DHL Overcharges You $750, Doesn't Refund It Because They "Forgot About It"

When Sue wrote in about DHL and said that she “wouldn’t use their company again on a dare,” she was dead on. If you think receiving packages with DHL is bad, just wait until you try shipping.

I needed to send a package to Zagreb, Croatia last month and the only accepted shipping method was DHL. I knew that my package would only be 1lb, but I didn’t know what the box size would be. Luckily, DHL USA’s site doesn’t require dimensions for a rate quote. I was quoted $120.77 for International 2Day on the rate quote estimator and again when I created the shipment online. I shipped my package and went on my way.

However, next week I checked my Chase credit card balance (on 10/18) and saw that they had charged me $873.68!

Yes, that’s an extra 623%! I immediately got on the phone with a DHL Customer Rep named Brenda who told me that the weight of the package had been input as 47lbs! Thankfully, she was eager to help me and put in a request for a refund. She said that it would be two business weeks. So, I waited for a bit, and called to get updates; each time I called, though, I was told that it hadn’t processed.

After two weeks, I called in (on 11/2) and was told that the refund was rejected. When I asked why, the CSR said that I had been sent a letter explaining the rejection (a letter which I mysteriously haven’t received to this day). She first told me that she couldn’t find out why but more pressing revealed that the original CSR, Brenda, forgot to include the waybill number. I’ve only shipping this one package with DHL, so there shouldn’t be a discrepancy about which package it was – God forbid they do any digging! She told me that she could reprocess the refund; at this point, I asked to speak to a manager. I was then transferred to an escalation specialist, Melanie S.

Don’t worry, this is where it gets good-

Melanie S. completely empathized with me and told me that she would escalate the refund and, though the normal process takes 10 business days, it should happen faster. She also gave me a confirmation number (110200521) and promised a callback. After a full week of waiting for a callback, I decided to jump back in to see if any progress had been made. Melanie said that she didn’t have a personal number, but I could call back and ask for her. When I called on 11/8, I was escalated to Jackie, who told me that Melanie had left for the day. She told me that there was nothing she could do about the matter, especially since she didn’t want to “step on Melanie’s toes.” She promised to email Melanie and leave a sticky note on her desk. She gave me confirmation number 110810715.

The next day, Friday 11/9, I called in at 4:20PM and my call was received by CSR Jerome, who, quite rudely, wouldn’t even let me finish my sentences before putting me on hold. I was escalated to Jae, who put me in contact with Melanie. Melanie apologized and said that she had received both messages but had been very busy. When I inquired about the refund, she apologized and said that she had received an email from the back office stating that they had, and I quote, “forgotten about it.” I almost lost it at this point, but I remembered that staying calm was essential to actually getting what you want. At this point, I asked to speak to her manager.

I was then transferred to Jessica Holder, who again, completely empathized with me and apologized. She said that she would personally handle the situation and that she would expedite the process. When asked for a timeframe, she expected to have a check express mailed out to me by Wednesday of next week. She gave me her personal line – 281 406 2851 and promised me a call back.

Today, Monday 11/12, I received a voicemail from Jessica at 10:13 AM. Needless to say, I was impressed that I had actually received a callback this promptly. The voicemail said that she would have a check out to me at the end of the day. However, the amount refunded would only be $549.96. Because I hadn’t entered the box’s dimensions on the shipping page (which aren’t required for a rate estimate or shipping a package), the total for a 1lb 12″x12″x12″ box should have been $323.70. I told her this was absolutely unacceptable and I would not be paying an extra $200 over what I had been quoted online – twice. After I realized that I was getting nowhere with her and asked if she was the last ladder on the escalation rung. Surprisingly, she said that she would transfer me to her manager.

After a few minutes on hold, Jessica came back on and told me that her supervisor, Cynthia Johnson, had just gone to walk some clients downstairs and would be right back. Jessica said that Cynthia would call me right back, but I got her direct line – 281 406 2924. The phone call had ended around 11AM. More than four hours later, I had received no callback and repeated calls to Cynthia and Jessica went unanswered. The transaction originally went on my Chase Freedom credit card and I decided that I needed to see what Chase could do for me if DHL never pulled through.

I called Chase’s Credit Card support line (from and was transferred to Account Specialist Derek. After verifying my information, Derek asked what the problem was. I told him that I had been overcharged by DHL and needed to see what recourse I had. I gave him the amount of the charge and the amount that it should have been; he asked to put me on hold and I obliged. After a minute or two, Derek came back on the line and said that he had refunded the difference, $750.98, and it should be credited to my account in 48 hours or less!

