American Airlines Passenger Arrested Covered In Salad Dressing, Missing A Shoe

An American Airlines passenger was found sitting on a jet bridge at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, covered in salad dressing and missing a shoe, according to the Star-Telegram.

The man was unable to stand by himself and slurred when he asked police why he wasn’t allowed to board his American Eagle flight. He was unaware that his shoe was missing.

Upon further questioning, the article tell us, “police indicated the man told them he had been drinking vodka in an airport restaurant. He was held on suspicion of public intoxication.”

The salad dressing that covered the man, and the walls of the jet bridge, was from an open box of food that was sitting on his lap.

People, the airport is not a bar. We know you’re bored and the water costs as much as the booze, but don’t lose your head. Or your shoe. Or paint with your food.

Confused man with one shoe found covered in dressing at D/FW [Star-Telegram]

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