Skybus Executives' Phone Numbers And Email Addresses

Travel troubleshooter Chris Elliot published contact info for five top Skybus executives. Skybus is the new zero frills super cheap airline. One of the ways they save money is by having no phone numbers for customers to call. They want you to just send an email. But by the emails that Elliot is getting, it looks like Skybus isn’t even reading those. We’d be happy to loan out one of our email interns if they’re short of manpower. Barring that, the contact info can help you send you Skybus complaint to a real human being.

Skybus contacts revealed: emails, phone numbers for five top execs [Elliot] (Thanks to Mark!)


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  1. MatthewVA says:

    I am torn. I hate when you can’t get a hold of a customer service person, but then again, I am a big privacy person. In the ultimate game of “gotcha” that seems to go on these days when it comes to revealing information, it is good to know that nothing is out of reach to the public. boo!

  2. rkm12 says:

    @MatthewVA: But it’s not like it’s their home phone numbers. As long as it’s work numbers that anyone could find I don’t see a problem.

  3. custsvcgrl says:

    Thank you to the 10th power for getting (linking to) this information!!

    About 3-4 wks ago, I attempted to purchase a ticket for my sister as a favor. I tried 2 times to no avail. I assumed it was because my card had recently been compromised (until the new one came, I could still use my old one in some cases).

    At any rate, I got the same message saying there was a problem with my card, and I just took that to mean that there was no purchase. Especially since I never received any confirmation by email.

    A few days later, I discover that there are two charges on my card for the “purchase of the tickets.” I try to contact them for a refund. Mind you, I do understand their “no refund policy on purchases.” But this in no way shape or form can be considered a purchase. I never receive anything. Also, the attempts were for the same person for the same flight.

    I emailed them only to get canned responses that did not even address my issue.

    Needless to say, I will be calling them tomorrow!

    Thanks Again!

  4. getjustin says:

    When you’re paying $20 for a round-trip flight (plus taxes and panty-sniffing fees) you don’t get to complian unless you’re missing a limb!

  5. custsvcgrl says:

    Yeah, I suppose that’s what I deserve for trying to help someone…guess I’ll think twice next time…

  6. JustAGuy2 says:

    Don’t waste your time with them. Call your credit card company, and tell them what happened. Get the chargeback, let them fight with Skybus.

  7. Pender says:

    @JustAGuy2: Amen. Credit cards are immensely empowering.


    well, well, well.. lets look at the Columbus dispatch.. can we say goodbye and good riddance to $10 flights.. The US economy cannot support an airline like this.. Bad Customer Service and now a most deffiently strike/walk-out by the pilots will most likely be the end of Skybird… my projection for Skybird is this:

    Skybird pilots who are asked to go and get your own water for the employee lounge on their off time,will sign union contracts by april… you get paid 1/2 the salary to fly the plane and now have to be the delivery service as well.. that’s great management!!!!
    I smell a STRIKE as soon as may which coincidentally is when Skyhut will release there 4th quarter profit earnings (I mean losses for Skyrut) I figure losses close to 35 million dollars will be inline for their 4th quarter, which is suppost to be the most profitable quater of the year.
    Skyhub will have no choice but to give a 25% raise to their well deserved pilots and co-pilots resulting in larger fairs, giving southwest the number one spot back by mid-july and blaming their employees for the higher prices publicly.. The bad publicity the organization creates on themselves from trying to blame employees will have horrible effects on the staff and crew, resulting in another strike from pilots and causing flight attendants (however dumb they may be for getting paid $7.75 to $9.00 and hour when they could have gotten hired on another airline for $16.00 to $23.00 an hour) to join a union resulting in a strike from the FA by late october…
    I predict that Skyruput will be out of business by December 2008, 19 months after takeoff to Burbank.