruntled employee trying to start a huge backlash by not fully disclosing the actual changes. i couldnt be bothered to hang onto a piece of paper so i wouldve been one of the people angered by the change and probably wouldve written in.

    “Target is just “going green” and saving on electron costs bynot looking up and seeing if a person’s identification matches the credit card used to purchase an item”

    even ben was mislead. tsk tsk indeed

  11. SaveMeJeebus says:

    I agree with this policy except for the headache it could potentially cause with legitimate gift-givers. For every person that rightfully wants to return a gift without a receipt, I’m sure there are 1,000 that would do so fraudulently though. It would be nice if they could look up receipt info via the credit card it was purchased on but it appears to be no dice. Keep a box/envelope of this stuff folks and remember they will fade if you keep them in your wallet.

  12. Quellman says:

    @warf0x0r: Store credit is what I have been given in the past.

  13. stanfrombrooklyn says:

    Ah the good old days…in starving college days my roommate used to switch price tags at a Target and buy a $40 appliance for $10. Then he’d return the $40 appliance “without” receipt and get $40 in cash. Beer money for the weekend.

  14. forgottenpassword says:

    Next step…. restocking fees for any return!

    I really do HATE being punished for others who abuse the system.

  15. hapless says:


    “Starving” means you need to steal for “beer money” ? Pathetic.

  16. phantomfly says:

    Um, this is already the policy at my local Target. Maybe they’re just ahead of the curve, but I’m not sure how “new” this change is.

  17. ianmac47 says:

    Does this include Credit Card returns? That is, will they no longer call up your purchase and accept the return if you paid by credit card?

  18. Buran says:

    @hapless: Yeah. If you have to steal to buy beer, DON’T BUY BEER. Water is free.

  19. loganmo says:

    I recently bought something at Office Depot that I needed to return. I lost the receipt. However, the store manager was able to find the purchase using my credit card. After spending 20 minutes to find the duplicate receipt in their system, he then chose to inform me that they require an *original* receipt to process a return. Boo!!! DO they think their computer system is lying to them???

  20. GreatCaesarsGhost says:

    No one has explained why retaining your receipt is such a terrific hardship.

  21. jesuismoi says:

    My local Target refused to return something with a receipt because I had cut the tags off. I didn’t realize that Target sweaters were in the same category as designer ballgowns when I purchased it, or the tags wouldn’t have ever been pulled. (It still had the fold creases in it.)

    I had to call two stores and speak to two managers before I was able to return it.

    The person who refused? Basically didn’t want to have to look up the item code. Of course, the guest services manager was standing behind her at the time, so silly me for thinking it was a new (horrible) policy.

    I’m not buying any clothing gifts at target this year, the window for returns with receipt is too short and I’m too afraid someone else will have the same experience I did (even with gift receipts). I draw the line at giving gifts with tags still on them.

  22. Tarbutt has always had their head up their rear end:

    go there for the full AP Directives

    C. Five Steps for Apprehension
    Certified AP team members must observe all five steps prior to making a shoplifter apprehension.

    NOTE: If local law enforcement takes independent action and makes an apprehension before all five steps are met, the details must be documented in the CIRS report.

    1. Initiation of Observation – The subject must enter the store/area without possession of Target merchandise.
    2. Selection – The subject must be observed selecting Target merchandise from the display location.
    3. Concealment – The subject must be observed concealing the merchandise, or the AP team member must have NO reasonable doubt based on observations that the merchandise has been concealed by the subject.
    NOTE: If the merchandise is not actually concealed, it must be exposed as the subject exits or attempts to exit the store.

    4. Maintain Observation – The AP team member must maintain sufficient surveillance of the subject in order to know the location of the merchandise and ensure the subject does not discard the merchandise.
    NOTE: A Productive Merchandise Recovery (PMR) shall be attempted if surveillance is broken for any reason, or the AP team member can not maintain sufficient surveillance. (See PMR Directive).
    5. Failure to Pay for Merchandise/Exiting the Store -AP team member(s) must observe the subject attempt to exit the store without paying for the merchandise.

    NOTE: Some jurisdictions allow variances from the exiting requirement to allow apprehensions of concealed merchandise before an individual reaches the building’s exit. In these cases, the requirements must be documented and approved by the Director or Vice President of Assets Protection using the “Variance from Exiting Form” (found on the AP Zone).

