Why Do You Hate The Dollar Coin?

Our beloved U.S. Mint has apparently redesigned the dollar coin to feature a rotating slate of Presidents. Each President gets a three-month stint on the coin. On Thursday, James Madison, our 4th Chief Executive, took his rightful place on the golden slab – but nobody seemed to care. Why?

The Mint wants the rotating Presidents to be as successful as the rotating state quarters; the hope is that changing the design will keep a hypnotized public coming back to see which President dies next. Signs this strategy is failing: we just now noticed the new coins, and the Mint is already on the fourth redesign.

Moy told The Associated Press the number of dollar coins ordered in the first eight months of the program totals 810 million.

But, he said there are continuing problems in persuading the public and retailers to put the coins into circulation. Moy said banks don’t realize that if they run out, they can order more coins from the Federal Reserve.

We would put up a poll asking why you hate the dollar coin, but honestly, we don’t even know where to begin. Is it because coins are heavy and useless? Because street vendors give you a dirty look when you use it to pay for a coke? Perhaps the idea that the dollar can be replaced by a mere coin, literal pocket change, is simply too offensive? What is it? Tell us in the comments.

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