Fry's Employees Sell Opportunity To Cut Black Friday Line

Fry’s employees in Renton, Washington sold Black Friday aspirants the chance to cut to the front of the pre-dawn line for between $108.79 and $200, including tax. Puzzled shoppers were assured that the money went to Fry’s, not the employees. A Fry’s worker explained the situation with disarming naiveté:

When KING 5 asked about this at the customer service desk, one employee said: “Oh they stopped doing that. They weren’t supposed to.” The employee said the store manager put a stop to it.

Anyone who paid the advancement fee will receive a full refund. The rogue salesmen will be sent to the back of the unemployment line.

Fry’s shoppers offered chance to cut in line – for a price [KING 5 News]
(AP Photo/Don Ryan)

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