I wasn’t even asking for a refund yet, I just wanted to know what I could do! I thanked Derek for his help and great customer service and checked my phone timer – less than six minutes! DHL couldn’t resolve a six minute problem in three and a half weeks! I checked my Chase account and found a refund for the $750.98 less than 12 hours after I spoke to Derek.

I’d like to thank Chase customer support (I know that they don’t have the best rep in some situations these days) and want to say shame on DHL. The service there was horrendous, actually getting worse as I worked my way up the ladder. I would never use their service again, not even on a dare. And, of course, thanks to the Consumerist Team for making average consumers like us aware of all the options we have.

Matt G.

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  1. Cowboys_fan says:

    This is almost a course on how to deal with these people. Luckily you put in on the CC or this prolly woulda’ taken a few more weeks. DHL is horrible, too bad they were the only option.

  2. Brad2723 says:

    I will never do business with DHL either. Paid for 5-7 day shipping, my package arrived at the local dist. center on the 3rd day, and they were just going to sit on the package until the 7th day because it didn’t need to be delivered until then. I don’t know of any other company (UPS / FedEX for example) that will sit on a package if it arrives early, they go ahead and deliver it.

  3. Tzepish says:


  4. yg17 says:

    @Brad2723: FedEx and UPS did that to me a few years back but haven’t since.

    I’ve never had any terrible experiences with DHL, but nothing great to talk about either. I received something from DHL this week and it was delayed by a day because according to the tracking page, it said “Shipment arrived at incorrect facility. Sent to correct destination.” Idiots.

  5. RAREBREED says:

    WOW! I thought the USPS was bad… I have a Chase card, and the customer service reps were awesome when I bought something that didn’t work, and the store refused to exchange it!!! They just credited my account!

  6. mandarin says:

    Thats DHL for ya…
    I think they’re cheaper that UPS or FEDEX…

  7. FREAKHEAD says:

    @Brad2723: FEDEX does sit on packages until they are due for delivery. At least in my area. I received weekly shipments from them and went through this problem every week. It was awful.

  8. Abusiveelusive says:

    So you got a refund from Chase AND a check from DHL?

  9. FLConsumer says:

    Wow, Chase came through for someone? VERY glad to hear it. Rare, unusual, but glad someone made this one right. For $300+, you could have almost taken it there yourself. For $800+ you most certainly could have.

  10. yg17 says:

    @FLConsumer: I’ve had a Chase card for a little over 2 years, and while I rarely have needed to call them, the few times I have called, they’ve been excellent.

    Now compared to HSBC, who I have another card with, on the other hand……ugh. Their customer service sucks (well, what do you expect when you outsource to India and pay the reps nothing?)

  11. fishing-ace says:

    I cannot complain about the service i’ve received from e-vendors who use DHL. I’ve received a few packages in FL, and each time they have delivered as promised, most times at least a day or two ahead of schedule (I paid for the ground shipping rate).

  12. JiminyChristmas says:

    Perhaps it might be a good idea to blank out a portion of the direct phone numbers for the DHL staff the OP mentions? They don’t appear to be customer service numbers for the general public’s use.

  13. matt1978 says:

    @JiminyChristmas: Who cares? It’s a work number. Maybe they’ll all remember the paperwork next time.

  14. liquisoft says:

    The end made me chuckle. The idea that Chase can just fix the error in six minutes…an error that originated within a totally different company…it’s just mind boggling. DHL is officially off my shipping list.

    Between DHL overcharging and UPS always throwing my packages over the wall in my backyard (they even threw my iphone) I think I’ll be using fedex as much as possible.

  15. FLConsumer says:

    @yg17: I’ve had terrible service from Chase over the years. Rude reps, always trying to upsell me something I don’t need/want, shutting down the card because of “suspicious activity” and didn’t bother to call! My buying patterns remained the same, nothing out of the ordinary.

    One of the times happened to be when I was on a business trip and I found out the hard way (when checking in at a hotel) that my card was temporarily suspended by Chase. Nice guys, real nice. The only reason I keep the account is that it has a high credit limit and most of my other cards have no limit, so it’s better for my credit to just leave it open.

    Contrast this to Wachovia. Very prompt and courteous service. Last week I needed to buy a fair amount of camera equipment from B&H Photo. It was late (~1am-2am) and I did the order online. The transaction went through fine. The next morning I received a call from my own Wachovia banker just wanting to make sure the purchases were mine and was very polite and apologetic about calling. I told her I didn’t have a problem with it at all and am glad they called so quickly. The biggest thing: They never shut the card off at any time.

