Black Friday Fisticuffs Erupt Over Box Of Shoes

Shortly after doors opened at midnight, two men got into a fight in a Long Island outlet mall store over a pair of Timberland shoes. According to a witness, an older man, who came with his wife and daughter, grappled with a younger man over the box as 300 people surged to watch. Responding Police threw out the older man and erected barricades to help channel the crowd into a more orderly flow. “There was neither a clear beginning nor end to the line,” reports Newsday.

Holiday shoppers get rowdy at Tanger [Newsday]


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  1. Dustbunny says:

    What is it this Black Friday of which you speak ;-) ? There were exactly 3 other people on the bus this morning when I went downtown to shop. And practically nobody in the West Elm store in the Pearl. Hmm…maybe everybody was up at 5 a.m., shopping Freddy’s for half-price socks?

  2. ParadigmABQ says:

    Nothing makes my day like hearing about a couple of folks beating the hell out of eachother over a couple dollars.

    If I could only throw a couple dollar bills into a mob and get the same effect… if only…

  3. photomikey says:

    Consumerist searches the world over, desperately trying to find a scuffle over Black Friday prices. Finally, Ben, out of the millions shopping in an orderly fashion this morning, a fist fight breaks out! Unfortunately it’s in Long Island, and it’s quite probably that it would have broken out anyhow, even without the sale. Keep searching — just like the mainstrem media, I’m sure you’ll be able to press your agenda eventually.

  4. photomikey says:

    Quite probable, not probably. Damn the lack of an edit function, damn my mediocre proofreading skills!

  5. humorbot says:

    @photomikey: You know, I don’t know. While that non-post from early this morning did create a comical picture of Consumerist editors breathlessly sitting by the internets waiting for the fisticuffs to fly, there really is nothing that lives up to the pseudo-word “Consumerist” (Gawker makes dictionaries cry) better than grown men in department stores at 5am punching each other over discounted merchandise. Makes me want to become a Frenchman.

  6. BowlingForDollars says:

    WTF – you could not PAY ME to get out and shop today for anything. A couple of bucks “saved” is just not worth it.

  7. capitalass says:

    Back in the day, a fight over shoes could have gotten a person killed. Now it just results in a little squabble. It looks like there was no air in these shoes. I wonder if this is the result of products that are no longer as appealing as they used to be or simply a more civilized society. Yeah right. It must be the former. Nike and Reebok are in a slump.

    Come on guys, I can’t buy your products until people in developing and deteriorating nations are dying for your wears. Wears! Get it. I’m so punny. I need more turkey. This whole day of color thing is getting to me.

  8. backspinner says:

    A fight over Timberlands on Long Island, with 300 people surging to watch? So was this in Roosevelt, Wyandanch or Hempstead?

  9. Hoss says:


  10. BAngieB says:

    @bowlingfordollars: Come on, please…let’s go to Lowe’s.

  11. LipstickLibrarian says:
  12. homerjay says:

    I went to Target at 10am today- completely forgot it was BF until I pulled in the lot. I just needed some Band-Aids. There were a bunch of people there, sure, but they were all very orderly and every register was open (like 12). We were in and out in minutes.
    No lines- no waiting.

  13. jhpope says:

    @backspinner: it was in riverhead at the tanger outlets

  14. cryrevolution says:

    @photomikey: um what? Agenda? What are you talking about?

  15. itmustbeken says:

    This story is rendered unimportant by the inclusion of the words ‘New Jersey’ and ‘Outlet Mall’.
    Please, this happens every Friday.

  16. jhpope says:

    @itmustbeken: ? New Jersey isn’t in this story

  17. CurbRunner says:

    Materialism breeds insanity.

  18. BigNutty says:

    Go Zombie people! I’m so depressed. Now I have to wait another year to watch the madness.

  19. Goldenthorn says:

    @CurbRunner: Umm, I’m sure you meant that any kind of -ism breeds insanity.
    Because it does. Materialism ain’t special, babe.

  20. HOP says:

    this ain’t nuthin….two women were duking it out in our local salvation army thrift store over a couple of pots and pans…….

  21. Jon Parker says:

    @backspinner: You might want to check your URL. I believe you mixed up “” and “”

  22. Trai_Dep says:

    Urban kids assaulting each other over Air Jordans. Jersey guys – grownups – doing the same over Rockports. Rockports.

    White people – so crazy!

  23. trollkiller says:

    @trai_dep: Just wait a few years when they put Ensure and Depends on the black Friday sales. 80 year olds fighting.. now that will be worth going to a black Friday sale to see.

  24. zibby says:

    Semi-related comment – I’ve owned a couple pairs of Timberlands, and they are the worst kind of junk. They just fall apart waaaaaay to early. After the first pair I figured I was unlucky and I gave ’em another shot. Mistake. In spite of the ads, it’s almost like they’re not meant to be worn outdoors…