A Bunch Of Ideas For Turkey Leftovers

If you are like us, you like turkey leftovers more than you like Thanksgiving dinner, but don’t have a ton of creative ideas for turkey and stuffing.

Lifehacker suggests LeftOverChef.com, a recipe-generating website that can turn your tin-foil wrapped goodies into “turkey potato pancakes, turkey burgers with mushroom gravy and ‘Toasted Christmas Lunch Sandwiches. ” Yum-o, as the TV chefs say.

Wise Bread has also gathered a list of post-Thanksgiving left-over disposal ideas. We like the sound of “Turkey Fajitas.”

10 Tasty Ideas for Leftover Turkey [WiseBread]
LeftOverChef [via Lifehacker]


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  1. skittlbrau says:

    Oh man, tamale pie is the only thing to do with leftover turkey.

  2. Starfury says:

    Turkey enchiladas are excellent. Another thing to do is chop the
    meat up and heat it in a pan with some BBQ sauce and make an open face

  3. new and troubling questions says:

    Speaking of leftovers…[www.slate.com]

  4. BigNutty says:

    Send all leftovers to me. They all sound so good.

  5. ptkdude says:

    Flaming turkey wings!

  6. LipstickLibrarian says:

    Oh, nothing beats the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mustard & mayo sandwich.

  7. Paul B says:

    @LipstickLibrarian: I’m with you. It’s not Thanksgiving we wait for, it’s the leftovers! Turkey on toast with mayo and cranberry sauce.

  8. Falconfire says:

    @supercheap: That article has to be the most hauty and pompous ass article i have ever read.

  9. junkmail says:

    @LipstickLibrarian: “Turkey Terrific”… gawd I love those things. There’s a sandwich shop in Nantucket that sells ’em. Worse than a crack addiction.

  10. WolfDemon says:

    Turkey sandwiches!

  11. CumaeanSibyl says:

    Make broth with the bones and some onions/celery/parsley, then throw in some chopped-up meat and dumplings made with mashed potatoes, matzo meal, and some eggs or schmaltz. Good variation on matzo ball soup.