Sony CSR: What? No! Dust Doesn't Void Your PS3 Warranty!

A Sony CSR admitted to reader Ive that dust should not void a Playstation 3’s warranty. Transcript and audio, after the jump.

Ive: I’m calling just to pretty much clarify the PS3’s warranty, if there’s any clause in the warranty that makes it so that if the PS3 is too dusty that the warranty is void.

CSR: No.

Ive: No?

CSR: No. The only way that it, um, voided is if it was neglected, um, abused, dropped or anything like, modificated like if you opened it up, modification, if you didn’t have your receipt, um, any power failures like mother nature or anything like that then that actually does void the warranty. Other than that any defective PS3s or anything like that is still, um, still under the warranty.

Ive spoke to several CSRs, each of whom took a similar position until they read the account notes. Apparently, a tech determined that the fearsome dust constituted neglect and presented a threat to his health.

To his credit, the CSR handled a ridiculous situation fairly well.

Notice how Ive uses Ron Burley’s trick to stay out of trouble for recording the call. If Sony wants this to end well, they should reach out to Ive, apologize, and offer to repair his dusty PS3 for free.

PREVIOUSLY: Dust Voids PS3 Warranty
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  1. adehus says:

    The audio player says, “Error connecting to server.” Did Sony get to this already??

  2. Eltigro says:

    Aha! So that’s Ron’s trick? Making it say Error! Ingenious!

  3. fecalchaos says:

    That didn’t take long.

  4. nursetim says:

    So the CSR’s say that dust doesn’t void the warranty, but the tech says it does? So does he get it fixed or not?

  5. iceketch says:

    whoa guys,
    hopefully that guy with the dusty ps3 will finally
    have justice, but now what I wonder is:
    Everyone with warranty issues will mail kotaku now?

    The warranty drama will never cease D:

  6. jesus0nvi4gra says:

    Kotaku, helping the common(PS3 owning)man!

  7. alk509 says:

    The Ron Burley Phone Recording Scam (heretofore known as RBPRS) does not work, people. If you ever find yourself in court over recording a phone conversation (and granted, you probably won’t) you need to be able to prove that the CSR knowingly consented to the phone call being recorded. By saying “I sound just like you guys ‘This call may be recorded’, ha-ha”, you’re scamming the CSR, who may be reasonably expected to construe your little joke as a joke, and not as actual notification that you’ll be recording the call. Same thing if your “notification” is said incomprehensible fast, or soft, et cetera. The person needs to know that they’re consenting, and what they’re consenting to.

    I’ve been making it a habit of recording all my costumer service calls, and always tell the CSR I’m doing it. So far I haven’t been hung up on, and if they did, just keep calling back until you get a CSR who won’t.

  8. Kemosabet2 says:

    wow, I had no idea you would need to consent. So any taped confession has to be consented? or justt over the phone?

  9. vecha says:

    wow…so…you need your receipt?

  10. alk509 says:

    @Kemosabet2: Just over the phone. I believe taped confessions depend on whether or not you have a reasonable expectation of privacy (much like it applies for security cameras, paparazzi, et cetera).

    This guide is aimed at journalists wanting to record conversations, but it explains things fairly well:


  11. SAIFDS says:

    I’m never buying a PS3!

  12. Vileyaser says:


    Ive is right, and Sony is wrong.

    And they cannot stop being such stubborn FUCKWITS.

  13. Earthslide says:

    More bad luck guy … your conversation is not covered under warranty because it is illegal in your state to record conversations over the phone :)

  14. HamboneWilson says:

    This is what upsetted me when people were panning Microsoft when they had they’re console crashing troubles. Microsoft admitts there is a problem, and does everything in their power to make it right, and they get ridiculed for it.

    Sony’s PS2 scratches discs and burns out, and they pretend it never happened and refuse to take responsibility, so everyone says “yeah you’d never get three rings of death on a sony product”. Heck even the PS1 has issues with the eye that reads the cd going bad. How many of you had to turn your PS1 upside down to get it to work? I know I did.

    You should never pan a company for admitting they have a flawed product and doing the right thing. It’s companies like Sony that choose to deny everything and screw the consumer that we should be upset with.

  15. SkeptiSys says:

    What’s the problem? The company always gives me permission before I even ask: “this call may be recorded for training purposes”. Well, thank you – I think I will.

  16. gamabunta says:

    Sony should get into politics. They seem to have the whole lying through their teeth thing down.

    I was going to buy a PS3 sometime before the end of the year but this completely changes everything.

    Nice going Sony.

  17. Vileyaser says:

    I already have a ps3 btw, so if i ever need to get it replaced, i will fucking take this piece of shit sony service to court, and publicly humiliate them till i get my ps3 fixed.


  18. CareyCondor says:

    Man, I feel like Kotaku should start a “500 People Donate $1 So Ive Can Get A New PS3” campaign. But then… I’m guessing he probably won’t want a new one after this.

  19. dualityshift says:

    So, are they replacing the PS3, or not?
    People at Sony need to get their heads out of their asses.

    I refuse to buy a PS3, or a PSP, now. I thought about making the plunge, however, in light of this escapade, I’ll spend my money with Microsoft and Nintendo.

    When my camcorder dies, I’ll find another manufacturer to go with. I will teach my children about the horrors of Sony electronics. They will boycott Sony forever. Not only did Sony lose my dollar, but they will probably never see my children’s money either.

  20. dualityshift says:

    @CareyCondor: But he could buy a 360 Elite system.

  21. ht9000 says:

    Damn, that is not good. Not good at all. I was gonna buy a PS3, now I’m not really sure. Why can’t Sony own up like Microsoft did with the RROD issue? I can only imagine how many other people will have to go through this because they placed their PS3 where it’s SUPPOSE to go. Well, I guess I can get one of those replacement plan from BB or CC if I still really want a PS3 that badly.

  22. Señor Vorpal Kickass'o says:

    I’ve been there. I love the CSR’s constant, long pauses as he’s trying to wrap his mind around this. Torn between towing the corporate line and the absurdity of it all, repeating the same couple of lines over and over again because he’s been told to and has no real choice in the matter, because it’s indefensible and he’s being forced to defend it.

    Rock on, Ive. Fight the power.