    Back on topic: I just flipped through my ratebook for USPS rates to Croatia. Yikes! $83 would be about the cheapest 1-3 day shipping there, $200+ for a 12″x12″x12″ 1lb box. Next time you might want to take a vacation to the tourist paradise of Zagreb yourself. might be cheaper.

  16. nickripley says:

    Your confirmation numbers appear to be the date and time you called.

  17. Wynner3 says:

    I was expecting to see UPS not DHL. That sucks but glad everything worked out. I have had countless problems with UPS. One time they received my package and said it was on a delivery truck on my side of the bay (SF Bay Area) but messed up and went to the other side delaying my order by a day. I avoid them like the plague.

  18. ColoradoShark says:

    Whenever someone chimes in with a comment like, “You should just pay with cash and you’re a dope for using a credit card” point them to this story.


  19. ARPRINCE says:

    I agree that DHL is the worst. They shouldn’t be in business at all. My company dumped them and finally went with UPS after we had countless of problems tracking deliveries since they were recycling the tracking numbers.

  20. pete7919 says:

    I love that the story created a “Croatia” tag on the bottom, but was disappointed to see there were no other stories when I clicked. :(

    Need more Croatia!

  21. babaki says:

    this happens with fedex all the time with my company. if you dont put in the dimensions you could end up paying more. it doesnt matter if the box is only a pound, if its a really huge box, they charge you more. not putting in the proper dimensions and trying to cheat the DHL online system is not DHLs fault. its like mailing something through the post office online. if you dont put enough postage on, they charge you later.

  22. HOP says:

    i think they said the size was not required by dsl………..

  23. babaki says:

    @HOP: its required when you use your own box. it says right on the website. if you use a standard DHL envelope or box, you dont need to enter the dimensions. if you use your own packaging, you need to enter it in. its right on the website.

  24. Hinomura says:

    my old company used to use UPS to ship out product. then my cheap ass manager thought that he could save 5% on cost by switching to DHL. the only problem was that DHL was so fucking lazy, incompetent, and whiny about service (they straight up lied about picking things up on certain days, claiming to be ready to pick things up saying we weren’t there, which was an outright dirty lie) that we lost hundreds of customers. and ended losing mad money that quarter. in essence, you get what you pay for.

    DHL service = Dumbass Halfass Lazyass service

  25. matt1978 says:

    Truthfully, I have to say that DHL’s sometimes lax service can work for the consumer – if you have a business account and dispute charges, they usually don’t even look at it – it just disappears from you account. POOF!

  26. ViolentAcres says:

    Holiday shopping reminder: if you use your Visa/MC-branded debit card for in-store purchases, always tell them to ring it up as “credit” and not “debit”. This way, you’ll get the benefit of the CC chargeback protection, should you need it.

  27. jwissick says:

    When I order anything these days I go out of my way to make sure they do NOT use DHL. I am YET to have a good experience with DHL out of 10 or so packages. They managed to fuck up ALL of them in one way or another.

    You ship with DLH? Fine. I shop else where.

  28. iheartconsumerist says:

    DHL is the worst shipping company I have ever used. Sounds like other people share that opinion from the comments above. I paid a ridiculous amount of money for 2 day delivery only to have my package deliver over a week later. DHL sited problems with the weather causing the delay, interestingly though I shipped a package UPS ground to the EXACT SAME LOCATION on the EXACT SAME DAY and it miracously arrived 5 days before the DHL package did.

    To top things off DHL refused to refund any money I paid for the expidited delivery.

    I’ll never use them again…..

  29. tadowguy says:

    I honestly don’t know why people put up with all this BS before calling their CC company. Make one or two calls to the “store” or DHL in this case and then call your CC company.

  30. Kishi says:

    Yesterday, I decided not to buy something online, because they used DHL.

    The shipping charge was going to be $6.84 to send me a $7 t-shirt that would arrive in ten business days. Seriously, I don’t live in the middle of nowhere, it shouldn’t be that expensive or that slow. Plus, I hate that DHL drops it with the post office and has them deliver it the last leg of the way. It would have been *way* cheaper and, in my experience, quicker to have the USPS just deliver it the whole way.

  31. yg17 says:

    @Kishi: Yeah, I don’t like the integration with the USPS either. It’s 2 companies who can screw up, and 2 companies to deal with when someone does screw up. Who lost/damaged the package? Who do you call to bitch at when that happens.

