Most Popular Toys Of 2007

Are you buying gifts for kids this year? Let us save you the trouble of asking them what they want: for the 5th year in a row, Barbie has emerged at the top of the list of toys most desired by little girls. For boys, the top item was Transformers. (Hey! Why not a Barbie Transformer? That would be awesome.) In a development that we imagine caught toy executives totally off guard, neither group of kids placed “toys made with lead, GHB, or intestine magnets” anywhere on their lists.

Other must-have toys for girls are all just as doll-centric: Bratz dolls, “generic dolls,” Dora the Explorer, and Disney Princess round out the top five. Boys want video games, the Wii, and the Xbox 360.


10. American Girl
9. Elmo
8. Webkinz
7. Nintendo Wii
6. Disney Hannah Montana
5. Disney Princess
4. Dora the Explorer
3. Dolls (generic)
2. Bratz
1. Barbie


10. Remote Controlled Vehicles
9. Elmo
8. Xbox 360
7. Thomas the Tank Engine
6. LEGOs
5. Spider-Man
4. Cars (generic)
3. Nintendo Wii
2. Video Games
1. Transformers

Ignore the list and try to find something that’s not so mainstream, we dare ya.

“Barbie rules girls’ wish-lists but boys go high-tech” [Reuters]

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