  23. A-Rude-Hero says:

    @HamboneWilson: Ya cause Microsoft was super helpful right off the bat. /sarcasm

    It took them what 2 1/2 years to own up to it and extend the warranty? And this isn’t even a matter of a sony defect. I’m not saying who’s in the right or in the wrong, cause honestly I haven’t seen the ps3 in question and it really could look like 1 big dust bunny, or it could be pristine. I don’t know. The only ones that know are Ive and Sony at this point.

  24. dualityshift says:

    @vileyaser: No you won’t. Their legal team makes OJ’s Dream Team look like country bumpkins. You also won’t humiliate them because, based on your post, your concept of the english language would only cause you embarassment.
    I have a Master’s Degree in English, and I would not be foolish enough to do that. The fact I do not have a law degree also adds to that, considering any lawyer you do hire will bankrupt you in the process of fighting Sony.

    You cannot win a legal battle against this company on your own. You do not have the power, financially to take on the giants. You can, however, refuse to give them any more business. Don’t buy Blu-Ray, don’t buy Cybershots, or Vaios, or PS2’s, 3’s or PSPs. Buy nothing from them.

    As an aside, they really do sound like Apple’s service centres.

  25. MystiMel says:

    ….And of course I’m sure there is no possible way for him to contact the service center about it. How ridiculous.

  26. presto117 says:


    there’s goes my urge to buy a PS3.

    oh, well.

    i guess i can live without R&C.

    but it’s a shame that now i’ll have to buy Across the Universe on reg. DVD and watch it upscaled on my HD DVD player.

    *sigh* i’ll live.

  27. SAIFDS says:

    SONY screwed me over when I found out that the PS2 Holiday demo disk they sent me erased all of my gaming accomplishments.

    They kept on saying that they couldn’t do anything about it. After that I never buying a SONY hardware again, this just reinforces my point that SONY sucks.

  28. SAIFDS says:

    Sorry about the gramatical errors in my previous post.

  29. Turael says:

    I think he should just keep calling back a few or more times a day for ten days. I assume those CSRs get about $10+ an hour. Shoot the breeze, talk about the weather. Get your monies worth in phone support. But always be polite so they can’t flag you him as an obscene caller etc.

  30. ry81984 says:

    All you fan boys can stop now.
    It’s like I said before, this is Sony policy not a jerk rep.

  31. ry81984 says:

    Should someone else try sending it in when he gets it back?

    When he gets it back, he should clean it and then have another person send it in.
    Maybe in a different country.

  32. Dual45s says:

    I wish I had something more substantial to say than…”unbelievable” but I can’t figure anything else out. For your sake man, I hope this blows up and news stations hear about it, then at least you’ll get your PS3 back and probably a meaningless apology from someone high-ish in the company.

  33. SAIFDS says:

    @ry81984: I’m not a fan boy.

    I own a PS1, PS2, and was planning on purchasing more SONY products until they decided to send me a demo disk that erased about 1000 hrs. of combined playing time from my memory card. It has been a long time since it happened, and now I was leaning to buying a PS3 along with my current Nintendo Wii, but this is not making the purchase any more appealing.

  34. Onizuka-GTO says:


    *hugs is tightly*

    was considering a ps3 with all the price drops but now…more money to spend on wii and PC games now.


  35. KenogaBrave says:


  36. SAIFDS says:

    @Dual45s: I agree, this guy should call his local news stations, and explain what is going on in a kind manner, and include all of these pages to support and prove your incident.

  37. ED209 says:

    I am going to put off purchasing my ps3 and the psp until I see this resolved the RIGHT way! FIX THE MANS SYSTEM!

  38. JooJooBee says:

    @HamboneWilson: That is an out right lie. I’ve called 1800345 Sony and walked through trouble shooting a couple of times now for my launch day PS2 and I’ve never been told that I was out of warranty for disc read error. The most recent service was completed in 2004 and the system is still going strong.

  39. NLMantia says:

    The pricedrop was making the system more appealing to me, but ater Ive read this story, Ive gotten a bad taste in my mouth.

  40. North of 49 says:

    we’re thinking of a ps2 only for Guitar Hero 1, 2 and best of 80’s. No other reason. This entire fiasco has really pushed us away from a PS3. Why spend 400-600$ when you’re just gonna get screwed?

  41. DallasDMD says:

    If the phone call crosses state lines, you’re under federal jurisdiction which means only one party needs to consent to the taping.

  42. kathartik says:

    first off, he shouldn’t have ambushed the agent, or yelled at him… speaking as someone who actually is on the receiving end of these calls all day every day, he’d probably get actual empathy and an agent fighting for him, had he not, regardless of how many calls he’d placed… I have fought supervisors many times of behalf of customers because I felt they were being shafted (I don’t work for sony, but I’ve been a CSR for other companies for several years) and also if he gets it back and opens it up, if it’s to the point where they won’t touch it, he’ll probably find it’s caked in dust to the point where it needs to be scraped off… I also remember seeing something in the console manual when I set mine up that stated that it needs to be put in a place that will be relatively free of dust….

  43. huadpe says:

    As far as the recording, it really depends on what state the caller is in. For example, my home state, New York, is a 50% state with regard to recording. That is, at least 50% of the parties must be aware of the recording. If the guy was in NY, he’s clear, even without getting any consent. I don’t know the laws in the other 49 states.

  44. tehFluffz says:

    Some of you people are morons,
    apparently when the 360 has a fail rate of 33% no one cares,
    but when one person has some crazy trouble with his warranty that no one else seems to be having, you boycott.
    How the hell does that make sense?

    What did you expect, you wanted them to replay all of the games for you?

  45. alk509 says:

    @DallasDMD: Not true at all… Either state can still choose to enforce their own law. Check it:


  46. danbert2000 says:

    Man, if somebody with this much patience and resolve to get their system fixed is still denied, there isn’t much hope for the lesser man (or woman) to get their PS3 fixed in a similar dispute. I don’t like how their system seems to let technician opinion overrule their stated warranty. The CSR goes and says, “Well, if the technicians decided so and so, then that’s the end of it.” That isn’t right. In my opinion, this guy has a pretty solid case against these guys, and the only reason why they’re not relenting is that legal action against Sony would be too expensive to be feasible. All I’m seeing from a consumer standpoint is that Sony would rather save a couple bucks and break their warranty than help this customer because they’re protected by their lawyers and the inherent cost of legal action. Poor showing, Sony.

  47. wonder6oy says:

    Why bother with the local news? The world-wide internet is far more effective and far reaching.