    UPS has a service like that too. I’m currently waiting on a package now. Shipped last Friday, and I think it should be waiting in my mailbox for me right now (will find out in an hour when I get home from work), but it would’ve been here sooner if only one company handled it. According to the tracking, a whole day was taken up by “induction into the postal system.”

  32. iamme99 says:

    We used DHL in our last company. I shipped a box of our products to Liberia in Africa. This was not a small box. DHL lost it! After checking with the customer that they had received it a couple of weeks later, they said no. Oh boy.

    I had the tracking number, so called DHL. After much checking they said they COULD NOT FIND the package despite having a tracking number. Huh? What is the value of a tracking number than?

    After more time wasting, it was decided that they would send me a refund form which I got about 10 days later. We filled this out with the value of the products (wholesale price only) and filed the form.

    2 weeks later we got a rejection back, similar to the above story because some piece of info was wrong. That info was not germane to the problem.

    I called and yelled at them and they then issued the refund.

    I wouldn’t use DHL for shipping anything if there is any other choice available.

  33. Rando says:

    I believe how chase works is they mail you a check for the disputed amount immediately, then if they rule in your favor you don’t have to pay the money back. Don’t be suprised when you find this out later.

    There is no way Chase finished an actual dispute process in 6 minutes. They have to go through visa first.

  34. Xkeeper says:

    I just us the USPS for shipping. I still haven’t had a single problem with anything I’ve sent, and it usually gets there in two days. For $5-something, you just can’t beat it.

    A lot of people seem to have forgotten that the USPS does, in fact, deliver things.

  35. timmus says:

    I have to agree with XKeeper… I run a small business and we do 500-1000 shipments per year with the US Post Office -AND- their Global Priority Mail system. Due to the post 9/11 scaremongering and the resulting changes in mail policies, it’s a royal pain in the ass to have to take stuff inside to the post office clerks every day, even when the damn thing is metered, but it always gets there.

  36. bravo369 says:

    On another note, how come when you buy something, the charge is on your credit card the next day but if you are getting a refund/cash back, it takes 2 weeks. They need to revamp the system so that refunds can be completed in a timely manner…as in right over the phone while i have your attention.

  37. numindast says:

    DHL could learn from UPS, FedEx, and the USPS.

    I had purchased some goods and DHL delivered the box, according to the merchant and DHL. The box was nowhere to be found. It took three weeks of frequent calls and a freight claim before a replacement order was shipped, which also summarily disappeared.

    The background: I live in an apartment building in an urban neighborhood. DHL swore the packages had been delivered. I had to assume the DHL driver left the box on the stoop, where it’d have grown legs and ran off in mere seconds after his departure. (Picture a schoolkid walking up to a box that said “Dell” on it …)

    The solution: the DHL driver decided to just pitch both boxes over my 1st floor neighbor’s porch wall. Very helpful, considering the delivery address clearly said “3rd floor”. The customer service was terrible and the delivery courier’s actions inexcusable.

  38. mgyqmb says:

    All of these DHL stories are a mystery to me. I do support work primarily with Apple computers, who seem to only use DHL for their shipping. Not surprisingly, this is what I use too. Throughout my hundreds of hundreds of packages received and shipped, I have been consistently amazed at DHLs great customer service and speedy shipping. It pains me to hear these stories. Maybe i’ve just been lucky!

  39. FLConsumer says:

    @bravo369: There’s no reason why they can’t. I’ve had several times when I was issued a refund and it appeared within 30 minutes on my credit card.

  40. Goutnout says:

    Last summer my cousin was getting her wedding dress delivered from india through DHL. The package arrived at the DHL sorting station on thursday we call and paid some insane rate to have it over nighted for a sunday wedding. The dress finally showed up on monday the DHL guy left the box on the doorstep rang the doorbell and was gone like a ghost before i could open the door. To make matters worse the box was specially marked with next day and weekend delivery stickers in neon orange and yellow. DHL ruins weddings, and the delivery guys are possibly ninja the way they disappear so fast.

  41. spryte says:

    @babaki: If the box dimensions were “required” then shouldn’t the website not let a transaction be completed without them? The OP says she was able to process her shipment online without entering dimensions…so how are they a requirement? That’s more like a “suggestion”…

    I don’t think I’ve ever used DHL to ship anything but we receive some stuff at my office from them, and I’ve never had an issue. But like any other company, some people will have horror stories and some people will be all K-I-S-S-I-N-G with them.

  42. StevieD says:

    I am a shipper.

    Let me explain the RULES.