    D. Restroom / Fitting Room Apprehensions
    AP team members are not allowed to conduct surveillance or make apprehensions in restroom and/or fitting rooms.
    1. AP team members are not allowed to follow subject’s into a restroom or fitting room to conduct surveillance.
    2. AP team members shall not ask another team member to enter a fitting room or restroom to conduct surveillance.

    B. Searches of Private Residence or Motor Vehicles
    1. AP team members will NOT participate in a search of a private residence or motor vehicle.

  23. MeOhMy says:

    The receipt thing has never bothered me THAT much (although the one time we managed to lose a receipt was the one time we needed to return something), but the nonsense with the gift registry was enough to get me to not use them and that was in 2004.

    “You mean if someone buys something FROM THE REGISTRY, but doesn’t give me a gift receipt, I can’t even return it for store credit? Uhhh…Cya later?”

  24. Buran says:

    @GreatCaesarsGhost: Uh, because they already have proof that it was you who bought the item?

  25. Imaginary_Friend says:

    @GreatCaesarsGhost: And because having a receipt doesn’t mean you’ll get what you paid for at Target anyway. Please see the story about the Target customer who found rocks inside of their iPod boxes and were refused a refund:


  26. BStu says:

    I don’t get it. I’ve always just assumed that returns with receipt are the default. If a store wants to go above and beyond, good for them. But if the return back to the default position, I’m not really going to attack them for it. I mean, its a reasonable policy. That’s why they give you receipts, after all. I know its frustrating if you lose it, but the store is acting reasonably. They did something extra before, now they aren’t. Doesn’t mean the current policy is unfair. Just means its not as generous as it used to be.

  27. bentcorner says:

    As much as I love shopping at Target, returning something there can be a major pain. I once bought a dvd that turned out to be a pan & scan “full screen” version instead of a normal widescreen version. To tell the truth, I didn’t even know they still made pan & scan versions. I tried to exchange it and they didn’t have any left. I then asked for a refund. They refused. I only wanted a gift card, they still refused. It was against their policy. The move hadn’t even been opened. It was still sealed and it looked just like it did when I bought it. I ended up leaving in a huff with the stupid movie.

    My wife took it to Wal-Mart and swapped it out there for a widescreen copy.

  28. Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg says:

    @SaveMeJeebus: For every person that rightfully wants to return a gift without a receipt, I’m sure there are 1,000 that would do so fraudulently though.

    So you feel that the ratio of crooks to honest people in the world is 1000 to 1? Yikes. Luckily, your assessment is way off base.

    In reality, less than 10% of retail returns industry-wide are fraudulent. And this number includes all return fraud, not just returning stolen goods without a receipt.

    So Target is perfectly fine with inconveniencing a huge number of legitimate customers to stop a small number of dishonest ones. Of course, given how many retailers are buying in to the “receipt check” mentality, this doesn’t surprise me one bit.

    Instead of having to start a receipt collection for every single thing you buy, here’s a suggestion for everyone – shop at better stores. Stores that treat all their customers like crap to deter that small percentage of customers who are out to rip them off have decided that customer service is clearly not the priority it should be.

  29. medic78 says:

    Well my fiance and I were going to use Target for a registry for our April wedding. She registered for a few things without me, and after making a few changes to it, she wanted to show me what she had done. When we pulled it up, there was nothing…no items, and strangely my name had been removed from the system (hers still remained on the registry).

    Fast forward to last week, and she returned to Target to restart the registry, and got all of our info correct, but when she went to scan items, the scanners were out of power. Not one, or two–EVERY scanner.

    Between the problems just creating a registry, and the fact that we’ll need receipts for returns (come on, who gives receipts with wedding gifts?…and if you do get receipts, that’s a lot to keep track of after a crazy wedding), I don’t think we’ll be using Target.

    Anyone got any better places to register?

  30. parad0x360 says:

    @CelesteD: They only asked for a license on returns where a cc wasnt used. The new policy however includes cc returns meaning no receipt no return whether you have the card or not.

    I work at Target, I read the memo, i heard about it from management, NO RECEIPT NO RETURN PERIOD.