    Also, you can add me as another strike to the “was on the fence between the 360 and the PS3 until this fiasco” list. You could hear that CSR clearly admit that the consumer has no power whatsoever regarding the enforcement of the so-called “warranty” since the hired technicians can wield absolute power in determining whatever cause they like to substantiate the term “neglect” (apparently, leaving the unit on as they suggest in the manual is a new form of neglect).

    At least Microsoft is making SOME kind of effort to fix their broken product.

    Oh, Sony; what in the world has happened to you? :(

  48. Chopsticks says:

    @tehFluffzComeback: You must be a fanboy.

    The problem with Sony is that they DENY everything. The Xbox360 might have a high rate of failure, but at least Microsoft acknowledges that they do, in fact, have a problem and is good about replacing your broken systems.

    With that said, I’m still looking to pick up a PS3 sometime this week. I’ll just make sure to dust it out every couple of months so this bullshit doesn’t happen to me.

  49. tehFluffz says:

    See what I mean?, just one person has trouble and all hell breaks loose,
    my friends could tell you some real horror stories about the Microsoft support line.

  50. tehFluffz says:

    I don’t care much for Sony, this situation IS fucked up,
    I’m just not getting the people boycotting because of one person’s troubles.

    They acknowledge it not because they want to but because they have no other choice, when a third of all of your systems fail, what the hell are you supposed to do?

  51. ADM56 says:

    Not sure why people are saying legal action is too expensive…seems to me that taking them to small claims court would be easy enough to do and I doubt Sony would take the time to show up. Of course you might get to the point of dimishing returns…didn’t they say they would return it fixed for $150? Would probably cost you around $50 to file in small claims and too much of your time to build a case to justify the $100 you would ‘save’…

  52. dukrous says:

    @tehFluffzComeback: The 360 may have a 33% fail rate, but they’ll fix a dusty console. This is just pure horseshit and validates my decision not to buy a PS3.

  53. wonder6oy says:

    Yes, I know; I’ve heard them. Hence the term, “on the fence”.

    My point is that at least MS is making an effort to right their wrong, whereas Sony is, in a nutshell, telling this guy to F### off.

    1 customer or 1 million, that’s just a pathetic business choice.

  54. danbert2000 says:

    @tehFluffzComeback: How can you defend this clearly horrible response to a customer? I know that some people have brought up Microsoft in previous posts, but this recent incident of customer neglect has been repeated to this person over and over again. You have a valid point: the initial xbox 360 design was inherently flawed. At least they have been as accommodating as possible to the people who ended up with these systems. And please don’t respond with “But so-and-so’s xbox was broken five times!!!” At least that person’s box was repaired and returned without a thorough dust investigation. I shudder to think how Sony might’ve responded to the same situation. Just an aside, do you work for Sony? Are you related to anybody who does? Because you’re playing the part perfectly.

  55. Chopsticks says:

    @tehFluffzComeback: Regardless of MS’ motives for acknowledging the 360’s problems, the end result for the average consumer is that they can fall back on something in case their $500 investment goes bad.

    Not the case with the PS3. This dust situation just kills people’s confidence in Sony’s warranty, which is a big thing when you’re spending so much on an entertainment system.

  56. SilverStar95 says:

    @tehFluffzComeback: The difference is, MS is replacing the systems without hesitation or problems. Sony, however, is being a douche.

  57. Huxle says:

    Why do I have the feeling that this entire thing is made up by an Xbox 360 fanboy? It probably is, he needed something to do while his fifth 360 was being returned

  58. tehFluffz says:

    @dukrous: @wonder6oy: @danbert2000: @Chopsticks:
    Holy fucking shit guys, I’m not defending Sony,
    I’m just saying it’s stupid that the 360 gets away with such a large precent of faulty hardware, and when just one person has troubles fixing his PS3 all hell breaks loose.
    FYI I’m getting a fucking 360 this x-mass.

  59. ADM56 says:

    But I agree that Sony is in major denial mode. I’m currently fighting them over a TV repair. Despite the fact that the colors are out of wack (purple shading in the upper right and lower left corner) they say it’s in spec. Of course $2500 TV makes small claims more viable for me and easy enough to get written estimates to prove my case. I started a blog to collect data on the whole mess ([]) and I guess I’ll have to see how it goes.

  60. theprof00 says:

    so we have two conflicting stories about the dust then. Funny how fanboys like to accuse sony of being malicious, when by all means this seems to be the true version

  61. tehFluffz says:

    Did you try moving your speakers, happened to me once.

  62. theprof00 says:

    @ADM56: Hey man do you have any stereo equipment in the area of that purple? Youknow that happens with reciever interference, subwoofers or generally large electronic items.

  63. tehFluffz says:

    I have a friend who’s 360 scratched 4 games, that’s $240,
    they didn’t care, they gave him a free month of xbox live – on which he had no games to play and hoped he’d be fine with that.
    I’m not just talking failure rates, you think MS support doesn’t do stupid shit?

  64. ADM56 says:

    Naw it’s a rear projection set and isn’t prone to that type of interference but thanks for asking. :)

  65. boandmichele says:

    @tehFluffzComeback: welcome, i see you are new to the consumerist.

  66. tehFluffz says:

    Yes I am, thanks.

  67. pridex says:

    Well would it be neglect if they allowed the system to get dusty? Also i never needed a receipt when i sent in my 360 several times before they extended there warranty. I like how they put in the word neglect…. that could be anything.

  68. pridex says:

    @ tehFluffzComeback

    Hard to believe MS didnt care that the games got scratched by the system. They offered to replace mine but i would have to send them out to a different branch separate from where i was sending my console.

  69. theprof00 says:

    sounds like a lot of people who already hate sony are saying “NOW i hate sony”.
    anyways,to me this is how it goes
    1. 19yr old says his ps3 would not be fixed because of dustiness, posts his claim all over the internet, has no receipt, and no proof of what the csr said.
    2. Several people call and ask about dust, which is said to be replaceable, proof in phone call
    3 the tech says the only way we would not replace is etc etc “NO RECEIPT” etc etc, which the OP does not have, he has an ebay receipt but not the actual receipt or even a copy.
    4.Also he paid 1g for the ps3 after launch.
    5.this just all sounds really suspicious to me.

  70. RJdog says:

    That’s straight bull if you ask me. It’ only dust. If they don’t want to worry about inhaling the stuff, have them wear a mask for crying out loud.