    Online quotation are not valid prices, they are only an estimation of the charges. In the fine print on the quotation page will be a statement that basically says the quote is relying upon the information provided by the customer and is subject to change or correction.

    If you get a verbal quote from a shipping CSR, the CSR will say something to the effect “based upon the information provided…. your cost would be”.

    The fine print on the bill of lading (the document that you printed and attached to the package) either has the terms printed on the bill, or you had to go through a confirmation screen (which stated the information) to print the bill of lading.

    International shipping regulations are different than domestic shipping regulations. International shipments are subject to a tight density charge, where a package of a certain size (volume) will be charged a higher weight charge. Think of shipping a box of ping pong balls. Again, the legal information is all over the respective websites and documents and/or confirmation screens.

    Bottom line, OP owes the amount deemed appropriate by DHL. What Chase did was inappropriate at best, and the employee that performed the chargeback should be immediately terminated for cause. I would strongly advice the OP to immediately seek legal representation as the charges computed by DHL are legally correct and should be collected from the OP.

    BTW I do not ship via DHL. I would never ship via DHL. I do not like DHL. But at the same time it is wrong that an ignorant consumer tries to defraud DHL.

  43. czarandy says:

    @StevieD: Credit card companies are legally required to accept your disputes and refund the money while they investigate the claim. It would be extraordinarily stupid to fire someone for that.

  44. FLConsumer says:

    @StevieD: $800+ to ship a package to Croatia’s defrauding the customer. Especially when it’s in the system as a 47 lb package when it was only a 1 lb package.

    Virtually all shipping companies (including USPS) now use some form of dimensional weight charge.

  45. bohemian says:

    We had a very similar nightmare from hell using DHL. We fell for the “it is cheaper” deal and started to switch. We shipped then boxes of computers. They were packed really well since we were used to the way UPS abuses stuff. The DHL driver that picked up the boxes got mad at the guy that was there because he didn’t have keys to the vehicle near the doorway so the driver had to hand cart them 15 feet. Then the driver THREW them airborne into the truck.

    Well whatever then did to them on the trip obliterated heavy duty brand new shipping boxes and the computers inside. A couple even had the cases crushed.

    DHL gave us the exact same run around and delays in the exact same manner as the person in the story. First they didn’t have the claim form online for us to print then it took a month of requests and it not showing up in the mail. We finally got one on the 4th request. Filled it out and sent it in complete with pictures of the damaged systems sent to me by the person we sent them to. They gave us the run around and then rejected the claim. Then the same run around about why it was rejected.

    We finally had our bank reverse it on our debit card that was used for the transaction. This in total sucked up 32 hours of my time over about 3 months.

    BTW, if you want to avoid the after the fact adjusted or added on fees from Fed Ex or UPS, pay by check or cash at a drop off facility. Fed Ex was horrible about tacking on lots of arbitrary surcharges and running them on your card after delivery. If you drop of and pay by check or cash they don’t. Other than that we were pretty happy with Fed Ex ground.

  46. kittenfoo says:

    i’ve only ever received packages from DHL, and it had never occurred to me that receiving a package could be so complicated. they needed directions to my house, they could only deliver between certain hours, they got lost, they could try again, but only on a wednesday when the moon was in the 7th house, blah blah blah. eventually, i asked where they were (in a nearby town), told them to stay put, and went and got my package from them. can’t imagine trying to ship something with them.

  47. 92BuickLeSabre says:

    She promised to email Melanie and leave a sticky note on her desk.

    Now that’s a quality system!

  48. Andr0 says:

    @FLConsumer: Tourist paradise? Now, I must ask if you honestly think so or was that sarcasm? I’m from Zagreb myself, so I’m a bit biased – and more than a bit proud :)

    As for expedited shipping of any sort from USA to Croatia… sigh. Yeah, tell me about it. The costs are ridiculously insane, and I must say reliability is very low – I had FedEx and DHL lose a good share of packages I sent to Croatia over the years, and both companies will simply tell you ‘We cannot guarantee safety of your shipment once it reaches Croatia.’ – a rather bold-faced lie that tries to place blame on local company, when tracking for packages usually shows them reaching Frankfurt, but not leaving it…

  49. reeg2 says:

    I don’t understand why people try so hard with these companies. Call them ONCE and then call your credit card company. You’re paying them to deal with this shit.

  50. pearlandopal says:

    Both experiences I’ve had with DHL have been disasters. The first time was through work, and DHL RAN OVER the box, returning us one crushed missile nosecone and losing the other (non-crushable) part that was in the box. (Of course, my twit of a co-worker who actually shipped the thing didn’t insure it, but that’s another story.)

