Target To Downgrade Return Policy: Receipts Always Required

A Target insider writes:“Starting next year, guests will no longer be able to return items without a receipt. This means that if you accidentally lose your receipt, or if your cashier doesn’t give you one, you’re SOL.

Our gift registries used to be good, but I’ve watched Target corrupt them as well. Now, you need a receipt to return any items purchased off the registry, even if you received duplicates caused by our glitchy system. Most stores allow you to use the registry to return items, but Target has crippled that system completely. I’d recommend not using our gift registries at all, and registering at other stores…”


When I started at Target, you used to be able to return any items without a receipt, as long as you presented a drivers license. This could be done twice per year. I’ve watched the return policy change frequently and have said nothing.

I’ve been working for Target for over a year, and it’s had its ups an downs. I’ve enjoyed working there, and would like to continue working there, but the return policy is disappointing me.

I recommend going to your local Target, and filling out a comment card telling corporate how you dislike the
direction the return policy is going. You can also call them, at 1.800.440.0680. View more contact information.

Tsk tsk, Target is just “going green” and saving on electron costs by not looking up and seeing if a person’s identification matches the credit card used to purchase an item. If you’re giving gifts to other people, or to yourself, be sure to save your receipts in case anything goes wrong. We have two folders for receipts, one for tax deductible items and one for non tax deductible. All our receipts go into one of these folders.

(Photos: smcgee, Maulleigh)

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