  71. Mongoosekun says:

    Did you register your PS3 with Sony? You don’t need a sales ticket for that. What’s your PSN id? I don’t believe this bullshit at all, and I think it’s a pretty thin scam. You notice when people report issues on the internet they often have a lot of information to back up their claim. Much like the 360 failures stories everywhere.

    Just admit this is a scam for hits.

  72. kNZA says:


    You might sound less like an ignorant Sony-humping fanboy if you stick to facts…

    The Xbox 360 has yet to reach its 2nd birthday, friend.

    Complaints about failures are therefore less than two years old.

    MS extended the warranty for ALL Xbox 360s MONTHS ago.

    It would be fair to say that MS waited “over a year”…maybe.

    To the other fanboys: MS never got any kind of “free ride” over RROD issues. They have been roasted in the media and rightly so. The reason people still buy 360s is for excellent games.

    This isn’t about MS, it’s about Sony.

  73. theprof00 says:

    @Mongoosekun: i’m gunna hafta second “Bull” on this one

  74. crapsh00t says:

    Best Buy product replacement plan. As long as you have a store that chooses to do so (it’s under store discretion,) you can haul your unit right back to the store and trade it out same day. AND the plan EXPLICITLY states that the plan covers both damage caused by heat and dust, as that is considered normal operating parameters. I bought a 360 pre-media meltdown, but I had heard about the RROD already so I made sure to get 2 years of coverage from Best Buy. Now, if the unit goes tits up I’ll drive 10 minutes down the road, and trade it out, no questions asked once the unit is plugged in and shown to be malfunctioning.

    For all of their corporate failings, Best Buy did well with their product replacement plan. It’s a beacon of logic and good customer service in a sea of finagling CSR’s and corporations. If I get a PS3 I’ll be getting one these for it too.

  75. Amazing_Steve says:

    @tehFluffzComeback: I call bullshit. MS has a replacement program for scratched discs. Back under your bridge troll.

  76. tjtremor says:

    wow just wow, I was about to buy a ps3 till I red this story, dust is always in the air unless you work in a cpu making plant or other electrotics, heck you even have dust on new console when you open them out of the package. At this point you have enough evidence, just wait for your console to get back and take them to small court,

  77. Iron_Dragon_2.0 says:

    @tehFluffzComeback: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me four times? God I must be an idiot.

    As soon as it scratched the first game he should have gotten some kind of cheap audio cd to test with and kept his 3 working games away from it. It was really really stupid to feed it 3 more games.

  78. tjtremor says:

    @tehFluffzComeback: that’s because the xbox 360 has 3year warranty and everytime ms had to replace mine 7times they threated me like a valuable customer, on the other hand you have 1year warranty that sony tries to get out of no matter what

  79. Kum0 says:

    This is defiantly a very disturbing situation.
    Although 1 thin, I know this guy got the PS3 as a gift, but a product being that expensive surely the people who gave it to him would still have the receipt.

    As for 360 failures. I am on my 4th system, the 3rd they sent me was faulty when they sent it, I have never had any problems with MS. I call up, they ask for the Console ID I tell them the prob, next day gets shipped and within a few weeks my new console is back. Minimal fuss. I even got compensation of 2 1st party games and 1 month free gold membership. (I never had to pay for anything)

    This is the 1st we heard, but its still important, the PS3 is a dust magnet, the heat and the gloss finish makes it so. Yet the guy is using the system as its advertised and he has to pay MORE to get it fixed, that’s an absolute joke. Sony should be hanged about this.

  80. chryslerbites says:

    This is not close to the experience that I had with Sony. My PS3 broke down on me. I called on a Monday to arrange for it to be repaired. I said it was a cosmetic defect. I was then told with out any questions,“Just send it back to us an we will replace the console for you.“ I said, You are not going to repair it. The CSR said no we just will replace it for you.

    The next day I received a box by Purolator, I packaged up my PS3 as per the instructions and sent it away. I had a new PS3 the following Wednesday. No hassles what so ever.

    On the other hand I have yet to hear one good thing about Microsoft’s customer service. I even had one friend that was accused of tampering with his 360 (even though the seal was not broken)and did not receive his 360 back for over 2 months!!! It turns out that it was a loose part inside that was a result of the manufacturing process. No apology, nothing at all from Microsoft.

    I have both consoles at home but ultimately when it come to sheer reliability there is no comparison. The 360 has possibly the worst track record of any piece of electronics I have ever seen. If you wand reliability go Japanese They test and test until they get it right then put it out on the market. The North American way (Microsoft way) is to design a product put out as fast as possible and then let the consumers do the testing. Microsoft prefers to put out fires (causing hassle for there customers) rather then getting it even half assed right the first time ( both hardware and software).

    Bottom line is that I love both my consoles. But this is a fairly isolated incident and if you want reliability go Sony not Microsoft. Chances are you won’t have to deal with customer service issues if you do.

  81. epionx111 says:

    this is the longest conversation i’ve ever heard for something that would’ve been remedied by, we’re going to go ahead expedite and get your ps3 on its way.

    Holy crap sony’s service is like dealing w/ Dell…

  82. swaswj says:

    So, what about all the other consumers who received excellent customer service from Sony?

    The PS3 has <1% failure rate, but of the few people who have had to get a system replaced/repaired, I have never before heard of anything less than superb service. It is also typically twice to three times as fast to get a Sony console replaced than a 360 one (average of two weeks versus an average of six weeks).

    Microsoft is brought up often here, saying “at least they try.” Microsoft waited a year and a half before admitting there was a problem, and then it was under the increasing threat of a class-action lawsuit. This is before considering all the other horror stories of Microsoft customer service.

    Now we have one solitary person who claims that he took care of his PS3 and didn’t damage it. He also claims that he was told the warranty was void because of dust. The report doesn’t say that, though, does it? The CSR he’s speaking to, when looking at the report, says it’s put down as neglect.

    We’re basing this entire drama on the assumption that Ive is telling the truth. Are there any images of his “dusty” PS3? Are there any images of his entertainment center? Do we even know for certain that the dust is the primary cause for it being pegged as neglect?

    All we know is that we have a recording where the guy looks at a report that says “neglect,” and Ive’s claim that it was because of dust. I think we need to see something a little more substantial before pointing fingers.