    The second time I bought something online and the only shipping option was DHL. Somehow, between them and USPS, the package got lost and each blamed the other. I ended up thoroughly screwed on that one.

  51. ekoshyun says:

    I’ve had so many bad experiences with DHL, it’s not even funny. By far the WORST shipping company EVER. I had a package delayed for 3 weeks, removing me from getting back a $100 rebate.

  52. MommaJ says:

    @Brad2723: “I don’t know of any other company (UPS / FedEX for example) that will sit on a package if it arrives early, they go ahead and deliver it.” Actually, UPS does this routinely. If you pay for regular ground service, UPS will tell you what day to expect delivery. Then if you track the package using UPS’ online tracking system, you can see how the package zips out to the first few destinations along the way, then sits for days at the next to last or last facility, so that it will, indeed, arrive no earlier than the stated day. There’s no other way that a package could actually take 5 to 7 business days to get from one American city to another, unless its been sent by burro. It’s in UPS’ interest to make sure that nothing gets to its destination quickly unless the sender pay up for expedited handling.

  53. FLConsumer says:

    @Andr0: Yes, that’d definitely be sarcasm. It’s not exactly the #1 tropical hot spot people think of for a holiday. I’m not exactly a cold weather fan myself, ‘though my NYC job is teaching me that it’s not all bad.

    @MommaJ: I actually don’t mind this “flaw” with UPS. I travel frequently and have friends pick up packages for me, so I appreciate knowing exactly when the package will be there. That doesn’t excuse UPS of all its other sins ‘though.

  54. Andr0 says:

    @FLConsumer: Ouch, FL, that hurts :)

    To be honest, I will agree with your point – if your idea of a vacation includes a beach or sunbathing, Zagreb is probably not for you – like most of Central Europe, it has a somewhat humid, frequently overcast and rainy climate.

    Nevertheless, that doesn’t make it a ‘bad destination’ by default – for culture freaks, sightseers, gourmets or party beasts, it is quite a spot, with plenty to keep you entertained – and sunny Adriatic is less than 2 hours away, by car :)

    Sorry for threadjacking, peeps, one has to defend one’s colors.

  55. trollkiller says:

    I have to call B.S. on this complaint.

    I work a direct mail shop and one my stock boxes is 12 1/8″ X 11″ X 11″. The cardboard (standard thickness) itself weighs 1 pound. (yes I put it on our accurate postal scale) So that makes me wonder what did he send in his package, air?

    I also went to DHL’s site and created an account. Right under where you select package type is the dimensions. If you don’t give them the proper info they can not give you a proper qoute. Sounds to me like you did a lot of guestimating when you gave your info.

    At this point Matt has ripped off DHL, he should pay for the cost of mailing a 12 X 12 X 12 box that weighs 1 pound. (I still don’t believe the weight)

  56. trollkiller says:

    You have explained it very well, thank you.

  57. g4lt says:

    I can’t speak on sending, but receiving I can. I live literally a
    block away from the DHL depot in my town, I can see the yellow DHL
    trucks parked every night in their parking lot from my entryway. So why
    is it that they canot seem to find my house?! they are 0 for three in
    deliveries to me, once they had to give it to the postman to deliver,
    and twice I got it delivered by a neighbor another block down who DHL
    had delivered it to. I did get a delivery the other day though, for a
    person a block away in a different direction, AT 6 AM. Use DHL at your
    own risk, I won’t.

  58. Bodgy says:

    I had a package that showed out for delivery and I never got it. When I called, they told me that the drivers are not able to deliver packages after 5(?). Oooookkkkkk. I’ve had some other issues with our local office where they will send the item back after 1 delivery attempt. I strongly suspect that because I live in the country that they don’t even attempt to deliver to me. I think they make it up. My husband was home on one of the alleged delivery days, no one rang the doorbell or knocked. I hate DHL.

  59. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    mgyqmb: Everyone has their own horror stories about all of the major carriers. I’ve found that they vary depending on where you’re at.
    Up north, I hated Fedex because their idea of checking to see if I was home to sign for something was driving near my house apparently, then I had to drive 20 miles to pick up my package.
    Down south here, it’s UPS who does that (they appear to at least slow down as they drive past and glance at my house), then I have to drive 25 miles to get my stuff.

    So, as in many anecdotes here on the “Consumers are Stupid”…err “Consumerist” web site…YMMV.

