Bush Announces Plan To Ease Holiday Air Travel Delays

President Bush today proposed several measures intended to reduce traffic issues during the busy holiday season as well as shore up some of the most persistent air travel problems consumers face throughout the year. The most significant proposal would open up a “Thanksgiving express lane” through military airspace, and like the other proposed rules, would require the approval of Congress, says the NYT.

Bush also proposed penalizing airlines for scheduling flights that are more than 15 minutes late 70% or more of the time, calling the practice “unfair and deceptive.” Another rule would increase the compensation airlines are required to provide to passengers who are bumped due to overbooking.

Tarmac delays got addressed as well, with Bush suggesting a rule requiring airlines to “incorporate legally binding contingency plans for tarmac delays.” The plans would include steps like guaranteeing food, water, bathrooms and medical attention, says the NYT.

Bush Sets Plan to Ease Holiday Air Delays [
Military air space to be holiday ‘express lane’ [CNN]

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