  83. epionx111 says:

    OH boy, This is like a vendetta now. I can’t wait to see how this ends =P

  84. Pylon83 says:

    Everyone seems hung up on the fact that the warranty does not say “Void if dusty”. If they opened it up and it had significantly more dust than one should normally accrue in a 12 month period, it is logical to conclude that the owner was not properly caring for the unit. Not keeping the area around the unit clean and and least dusting on occasion is neglect. He admits multiple times that he knows the unit is a dust magnet. However, he never once says “I cleaned it every week”, or even “I’ve cleaned it at least once”. The OP is stuck on the fact that the word “dust” does not appear in the warranty. This seems like a pretty clear case of neglect to me, and Sony has no responsibility to replace a system for a customer who can’t take proper care of it. Furthermore, the “take them to court” crowd clearly does not understand how the court systems work. The guy who mentioned that you would go broke paying your own attorney is right on point. And if you were to take them to small claims court, you better know beforehand if Sony has any assets in the state in which you file that you could attach. If they do not, you then have to file a foreign judgment in whatever state they do have assets in, which can cost $150 or more. Multiple rep’s and tech’s at Sony have told him it was neglected. I doubt Sony is simply trying to scam this guy out of fixing a legitimate problem. Pay the $150 replacement fee, get your unit back, and move on.

  85. Amazing_Steve says:

    Thing is, it’s so fucking typical of Sony and their whole “our products are perfect” mentality. Deny everything and hope it goes away. Instead of this being a total non event, we now have a total shit show brewing because they won’t take back a console that is defective and fix the goddamned thing. Well SDF, enjoy watching Master Chief and Mario kick the PS3’s ass all over the place this Christmas. In case you haven’t realized it or more likely admitted it to yourselves yet, this holiday season determines whether or not you own a decent console or the next gen Neo-Geo. My guess is that the post Christmas numbers are going to make it the latter and this fiasco won’t help. Another helping of fail for Sony.

  86. SAIFDS says:

    @Amazing_Steve: That is so true. I like your “ fucking typical of Sony and their whole “our products are perfect” mentality..” comment, it’s very true.

  87. Nick The Newbie says:

    I’m not sure if the CSR’s admission of dust not voiding the warranty is permissible in court. The CSR wasn’t told that the conversation was being recorded until after he said it, and I think a voice recording cannot be used unless the person talking knows that they’re being recorded. Am I wrong?

  88. TheUsedVersion says:

    Sony actually did own up to the Holiday Demo fiasco and provided everyone who had the problem with a brand new game for free. I know because I received one of those games from Sony. So please get your information right.

    Concerning the topic, it is complete BS that the technician will not clean out the PS3 and repair it. Clearly the technician has weight in making the ultimate decision and because of that he should be fired. I honestly believe, because of my own experience in a call center, that the Supervisors and especially the CSRs are completely not at fault. They more than likely cannot honestly do anything about it because this idiot technician is refusing to do his job and has declared this poor guy’s PS3 warranty null and void. I would love to see those pictures that they took of his PS3. I bet mine is worse on the inside than his.

    It still amazes me how people are so forgiving of Microsoft after all that they have done to their customers. Microsoft only owned up to the RROD after a couple of years and thousands upon thousands of systems bricking. After Microsoft abandoned its last console I thought surely gamers would not stand for it. After Microsoft sold a product with over a 30% failure rate I thought surely gamers would not stand for it. Not only do you allow it to continue but you defend them. Sony has provided me excellent products and top-notch gaming over the past 12 to 13 years and they continue to support those products much longer than they have to. Because of that type of service I have brand loyality and will continue to do business with Sony. They have some of the lowest repair rates across the board in ALL of their products. For you people to call foul over 1 issue and stand by your 30% failure rate is utterly disgusting to me. If Sony did to me what Microsoft has done to its customers, I would no longer give them my business, little lone defend them.

  89. jbalsle says:

    @Nick The Newbie:

    Depends on where you are at when you make the call. Colorado, for instance, allows callers to record the conversation as it only requires the consent of a single party to record. It’s considered common courtesy to inform the person you’re calling that you are recording the call, but here in Colorado at least, you only need your own consent to make the recording. As for being admissible in court, I think it would be, but check with lawyer before taking the plunge. One thing I would do is start recording, then ask if it’s permissible to record the conversation, and then post if the Sony rep says no. Posting here on Consumerist is also a good idea.

  90. witeowl says:

    First, I completely agree with kathartik. Don’t yell at the guy who just agreed with you. Thank him for his time and ask nicely for his help in resolving the situation. Damn. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.
    On top of that, I stopped listening shortly after this point: “…I did not read through the entire manual and see that you could use a low-powered… vacuum to vacuum the back of the vents…”

    Sorry, buddy, but that’s not Sony’s fault. You didn’t read the manual, you didn’t follow care instructions, that could very well be neglect on your part.

  91. Dick.Blake says:

    Sounds to me like the word “neglect” is open to interpretation by whomever has the final decision; in this case, the repair center techs.

  92. Topcat says:

    I have a feeling Sony’s kind of right on this one: I used to manage a video game store, and 90% of the time when someone brought a PS2 in because of errors reading discs, it was absolutely clogged with yellowy-grey dust from the owners smoking in the house. Seriously. This is a problem for any piece of electronics, especially those with fans that constantly suck air through the system. An amount of ‘dust’ that would cripple a PS3 would have to be pretty extraordinary, considering the system’s been out a year and this is the first death-by-dust failure I’ve seen hit the interweb.

    But I would also say that Sony’s not really in a position to be picky- they have to keep people who bought the PS3 happy if they want to continue to grow.

    @Amazing_Steve: That’s absolutely nothing like Microsoft outright denying there was a spectacular failure rate for the Xbox 360 for quite a while, right? Or Apple not admitting their hardware construction adds way too much thermal grease, etc. No company is going to outright admit their hardware has a problem from a few isolated cases, because it admits fault.

  93. humphrmi says:

    @dukrous: That’s modificated horseshit. Don’t forget.

  94. adehus says:

    I’m going to ‘neglect’ to consider purchasing any Sony products.

  95. Dimipapa says:

    I think he should send an e-mail to steve balmer, oh wait…

  96. jeffjohnvol says:

    Sony should clean the dudes PS3 and send it back, but man, the place must be a pig stye if there was so much dust it would cause the thing not to work.

  97. Nick The Newbie says:

    @Dick.Blake: Well that’s a rather large problem is you ask me. Just letting the techs decide what is considered “neglect” is far too arbitrary for a warranty. They could just as easily declare that he neglected it because he didn’t turn around and clap three times before turning it on every time.