  31. bradriley says:

    I hope Target is smart enough to continue receipt lookup. This means if you pay by ANY media (credit/debit card, check, gift card (always be sure to ask to have it back from the cashier EVEN if it is empty, so it can be used for receipt lookup later)) EXCEPT cash, and retain that piece of media, a guest service team member will be able to look up your receipt.

  32. SOhp101 says:

    I don’t really think of this as a downgrade, because I bet 95% of the time when people return things without a receipt, they purchased it elsewhere or they are trying to rip off the company. At least they have the ‘credit card lookup’ function, which makes it almost unnecessary to keep your receipts as long as you use the same card @ Target.

  33. ionerox says:


    If the tipster works at the Customer Service/Returns counter, I’d bet that they would care a lot. It’s not the most awesome job to begin with, and making return policies stricter means dealing with more customer complaints.

  34. Solly says:

    You return a lot of stuff, don’t you?

  35. Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg says:

    @SOhp101: I don’t really think of this as a downgrade, because I bet 95% of the time when people return things without a receipt, they purchased it elsewhere or they are trying to rip off the company.

    When mid and high level executives start thinking like this is when stores start treating all their customers like potential thieves. Simply put, your cynicism is misplaced – the actual ratio is almost exactly the opposite of your numbers.

    I can’t help but wonder how the retail landscape would be different if Elmer Nordtstrom or Eddie Bauer had thought this way.

  36. msthe8r says:

    To everyone who wonders why a Target employee would leak this, it’s easy.
    He or she is one who is going to have to stand behind a counter and listen to people freak out about this.
    It won’t matter if Target posts it in letters three feet tall all over the store, prints it in neon on every receipt, and hires a door checker to remind each individual customer about the policy.
    This “Insider” will be yelled at, insulted, and threatened for enforcing policies he or she had no hand in making. Giving the refunds would get him/her fired, and not giving returns will have angry customers calling corporate on him/her TRYING to get him/her fired.
    I’d leak it too.

  37. Nodren says:

    i recently got married, and my wife and I registered at Target, and Bed bath and beyond. needless to say we registered before the cutoff date requiring this, so we were allowed to return items with out a receipt, but if not, there would be hundreds of dollars of merchandise we dont need in our house right now.

    if you’re looking to register for a wedding or anything else like that, go to bed bath and beyond, no receipt required, if its theirs, they’ll take it back and give you your money.

  38. Javert says:

    @Buran: Uh, no they don’t if you paid by cash. In that case, how do they have a record that it was purchased?

  39. marsneedsrabbits says:

    Dillards gave exemplary service with our registry. They made a mistake & accidently sent 8 of one thing & 1 of something else (they got the numbers of the items wrong & it should have been the other way around). I offered to come in & exchange & they were really nice and sent someone to exchange our stuff. Just “don’t worry about it – we’ll take care of it” & they did.
    I have shopped in Dillards since then to get gifts for friends’ registries (and for “regular shopping”), and they have always had a really high level of service.
    Bed Bath & Beyond was good, too – I was really impressed with how efficient their system was & what a nice selection of items they had.

  40. oneguynamedjosh says:

    my wife and i registered at target when we got married in may. their service and return policy was absolutely terrible. everything we heard from employees then said it was only going to get worse. now it has. we’ve told everyone we know NOT to register there for wedding or baby.

  41. KermitWoodall says:

    I was just at Target this weekend, trying to return a gift that we didn’t need. However there was no receipt at all given to us and it would be extremely embarassing, to say the least, to ask the giver of the gift for the receipt.

    However Target didn’t care. They wouldn’t accept any returns without a receipt whatsoever. Too bad for us.

    I can understand Target not wanted to accept merchandise that’s been damaged or opened without a receipt, but in this case it was still sealed in the original packaging! There would’ve been nothing preventing them from putting it right back on the shelves.

    I pointed all this out and was hit with the ultimately brush off.

    They couldn’t take it back because that was story policy.

    Bye bye!

  42. LadyNo says:

    @medic78: Crate and Barrel was pretty good to us. When our registry was accidentally deleted from the system (OK, that part sucked) I was able to work with the same customer service rep. over the course of a couple phone calls to get it sorted out, and she ended up sending a $50 gift card for our trouble. So, getting the registry deleted sucked, but the service was good.