  60. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    @StevieD: I am a CONSUMER. Let ME explain the rules.
    The rules (all of them in life) are made up by someone OTHER THAN YOU as you go along. Sometimes you like them, sometimes you tolerate them, most of the time they’re FUCKING STUPID.
    And arrogant pricks who “KNOW THE RULES” will continue to post anonymously on the internet, hiding behind a keyboard, about how much smarter they are than the rest of us, and especially on this site, how we are fools to expect any kind of CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    Any other questions?
    Good coffee this morning!

  61. Hinomura says:

    @FLConsumer: fer real, an estimate is one thing. refusing to fix a clerical turned financial error is another. StevieD maybe you should learn to read before you espouse rules.

  62. gingerCE says:

    I’d be leery of Chase’s override. I know I contested a charge with Citi, they took off the charge immediatly but sent me a thick packet of papers to fill out. After 3 months, they investigated and the charge was put back on the card.

  63. parabola101 says:

    DHL customer service is a nightmare it’s a complete miracle that they actually stay in business. As for the person that wrote, she should of checked the United States Postal Service is this much much cheaper and the customer service is great!

  64. misslisa says:

    The company I work for shares a parking lot and parking garage with a huge DHL regional headquarters. From what I have witnessed, DHL employees fall into one of 3 categories: Zombies, humanoids, and the living dead. They wander in a stupor in front of speeding cars, drive the wrong way down the road, get in the wrong elevator because they can’t figure out how to get where they’re going, stand in the middle of the garage ramp like sheep while cars are arriving for work, etc. After what I’ve witnessed, you’d better believe I’ll never purchase anything shipped by DHL, much less ship using them.

  65. doctor_cos wants you to remain calm says:

    my OTHER THAN YOU above was directed at everyone in general as in we (us) don’t get to make up the rules :)

  66. fatfatfatty says:

    Well, if it is like my credit card company, that credit will only be temporary. Within a few days, paperwork will show up in your mailbox from Chase asking you to officially protest this charge and then the whole process will start. If Chase does not like what they hear back, you could still be on the hook for the charge. I have been down this road before.

  67. VoxPopuli says:

    UPS broke my microwave when I used them to move. They never showed up to “inspect” it, like they said they would to process the claim, and gave me the runaround, telling me to call different offices. I eventually gave up, but I boycotted them for 10 years. Used them once last year, but I still avoid them if possible.

    FedEx has left me notices on my door WHEN I WAS HOME. How lazy can you be that you can’t ring my buzzer or knock? I live in a studio apt so it’s not like I can’t hear you.

    I’ve never used DHL, but I’m sure it sucks.

    USPS is the best – you pick up the package at your own convenience at your neighborhood post office, period. Also, it’s much cheaper. I once had them return a package I sent to Miami that was never delivered, but other than that, no problems.

  68. fatfatfatty says:

    @gingerCE: Yep, the problem is that the credit card company is not going to eat the charge so it either has to be the customer or DHL and if the credit card company can’t get a good answer from the company as to why the charge should be reversed, back it goes to the customer. It seems as if it should not be a problem in this case but you never really know. If DHL makes a good case (tells a good lie), he is back on the hook. I promise you that Chase will not be responsible for these charges.

  69. Klink says:

    @Abusiveelusive: Yeah…. ignore that. Call it his “Having to sit through 3 weeks of terrible CSR” fee.

  70. korith says:

    Only problems I’ve had with dhl is them leaving packages right on the doorstep to my apartment in full view of the parking lot and about 30 other apartments. Especially annoying since I always choose “signature required” option when getting anything delivered from fedex, dhl, etc…

  71. MrEvil says:

    I don’t work for DHL, but as a field technician for IBM, Dell, and Lexmark, I have to deal with them because that’s how they send all their replacement parts. I use them for all my shipping because my laziness knows no end and it’s easy for me to use DHL since I have to go there every day to pick up parts.

    The reason the OP didn’t have to enter dimensions on the shipping estimate or shipping tool on the website was because she didn’t select the proper packaging type. There are three options, “DHL Express Envelope” which doesn’t require dimensions because they’re all the same size. “DHL Other Packaging.” Again, doesn’t require dimensions because they aren’t larger than YxYxY. The third and final option is “Your Packaging” which you are REQUIRED to enter dimensions.

    Sue’s problem is she shipped her package as a “DHL Express Envelope” which is what her quoted rate was for. It was not for a 1 cubic foot package. Sue is the one to blame here as FedEx and UPS both also have a similar option on their shipping forms and websites.