  98. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:



    This is not the reason that my ps3 is not being replaced, I dealt with that issue before the dust issue even came up, Investigate all you want Im done arguing with you doubting assholes.

    Thanks to the many people who are Commenting in a positive way, Ill be recording any calls i make to Sony from now on.@Nick The Newbie:
    I told the rep a the beggining of the conversation it was being recorded

  99. SilverStar95 says:

    @Nick The Newbie: The CSR was informed.. what? 3 or 4 times, that the call was being recorded?

    Including within the first few seconds of the call. Before the incident even began.

  100. chip5541 says:

    A: The guy should have kept his work area cleaner. I mean jeez. Working around any kind of electronics you need to keep the area clean. Just because there is a warranty does not mean you should not take care of your system. I know things don’t last as long as they use to but keeping my systems clean I still have a working C64 (and 1541 disk drive) and 2 Amiga’s.

    For those that think MS has a replacement policy on scratched game discs… Have you ever spoken to these people? this is an issue i reported elsewhere.

    I spent about 30 minutes with Microsoft’s CS yesterday. Having dealt with Sony’s CS 2 times they have always treated me in a professional way and with courtesy. Microsoft, besides the fact it sounded like she was talking through a paper bag, was condescending and accusatory in that the issues my 360 had were my fault or is supposed to be that way. A CD in the drive sounds like a darn jet and she quotes me a reader card response about the 360 being advanced hardware and other such BS PR crap. The circle scratched into my Lego’s Star Wars II game is because I must have moved the 360 with the game in the drive or the unit is vibrating, not caused by the unit, from some other source. Oh and it was stressed several times, even though I did not imply or ask about, that Microsoft is not responsible for damaged disks.
    She suggested that if the problem continues to give them a call back.

    So let me get this straight!!!! They want me to continue to use a unit that is defective and to ruin a second $60 game just to prove the unit is defective but they won’t do anything about the $120+tax that I will be out in trashed games??

    Follow-up later

    called back today and spoke to Terry. At first they had this complaint. I followed up with them to state that the game (Star Wars II lego’s) now has another scratch and several partial scratches. They said they could fix it but it would be $99. I stated that I reported this issue prior the the warranty expiring. They said yes but since I am calling back now it is out of warranty. I said that I reported this issue while still under warranty and they said yes but now it is out of warranty and you are reporting it now. I said so I have to pay $100? and she said not that much. (side note: how GD condescending) She went to get a supervisor and when she came back she said that they said it would cost $99. After going back and forth and allot of time on the phone I said fine. thanked her for her time and hung up.
    I called MS corporate office and was advised to insist to speak to a supervisor at customer service. I called back and spoke to some guy and explained everything. He said he would get a supervisor. After over 30 minutes a young lady came on and she didn’t know anything and was not a supervisor so i had to explain everything again! She said that since I was calling now I had to pay. I said I wanted to speak to a supervisor. She put me on hold for a couple of minutes and when she came back she connect a supervisor name Jenno. I told him I reported this issue before back in January. He said the only thing I see is a complaint about a headset. Hmmm looks like they lost my original complaint. How convenient. Long story short they say I have to pay even though I reported the problem while still in warranty.

  101. Another one bites the dust.

  102. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:


    Seriously, at the point where i was on the phone with the person in the recording i was obviously frustrated, I would never file any type of complaint against that rep, he was very helpful, He seemed to take genuine interest in helping me out, But when genuine people like that , understand the situation fully, and just straight up tell me there is nothing they can do for me, no one they can transfer me to, and i should just wait for my ps3 to come back in 10 days…. I get annoyed very easily.

    @ people saying i never wiped the PS3 off,
    I did, I wiped it off when i saw it wasn’t so shiny anymore maybe once every few weeks, But i DID NOT, Clean the USB ports, OR the memory card slots (seeming as these are CONNECTION PORTS, and q-tipping around inside of them is more likely in my mind to void the warranty then leaving some god damn dust in there)

  103. chip5541 says:

    Opps. Forget my first part. No edit… damn!

  104. daemonx2 says:

    I’m not going to compare their Support services cause in my mind both
    MS and SONY are pretty shitty in that department (not just gaming), but
    I am going to call bs on your claim that MS hasn’t got in shit for
    their faulty hardware.

    “apparently when the 360 has a fail rate of 33% no one cares,”…

    That’s a lie and you know it.
    People have been using MS hardware for a punch-line for god only knows
    how long. I’ve seen many ‘consumer reports’ from a variety of news
    teams commenting on the XBOX360 failure rates. The difference is that
    now it’s old news so when it happens people just dont’ care anymore. Go
    back a year when it WAS news and see how wrong you are when you say MS
    ‘got away’ with it.

  105. tehFluffz says:

    Than they didn’t bother telling him about it.

    He didn’t know it was scratching them, he just thought it was a read error thing at first so he tried other games.

  106. Pylon83 says:

    So you’re saying you did not clean any of the area’s that Sony is claiming were unreasonably dirty. With that in mind, you pretty much lose.

  107. Onizuka-GTO says:

    my sympathy to the CSR rep, obviously he really really wanted to agree with you and just shout out “goddammit that is ridiculous!” but the thing is, he wanted to keep his job, but that would only get the customer pissed off.

    its really a no-win situation.
    so to all your abused CSR blokes, you have my sympathy…

    and to the people who’s fault this really is….

    they are going to be the first against the wall when the revolution comes!


  108. tehFluffz says:

    I’m saying “no one cares” by comparison – i.e. ONE person has troubles replacing a PS3 and you see a topic of people boycotting Sony,
    MS has gigantic fail rate and the and the amount of consumers who are actually willing to do something (boycott for an example) is tiny.

    I’m not saying they SHOULD boycott it, I’m just stating how ridiculous it is, but I’m a fanboy for that, apparently.

  109. Genra says:

    Wow! my kotaku login works =) Anyhow i got to say i feel sorry for the guy on the phone here as I have worked in a call center and i know what its like. One thing the general public should understand is when your company is so large it is no hard to get everyone on the same page (DAMN NEAR IMPOSSIBLE). I am not trying to excuse this behavior, However neglect can be anything thats why warrenties use this kind of language. In Sony’s defence all companies practice scewing the customer. It called business, and yes its sucks as I have been f-ed over many times by warrenties even the ones you purchase through places like Best Buy. @HamboneWilson: I totally agree with your comments. Its alway good for a company to come out and stand behind their product. I had a bad time when my 360 RROD’ed and had to pay $150 to get it fixed. I was pissed too cause i got a BS story. I was happy when i got a refund as everyone should have that had to pay for the RROD. However if you don’t have such a large number of failure your screwed. It really suck. would it kill SOny to fix the Playstation for free i mean the thing is bearly one year old as of this month i believe.

