Most Popular Toys Of 2007

Are you buying gifts for kids this year? Let us save you the trouble of asking them what they want: for the 5th year in a row, Barbie has emerged at the top of the list of toys most desired by little girls. For boys, the top item was Transformers. (Hey! Why not a Barbie Transformer? That would be awesome.) In a development that we imagine caught toy executives totally off guard, neither group of kids placed “toys made with lead, GHB, or intestine magnets” anywhere on their lists.

Other must-have toys for girls are all just as doll-centric: Bratz dolls, “generic dolls,” Dora the Explorer, and Disney Princess round out the top five. Boys want video games, the Wii, and the Xbox 360.


10. American Girl
9. Elmo
8. Webkinz
7. Nintendo Wii
6. Disney Hannah Montana
5. Disney Princess
4. Dora the Explorer
3. Dolls (generic)
2. Bratz
1. Barbie


10. Remote Controlled Vehicles
9. Elmo
8. Xbox 360
7. Thomas the Tank Engine
6. LEGOs
5. Spider-Man
4. Cars (generic)
3. Nintendo Wii
2. Video Games
1. Transformers

Ignore the list and try to find something that’s not so mainstream, we dare ya.

“Barbie rules girls’ wish-lists but boys go high-tech” [Reuters]


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  1. goodkitty says:

    That’s such a fantastic image. I’m getting disturbed just looking at it… I can’t imagine what your 7 year old would think. They should do that for all the transformers. I’ve always thought that the basic problem with transformers was communication. Optimus and Megatron just need to get a coffee and talk it out. I mean they’re both robots right? I bet Megatron just feels neglected by the Autobots, because he always is so condescending with his own group… wait I’m getting confused again… destroy! Kill them all! Play XBox!

  2. Skankingmike says:

    It’s funny but doesn’t that list almost look like it could be from the 80’s?


    1. Transformers (same)

    2. Video Games —(same)

    3. Nintendo Wii —(NES)

    4. Cars (generic)—(same)

    5. Spider-Man —(Same)

    6. LEGOs —(same)

    7. Thomas the Tank Engine — couldn’t think of something comparable

    8. Xbox 360 (sega though we all know NES is 10times better)

    9. Elmo —(big bird still sesame streeet)

    10. Remote Controlled Vehicles — (same)

  3. synergy says:

    Elita One



  4. huginn says:

    Webkinz are really my bet on the IT(it not IT) toy. Half computer pet, half plush friend.

  5. redragon104 says:

    The girls want the Wii at #7, and the boys don’t want the ps3 at all. I guess Nintendo really is getting the kid friendly image. I wonder what the age group for these girls and boys are.

  6. BigNutty says:

    Or you could buy your kids Tinker Toys, Lincoln Logs, Lego’s, Science Kits and other toys that bring out the creativity of your kids.

  7. Youthier says:

    @BigNutty: I don’t think that Barbies and Transformers keep your kids from creativity. I can’t speak to Transformers but most of the girls I know made up elaborate stories for their Barbies.

  8. mammalpants says:

    i love that image!!!

  9. SaveMeJeebus says:

    Lego sets at my house it is already. My son does not let go of the “Lego book.” I would like the 6000-piece collectible Millenium Falcon but the wife won’t let it fly for $500. Oh well.

  10. Quellman says:

    For girls- 6. Disney Hannah Montana.
    For teen boys- 1. Disney Hannah Montana

    Dear Santa,

    Ive ben awefulee gud this yeer. Please send 1 Hannah Montana. i will promize two take gud care ove my nu pet. I will leeve extra cookeze for you.

    thank you,
    little suzie

  11. boxjockey68 says:

    Yea, my son passed on the toys made with lead, GHB, or intestine magnets to so we are thinking his presents will be a demo flight in a small plane, day at Disney, and legos and some other (lead free) stuff. Science kit might be good…

  12. Jeff_McAwesome says:

    IIRC wasn’t Thomas the Tank Engine filled with lead?

  13. JessiesMind says:

    @Huginn: Yeah, those Webkinz are all the rage in my daughter’s 3rd grade class, right now. I’m still up in the air about them. The price is right between $10 and $15 and I hear the website is actually educational but that means I’ll have to share the computer.

    @BigNutty: Have you seen the cost of Lincoln Logs? Personally, I’m thinking turning them loose in the woodpile out back a better bet. A couple rabies shots are cheaper than a Lincoln Log set, I’m guessin’.

    As far as Christmas lists goes, they’ve both surprised me by putting some books on there. I must have done something right. So far, they’re definitely getting The Most Dangerous Book for Boys and The Most Daring Book for Girls. We looked at them in a bookstore recently and they were both instantly charmed. Son also wants the Phillip Pullman books. (Thank you Hollywood.)

  14. SaraAB87 says:

    Webkinz are the hottest toy no doubt, along with the Nintendo Wii and from what I can see with kids in my family girls want the Wii just as much as boys do. I also wonder what age group these kids are, because if your talking ages 6 and up then the Wii would be the hottest gift, but if the kids are younger than that then I could see Transformers and Dolls too. The trend here is for the shoppers to empty out the entire video games department and leave the toy department full so its obvious what the hottest items are this years.

    My cousins have 27 Webkinz between the 2 of them, and I have nothing against the toy, its both parent and kid friendly because the website is actually safe for kids (unlike some virtual world competitors such as neopets) and it shuts down in the evening so the kids don’t play too long. Plus its educational, as far as I can see there is nothing wrong with it. It also spawns creativity as last week we found my cousins making a tent into a Lil kinz daycare, grocery store and they had plenty more ideas as well!

    Other virtual toys such as Pixel Chix, Funkeys and Tamagotchi are still very popular with kids too.

  15. Quellman says:

    /begin rant
    Phillip Pullman is good if you aren’t in the too prude category or overly faith driven. People from both sides debate the merits of the movie. For some it is dangerous as it attempts to destroy Christianity. For the other crowd, the movie doesn’t mention enough of the need to destroy the evil ‘god’.

    Eragon and related books far surpass the incoherant movie of the same name.

    /end rant of polical nature
    /begin praise
    Hooray for books!
    /end praise

  16. TedSez says:

    There was such a thing as a Barbie Transformer. It was called Growing Up Skipper.

  17. nardo218 says:

    Maybe because electronics aren’t marketed to girls? The same reason boys don’t read as much, publishers don’t market to boys.

    In other news, I’m glad that LEGOs remain a childhood staple! Best toy in the world!

  18. PICKLES_IN_MY_TUNA says:


    I actually purchased Lincoln Logs today. The prices were high at the likes of Toys R Us (I hate that place!). However, I did find a 305 pc set at Sams Club for $49.78. Thats less expensive then the Legos set that is also on my sons list. Legos are NOT Cheap.

    I purchased an Imaginariam Mega Marble Mania building set today too along with some other stuff not on the list above.

    With three kids ages 14 to 5 we still do not have any kind of video game at our house (I know we are horrible parents!) and do not plan on getting one any time soon.

    I did last month purchase two more book shelves for our house, so there will be plenty of books under the tree from santa as well.

    Happy holiday hunting to all.

  19. JessiesMind says:

    @Quellman: Nah, I’ve never been accussed of being a prude or a fundamentalist. Neither attitude is very conducive to my hedonistic lifestyle.

    @Pickles_in_my_tuna: Fifty bucks for a set that big is a steal. Great find!