    @Brad2723: You’re expecting something for nothing. UPS and FedEx will do the same thing depending on how busy their center is. DHL has to get out shipments that are guaranteed for that day FIRST, if there is room on the trucks they’ll add in any extra to get it out of the way. Because your package wasn’t guaranteed to be delivered for another two days you got bumped so that stuff that was guaranteed ahead of you could ride. If you wanted it two days sooner you should have paid for a speedier shipping service. I’ve had stuff on FedEx Express Saver arrive next business day, and other times its sat in Ft Worth or Lubbock TX for an extra day.

  72. skinny2 says:

    I worked in management for FexEx and am now a shipper using UPS, FedEx, and USPS. All have positives and negatives, and for the most part it can be a crap-shoot. I will NOT use DHL based on any number of criteria you want to use. The only advantage (in some cases) is cost and there’s a reason for that.

    Nearly all of the DHL delivery drivers are independent contractors. This is similar to FedEx Home/Ground operations, however DHL does not have a well groomed system. Very high turnover, poor training, and poor oversight results in the pathetic service you see reported here by DHL customers. In addition, they have very limited resources outside the metro areas which means…good luck on getting an overnight package to a rural area. Their association with USPS is almost required due to their limited network of personnel.

    UPS/FedEx/etc will all hold packages to certain destinations if it’s within their service window. This is largely used for rural delivery areas during non-peak times when it wouldn’t be prudent to drive 15-20 miles to deliver one package. This is also where associations with the USPS is beneficial.

    A 12x12x12 package to Croatia will cost far more than $120 regardless of whether it really only weighed 1# or 5# due to dimensional weight charges. She should have disputed the difference between the amount charged and what should have been charged, but it’s unreasonable to argue that $120 was the correct amount for such a large package (by express service standards). That being said, just like DHL’s service, their website is similarly bad for getting an estimate. The original poster also didn’t state whether or not she used a DHL box or her own box. Although in the scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter.

  73. sakimotokitty says:

    I am awaiting a package shipped via DHL. Nordstrom’s didn’t provide shipping information-smart move because I would have cancelled the order as soon as I saw DHL listed. It is now the 5th day on my 2-4 day shipping service. I can’t call because they passed it to USPS and the shippiing number doesn’t apply. I can’t get anyone on the phone either. I hate DHL!!!!!!!

  74. airweaver says:

    DHL once delivered my “next day, signature-required” delivery of a replacement debit card (in the same envelope as the new PIN, mind you) 7 days after the order.

    …to my neighbors….

    …front porch.

    (never. ever. again.)

  75. ExecutorElassus says:

    I can’t figure out how DHL does things so differently. I live in Stuttgart, but used to live in DC. In DC, DHL was delivered half-assed by totally sketchy guys who looked like they were one failed drug test away from unemployment or the klink. Here (Germany) DHL is delivered by the German postal service. I usually get next-day delivery, and they’re, you know, all German about being efficient. What’s the deal?

  76. RTL1954 says:

    What a totally lame company. I can download and fillout a “request form” for an “investigation” of the item they claim they deliverred (I checked with my neighbors and none of them have been holding it for me!). One small problem about the “form” it’s in German! For all future mail order purchases, I will have to specify to not ship it via DHL!

  77. captaincaveman93 says:

    I work for a company that was trying to send an oversized package to Guam and Afghanistan. The packages are military training equipment. They gave us quotes. Then a week later they told us they needed to requite the shipping (quotes are supposed to be good for 30 days). Granted before this happened US Army contracting really slowed down us getting the order, but the time frame we had to get the equipment on site never changed. We got our order, and I called to schedule the first shipment to Guam. They said they would pick it up Friday morning. Friday afternoon I called to see when they were going to pick up the oversized package, and they informed me that all shipping flights to Guam were canceled. The US Army in Guam called the local DHL, and they said not a single flight was canceled. I called the corporate offices on Friday and Saturday. What I then found out, they never entered a pick up from our location and never booked us space on the cargo plane. I was informed by the company that operates the cargo aircraft that the flight would not have been canceled if they would have booked the space. DHL’s answer was to re-quote the shipping. Some how our shipping cost to Guam went form $13,000 to over $42,000. Since this was tied to a military contract, we couldn’t get any more money for shipping. Then the revised their quote (without me asking them for a re-quote) to Afghanistan. The price jumped from $23,000 to $48,000. I understand that fuel costs are on the rise, but more than doubling a cost for just shipping is absurd. I had less than 48 hours to find another carrier. The carrier we used cost a little more, but I can at least trust them to get the job done on time. DHL made it very difficult to even try to do business with them on top of delaying training equipment that is vital for troops deploying.