    I too am joining the Sony bann-ed wagon. I don’t plan to buy thier console.

  110. pixelsword says:

    Well, the CSR listed “not having your reciept” as one of the reasons, and the “kid” said that he had no reciept, so tough luck.

  111. blacksamurai87 says:

    @-HeyWowItsFelipe-: And your post, sir/maddam, is the most helpful. wwwww

  112. othium says:

    Add me as another person who will choose to buy a different brand than Sony because of this issue. When I buy an electronic device, I read the instructions and warranty as I don’t have a lot of money in my budget to spend on these things.

    I’m glad the Consumerist is bringing stories like this out in the open so readers like me can see them. It really helps when I have to make a choice this shopping season and lessen any potential headaches down the road if the product has “issues” that require calling customer service.

    Sony has been scratched off my X-Mas shopping list.

  113. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:


    Room is actually quite clean, And no one smokes in the entire house, I live in a guest house and the room mates i have that smoke cigarettes always smoke them outside.

    And of course i Didnt Think that i needed to clean the USB ports, or the memory card slots, THESE ARE INTERNAL PARTS!!! Im not SHOVING A QTIP into those posts to get dust out, Computers, Consoles, Tvs, most of the products sony makes get dusty, Period.

    “neil” Told me that from the pictures he saw of the inside of the ps3, it looked as if there were 2 years worth of dust (how he knows what 2 years of dust looks like, when he isnt a service center tech, and doesnt work on ps3’s and the ps3 hasnt been out for 2 years even, I dont know). This may be because I ran FOLDING@HOME pretty much 24/7 And when Sony released Play TV (ps3 dvr) I was going to be running that too, Which pretty much makes the fans spin 24/7, so of course there would be alot of dust in the system, If Sony Doesnt want this to happen MAYBE THEY SHOULDNT INCLUDE FOLDING@HOME!, Or even release PlayTV.

    Maybe Sony should Send out Little Rubber USB stoppers and Fake memory cards of every type to all PS3 owners so that all of those ports are taken up 24/7?? I was kidding at first but now I’m serious!

  114. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    Really? Interesting, seeming as every rep i spoke to knew i had no original receipt and that it was a gift, and they were perfectly fine with that. If the console was not a gift, i would be out of luck. But it was, Please go find someone else to bother.

  115. ShadowFalls says:


    If you read things, you would have found out he had lost the receipt. How many of you can claim you know where all yours are? Since the console has not even been out a year, it is a given that the warranty still applies.

    Also, who did you think he was talking to? The person looked up his service information, this would mean that it isn’t all just “made up”. The way I have seen some companies operate, this would not be past how they operate. Dust is natural, it collects on anything and everything, more especially in tight spots like USB ports and memory card slots. Look at the ones on your PC, and the ones on your consoles. They aren’t all so clean.

    Sure you can clean things out, it won’t be perfect but you can’t clean the insides of a console, it voids the warranty. Most you could do is a spray a can of air in there, which accomplishes little.

    He does have a just cause to take Sony to small claims court. They can show up with whomever they want, does little for the realistic evidence. External dust does not affect the console’s workability, only internal dust does and you are forbidden to open the console by the terms of the warranty to clean it.

    If you are bound by the warranty, why aren’t they? They had a contract with you and are not following through with it. They would need to prove “neglect” dust isn’t so, it is impossible to avoid and is not a good excuse to fix a console either. Hazardous to your health you say? If it was so, you would already be wearing a mask every day anyway since every console that comes in for repair will be dusty.

  116. blacksamurai87 says:

    People of all backgrounds and creeds, let’s move on, starting with avoiding Blu-Ray like the plague. I think this “dust” issue is really just a faulty optical lens. The lens is obviously more acute than a typical CD or DVD reader, and the smallest speck of debris will render the player useless.

    We drop Blu-Ray, make the move to HD-DVD, and all of Sony’s partners (Panasonic, Samsung, Hitachi, Apple, Disney, etc.) make the move with us. This will cripple them. They must suffer this way or they will never understand that it is the consumer who makes decisions, and the corporation who meets these demands.

  117. jeffjohnvol says:

    @ivealwaysgotmail10: Sounds like Sony owes you a PS3 then. I had an image of 3 roommates chain smoking to get that much dust, but if it is as you say (I have no reason to doubt) then it sounds like they are just making execuses.

  118. daemonx2 says:

    I get what you’re trying to say now, and on some level I’m likely to
    agree with you. It’s just that it’s a lot harder to boycott a company
    who’s responsible for the Operating System people are using to type out
    their complaints. Still, I gotta say that people still wanted to
    ‘boycott’ the 360 way back when. It just a term that gets passed around
    too frequently. The brunt of the damage has already been done to 360’s
    publicity, while if this continues we’re just at the beginning of
    Sony’s arc.

    You can’t seriously be defending Sony on this. The warranty does state
    neglect, but for DUST to fall under this category is just sad. They
    can’t possibly expect people to ensure that the innards of their system
    is clean when there is another stipulation in the warranty that says
    that opening the case voids the warranty. What kind of hardware company
    chooses to use this as a legal scape-goat?

  119. Donutta says:

    What I thought was funny was the justification of the PS3 being a dust magnet. :D

    Regardless, when I put my PS3 in the cabinet the other day, I noticed just how freaking dusty my Xbox 360 was. I’ve never really thought about dust being a problem before, and I kind of forget about the systems being in the cabinet, so maybe I should start look cleaning them more often.

    Still, that’s gotta be a hell of a lot of dust for them to void the warranty.

  120. pixelsword says:


    Well, even if all of the reps did say that and swore by it on a dozen bibles, if you want to use that tape as evidence that dust doesn’t void the warranty, they can use the same tape and your story to point out that you have no reciept, and no reciept voids the warranty.


    good choice by buying a PS3 before Christmas just to give it to you a few months after the biggest gift giving day of the year; I’m no parent, but even I know that the price of things go down after Christmas so buying something on e-bay a month before Christmas just to give it to you in April seems not right.