  43. morganlh85 says:

    I won’t shop there for significant purchases any longer if they implement a ridiculous policy like this. I’m engaged and had been planning on registering there, but if it’s going to be this much trouble, I won’t bother.

  44. jsnorcal says:

    I too just got married and had registered with Target, but had issues when we went to return something that we received in duplicate. Since it was $29, and over the $20 limit, we were told that since we did not have the receipt, we would have to call an 800 number. No store credit, nada. We mentioned that we had received it in duplicate because not only it had not been taken off of the registry when the first one was purchased, it still showed “0” after the 2nd one! We got the standard “nothing we can do…policy…blah, blah, blah”. At this time my lovely Bride started to go APESHIT and my sister happened to be there and knew our other sister had purchased it for us. She called her and got the numbers off of the receipt that they needed to confirm that the item had been purchased at a Target. I kinda felt sorry for clerks in the Return Dept because obviously it’s not their fault AND I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a tirade by my wife! We got our credit added to our gift cards and the last thing I asked the girl behind the counter was “What would have happened when we called the 800 number? What would they have done? Would we have sent the product to them and then they gave us a credit?” She had no answer. Maybe we would have been S.O.L.. You would think they would have a better plan for their employees in the “line of fire” that work that department. Hopefully everyone who gets a gift from there will also get a gift receipt and maybe that is the key to avoiding his kind of issue in the future.

  45. Vicky says:

    @CelesteD: I was asked for a driver’s license for a return last week. They asked me for this before I even presented the item.

  46. morganlh85 says:

    @CelesteD: I’m pretty sure they mean cash purchases. They do this to track how often you return an item without a receipt.

  47. target_veteran says:

    Eh, this makes sense, really. I was a Team Lead, so I did my fair share of service desk time. Every weekened we’d have people coming in to try scamming the no receipt return system. They were easy to tell: they got really antsy about the drivers license bit.

    Now, if they’re discontinuing the CC lookup, that’s just bollucks. I always loved that part of Target returns. Don’t look for your receipt in that Costanza wallet. Just give me the card and you’re on your way.

    Oh, and to the person complaining about returning open DVDs:
    That’s not just Target policy, it’s contractuall with the MPAA and may be actual law now, I’m not sure. People would complain about it all the time, and there’s nothing anyone can do. I had guys come in half an hour after buying something, and still can’t do it. Not when it takes all of 10 minutes to copy the thing onto a laptop in ISO form. That’s why the exchange system is in place. You can exchange it for the same item, maybe the same movie if there are widescreen/pan and scan versions. Nothing else, though.

  48. gingerCE says:

    I’m confused–can you still return items using a credit or debit card look up? That’s what I’ve done in the past when I lost the receipt and have never had any problem returning an item at target.

    I did overhear an employee tell a woman trying to return items that if the items were on her registry (baby) she could return the items without a receipt. Is that changing too?

  49. Catperson says:

    Target has always had one of the worst return policies going. I considered registering there for my wedding (this was almost 6 years ago, mind you) and I decided against it after reading tons of horrible reviews online about their draconian return policies. I went with Bed Bath and Beyond and their return policy is great. I haven’t tested out Target’s return policy in a while because I don’t tend to buy anything there that would be returnable, so maybe it got better and is going back downhill again. I’m confused by some of the comments claiming that Target has a good return policy.

  50. gingerCE says:

    As for fraud, I’ve seen it and I’m just a customer. At wal-mart I have been in line while someone tried to return used shoes (no receipt) and another time had switched the tags so that toys that should’ve been $30-40 rung up $1.99. At Target I was behind someone who tried to buy software for $1.99 as well (maybe they make these tags or switch them from something else?). In all these instances employees caught them, but I bet there are times when employees just don’t and later people try to return items for much more than they cost.

  51. gingerCE says:


    Actually my Target experience has been pretty good with returns. I’ve never had a problem with returns. Three times I have returned electronic items that were opened and every time I have gotten a full refund (even though they have a policy where they could charge you a restocking fee). Once when I returned an item over 90 days they mentioned that it had been over 90 days BUT they let me return it for a full refund. I even bought furniture online and was able to return it to the store for a full refund (free shipping online). Since I have always had my receipt or used a credit/debit card, I have never been asked for my license.

