The 12 Days Of Christmas Will Cost You $19,507 This Year

Every year since 1984 PNC has been calculating the cost of the items mentioned in the 12 days of Christmas, resulting in a pointless, but highly amusing version of the Consumer Price Index.

This year the purchase price of the 12 items has jumped 3% to $19,507. PNC also calculates what they call the “True Cost of Christmas” which includes all the items purchased by a True Love who repeats all the song’s verses. This year’s “True Cost” is $78,100 (for all 364 items.)

2007’s price increase came from a minimum wage increase for the “Maids-A-Milking,” increased gold prices, and higher demand for food items such as the “Geese-A-Laying.”

“For True Loves planning to serve a Christmas goose – or six – for a holiday meal, this item will be a bit more expensive,” said James Dunigan, managing executive of investments for PNC Wealth Management. “Food prices have increased over the last year, which has not impacted birds like Turtle Doves and Partridges, but has had an impact on birds traditionally served as food, like Geese.”

PNC Christmas Price Index
23rd Annual PNC Christmas Price Index UP 3.1 % [PNC]


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  1. bigat says:

    The 12 days of Christmas needs to be updated to todays buyer of goods. Like they need to add Xbox 360, rebates and BestBuy.

    Let’s not forget Whacking off at Wal-Mart.

  2. homerjay says:

    whatever happened to that post, anyway?

  3. idx says:

    How does one find a cost for ‘twelve lords a’ leaping’?

  4. BigNutty says:

    And who would buy these items anyway? They should track something that we would normally buy. This may be cute but it’s meaningless and I hope they didn’t spend too much time on this.

  5. RogerDucky says:

    @idx: The typical wage of 12 male ballet dancers.

  6. @RogerDucky: How long do they “a’ leap” for?

  7. @homerjay: It was “rubbed out” of the feed.

  8. legotech says:

    One Christmas I was working the overnight 24th-25th as a police dispatcher…someone from the State Police dispatch came over the statewide channel with an APB for a male with a red suit driving a sleigh with eight tiny reindeer…they basically did the whole of the Night Before Christmas as a police bulletin.

    Was just what we needed working that night :)

  9. mac-phisto says:

    that site was freakin’ hilarious.

  10. howie_in_az says:

    @legotech: … unless there was a Santa-lookalike robbing homes that night.

  11. homerjay says:

    @GitEmSteveDave: tee hee hee!

  12. rickspeaks says:

    …five roast beef sandwiches…

  13. Jhonka says:

    Just added this rss feed :D


  14. yetiwisdom says:

    I’ve heard this idiot story through 3 different outlets before Consumerist. What a coup for PNC but a real waste of bandwidth for everyone else, as far as I’m concerned.