60 Minutes Tackles The Menu Labeling Controversy

60 minutes aired a lengthy report last night on the menu labeling controversy, and all the usual suspects were in attendance.

Regular readers will be familiar with all the twists and turns in the report, but its worth watching if only to see Wendy’s try to convince Lesley Stahl that putting calories on menu boards is impossible and that the chain isn’t worried about sales dropping.

Also included in the report is an interview with Brian Wansink, a nutrition and marketing professor at Cornell University and author of Mindless Eating. If you’re at all interested in the ways that food marketing manipulates you, you should check out Brian’s research at Cornell’s food and brand lab. One of the best parts of the report is the look on one customer’s face when Wansink tells him the Subway combo he thought had 300 calories really has 1300.

Wansink then asked another consumer who had chosen the same combo:

“Well, let’s say for instance that we would have had the calories listed on the menu when you ordered something like that. Would that influence what you ordered?” Wansink asked a man.

“Absolutely. I don’t think I would have gotten it. I mean, 1,350 calories for a Subway,” the man replied.

Expert: Many Underestimate Calories [60 Minutes]