    Now as I type this, I hope they don’t change their policy to not allow debit/credit card returns. Then I’d have a problem.

  52. Pylon83 says:

    I’m not sure why everyone is getting so fired up on wild, rampant, and unverifiable speculation. This “policy” has not gone into effect yet, at least according to the OP, and until there is something official from Target’s website, back of a receipt, etc. this should be taken with a grain of salt.

  53. Bunklung says:

    I think target is mainly doing this to prevent return fraud which is projected to be 3.7 billion this holiday season:

    I always return my products with a receipt or gift receipt so I, and majority or others, won’t be effected by this. I feel bad for the innocent people caught up in this, but it will be hard to cry foul if the company adequately warms customers. One the other hand, I have no sympathy for the 5% of people who fraudulently return stuff to Target. Target can afford to lose those customers :)

  54. benjimandodd says:

    this is actually true. i worked for target for two years until this june when i joined the military.

    when i first started you could do the whole no receipt thing pretty much as much as you want.

    then they limited it down until when i quit it was twice per year and it had to be under one hundred dollars.

    i was in charge of mens and shoes but regularly helped up front(it was a smaller store) when we didn’t have enough help and i was good friends with the managers and the guest service team leaders.

    i was told that in the future(they didn’t specify when) target was going to stop doing no receipt returns altogether.

    this does fit the timeline and i knew it was going to happen sooner or later.

    just save your freaking receipts.

  55. benjimandodd says:

    or use a credit card or a debit card or a check. they can use any of those just like it was your receipt.

  56. hypebreaker says:

    @TinyBug: Exactly. I used to be a fan of Target who, like the halcyon days of Ikea, gave the customer the benefit of the doubt. But, alas, those days are long gone.

    I bought a pair of candle sconces there. They were on the shelf, taped together, with a price tag and barcode on eah one. I paid for them WITH MY CREDIT CARD (and don’t forget that Target is leading the pack when it comes to identity tracking), discovered that they didn’t look good and took them back to my local store with the receipt, where I was told that they would not be accepted because the original packaging was missing. I explained that there was no packaging when I bought them. They refused to accept that possibility, even though there was another pair on the shelves JUST LIKE THEM.

    That was the end of my relationship with Target. Their stuff is crap and so is their customer service.

    And for those of you who think losing a receipt is a crime, I sincerely hope that the first one you lose is for a twelve hundred dollar tv you paid cash for at Target.

  57. hypebreaker says:

    …and doesn’t work.

  58. dieman says:

    Seriously, just keep your receipts. If you’ve worked retail you know how scummy some people are, just grabbing stuff and coming up to the front desk asking to do a return immediately. Trying to pass off bad checks from their friends businesses. Other random crap, etc. If we had serious penalties to habitual scammers, I don’t think we’d need to worry about it — instead the private sector assumes the risk, so they’d like to finally stop some of these practices.

  59. swalve says:

    @Troy F.: If you put it on the registry, why would you have to return it?

    I like Menard’s- they require a receipt for all returns too. But they have kiosks where you can put in your credit card and look up all your purchases, and reprint the necessary receipt.@

    href=”#c3179610″>hypebreaker: Who said it was a crime to not have a receipt?

  60. Protector says:

    Meh, no tears shed here. Having a receipt for returns is common sense.

  61. Martha_Jones says:

    Target’s return policy has always been bad for registries and yet people keep using them because if you are the person registering you think it can’t be that bad. Then by the time you are making returns of the invariable duplicated from computer glitches or listening to people complain about how nothing you registered for is still on their shelves even though only selected the items 2 weeks ago it’s too late.

    Maybe now people will learn.

  62. Martha_Jones says:

    @benjimandodd: Not necessarily. I don’t know about Target specifically, but most companies cannot just look up any purchase which was not made on a credit or debit card. Checks or cash with no receipt – forget it.

  63. jsnorcal says:

    My experience is that the policy has in fact gone into effect. I went week ago Sunday with my return and…well you can read all about it on my previous post. Not sure abot what “wild, rampant, and unverifiable speculation” you were talking about. I know the wild look I saw in my wife’s eyes!

  64. ExtraCelestial says:


    i feel your pain. i bought a sweater set at lord and taylor one day that i absolutely loved. i got home took off the tags and hung it up to wear the next morning. i then realized that i had a sweater set of the exact same colour and ran back to the store to exchange it. i found a few other things that i wanted and walked up to the counter to make my exchange. the woman refused to take my item back. first she told me it was because i had the wrong tag. i grabbed an item still hanging and compared the two. then she told me it was because it wasnt attached. i asked her to point out where this was in the return policy. then the woman swear to goodness actually told me “im sorry, i just cant”. this was seriously within 4 hours of me purchasing the item that i was exchanging with receipt! im really not the disgruntled customer type especially since i work at a department store and i know what its like, but i took every item i was going to buy placed it on the counter and left. i then came in the next day got another salesperson and returned the item. bitch.

  65. ExtraCelestial says:

    oh i forgot to add that she returned the shell (the undershirt) but wouldnt return the sweater part, making the whole thing all the more ridiculous.

  66. MeOhMy says:


    If you put it on the registry, why would you have to return it?

    You pretty much always get duplicate items – the registry doesn’t always update quickly enough, people buy something from the registry but don’t actually provide the registry information so it never gets updated, people buy something from the registry but at another store, etc.

  67. mlking says:

    We registered with Target for our wedding in February of 2005 and had a great experience. So, when I became pregnant this past July, it seemed only natural create a baby registry with Target. Just like the first time, we had a great time going through the store and scanning items into the registry.

    When I started opening gifts at the baby shower though, several friends found themselves embarrassed when it became readily apparent that there were several overlapping gifts. To the point of where we had five of the same night lights, seven of the same crib sheets, three of the same crib sets.

    Each person said they had taken their registry printout to the cashier and that it was scanned, but it did not update my registry until over a week after the shower. Our friends did not provide us with gift receipts because they were under the impression that they were purchasing items that were still on our registry.

    “No big deal,” we thought. “Target is great about returns, so we’ll just take them back and get some of the other items that were not purchased.” We collected the items, went to the store, and we were then hit with what can only be described as a “jaw dropping” new policy.

    They would not refund or exchange a single item.

    We were then informed of their new return policy. Keep in mind this was not their policy when we originally registered. We were told that they would allow two returns per person a year without a receipt, but the limit on the returns was $20. We were able to return a few of the crib sheets we received duplicates of using the two returns they so “graciously” allow. We are still stuck with hundreds of dollars worth of other duplicates.

    I can understand and appreciate that they wanted to revisit and update their return policy. Yet how can they possibly think it fair to apply any new policy retroactively? Also, these particular returns needed to be made as a direct result of their own registry system failing! When I explained this to the manager, he said, “Sorry, but that does happen from time to time.” Are you kidding me!?

    Had we known we would be punished for the mistakes of their faulty system, we would have never registered at Target.

    The new policy makes me feel like they think I’m a criminal. As I have no interest in feeling that way, we will no longer continue to shop in their stores. I’m sure the absence of our small contribution to their monthly totals won’t cause much of an impact on their bottom line, but I have a feeling we’re not going to be the only customers to object to the new policies.

    We have since canceled our registry with Target and registered solely at Babies R Us. I suggest others looking for a baby registry do the same. The customer service is far better at Babies R Us.

  68. cherpep says:

    Years ago, we shopped at Target for everything. If it was on sale at another store, we brought in the sales paper and Target matched the price. This price-matching was discontinued.

    OK, so we went to other stores for their sale items, but pretty much bought everything else at Target. If the item went on sale at Target after we purchased it, as long as it was within the return timeframe, they adjusted the price. NOPE, now it is only within 14 days. Fine, if it was after that time, we brought the item back, returned it and repurchased it. NO MORE!! Now, the item has to be restocked before it can be repurchased! If the item is not on the shelves (like most Target sale items) – you are out of luck! (this just recently happened with a set of DVD’s I purchased as a Christmas gift – it went on sale 18 days after my purchase, a savings of $40 – I was out of luck).

    If you receive a gift and need to exchange it for size or color – you are out of luck! They will not even exchange an item without a receipt.

    Moreover, Target does not care about their customer. Whereas I used to purchase everything at Target – now I purchase NOTHING at Target.