  121. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    Wow, Someone Actually agrees with me without Doubting me, or interrogating me. Will someone Give this guy a Gold star?

    And another guy who actually logically defends me! Amazing! two gold stars!
    + A sliver of confidence in the world not being 100% full of idiots!

  122. Señor Vorpal Kickass'o says:

    I’m a little… surprised at how many people are of the mindset that you should be cleaning a PS3 on a nigh-obsessive compulsive basis. Maybe you all live in a particularly dusty area of the world (I don’t even know what the hell that would mean), but there’s a certain assumption by consumers that the machine is going to be reasonably self sufficient. This scenario doesn’t exactly suggest that, however.

    If Ive has actually gone to the trouble of wiping down the PS3 twice as often as he claims, he’s better than most people. The people I know with current gen consoles are mostly college students, and if they clean their places more often than once a year, if that, I may be inclined to expel a brick of feces made of pure gold. Or Platinum

  123. Red_Breast says:

    So I’ve just read the warranty.


    It all centres on (D). I’ve has said he cleaned it. From what he descibed I wouldn’t expect it to be caked in dust. Certainly not the impossible 2 years that one tech said. The thing is he has no idea himself how much dust has collected. I find it really annoying you can’t open a console to clean it without voiding. It was Ok years ago but now with the power of modern consoles it needs to be possible to open to clean. But that’s another arguement.
    To me there’s nothing in (D) that covers dust. With the PS3 being fairly young it wouldn’t surprise me if Ive has uncovered something which will start occuring with a lot of PS3s.
    Sort it out Sony. I got the impression you’d turned a corner recently. Stick to it. At least email the guy and say we’ll look at your case again.

  124. pixelsword says:

    Don’t get me wrong; even though I called Bull—- on this story, this still feels that this could be legit situation, I’m just saying it doesn’t add up. Now that the rep added dust not voiding the warranty yet added no reciept, That pretty much wraps it up.

  125. Señor Vorpal Kickass'o says:

    @Asper: Twice as often? I believe you mean half as often! Dummy!

  126. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:


    Even though he said No receipt voids the warranty, He forgot to include the fact that if the system was purchased as a gift, the receipt is not necessary. Every Rep i spoke to Except for 1, knew that. And it being within the first year of the system even being out, The console is under warranty.

  127. nxp3 says:

    I was looking on kotaku for the original “dust void ps3 warranty” but it’s no longer showing. Does that mean kotaku is beginning to fold too to the mighty Sony? Or maybe this story is too one sided.

  128. markusdragon says:

    Hm, interesting this…
    1. There’s no way that anyone could say that there’s 2 years worth of dust on a PS3 because no-one knows how much dust will collect on a PS3 within that time (especially not one that’s folding 24/7). Until the system’s been out for that long, you can point out that the tech guys are basing their diagnosis entirely upon guesswork.
    2. You should ask what you could possibly have done to avoid the dust buildup and then see if they can actually come up with an answer. If they can’t, then they can’t claim neglect. If they can, it’s bound to be something about dusting around the system, which you can easily say that you did, and which they can’t disprove.

  129. MinkOWar says:

    If it’s too dusty for the technician to fix it under warranty, citing concerns for his health, why does paying $150 for out-of-warranty repair change anything?

    It’s still just as hazardous to his health.

  130. nxp3 says:


    Yeah but you pay they’ll take more risk :) hahaha

  131. MinkOWar says:

    @MinkOWar: Actually, it says “Out-of-warranty replacement,” not “repair,” doesn’t it?

    My Bad.

    In addition, though, how does the consumer know that their machine is getting too dusty without opening the machine and voiding their warranty?

    We have 13 cats, on a farm, and my computers never have much dust in them at all. Maybe the PS3 should be designed a bit better to prevent dusty from sticking inside? (Would that be more turbulent air flow, or is the major cause going to be static, though?)

  132. pixelsword says:


    I’m not trying to harass you, because like I said earlier on another post if you are wronged, I pray that God grants you justice for the injustice, but if there is a clause that if the system was purchased as a gift the reciept is not necessary, then hey, have at it. If that is in writing, then you have double the proof; but here’s what I’m talking about: just like you said that the “CSR forgot to say this or that”, Sony could easily say the same thing. I’m no lawyer, but I know that if you don’t have things nailed down tight, anyone can use loopholes to say this or that. You can, Sony can, Microsoft can, Nintendo can, and they all have; it’s a C.Y.A. thing… That’s why the “illogical” reason of not having a reciept will void the warranty, it covers their butt if someone stole a PS3 or something like that and tried to get over on Sony. You can’t even take food back to a store without a reciept even if the name’s on the food, this is just the same thing.

  133. markusdragon says:

    Perhaps it’s Schrodinger’s dust? It exists in a state of both excessiveness and non-excessiveness until the box is opened by a qualified Sony technician who then demands $150 regardless?

  134. Tcata says:


    Tell the CSR that you kept it in a relatively dust free zone, and ask him what else you should have done to keep it clean;
    they wont have anything;
    If they mention cleaning the interfaces (USB, Memory Card), then you kindly let them know that this voids their warranty and that their system is contradictory.

  135. darkslide says:

    Poor CSR’s taking the abuse of customers just for the “show of the conversation”, when they’re just trying to do their job and make a living like anybody else.
    If it were me, I’d probably just be like, sorry buddy they don’t pay me enough to deal with your crap. What’s yelling at me going to do? Do you have any idea how little power I have here?
    Honestly, what does him telling you that dust DOESN’T void the warranty going to do? The CSR’s word will NEVER override the higher-ups. If anything, you’ll just get him fired so they can make an example of him, and you still won’t have your system fixed.

    I had a CSR job once… I think that every single individual should have a job in which they have to deal with customers. That way, they know “how it is”, and I guarantee they’ll from then on treat all workers in that position with respect. I know I do. And when I’m at stores, restaurants, etc., I can point out exactly who hasn’t had a job like that.

  136. Tcata says:

    @tehFluffzComeback: Sony are notorious for this.
    It took a $2,000,000 class action suit to make them admit it, and even then, they claimed it was consumer fault.

  137. nxp3 says:

    This is an email I received regarding returning for repair. See if it changes anything.

    Sony Computer Entertainment America Consumer Service Product Service Guide

    Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.(SCEA) would like to apologize for any inconvenience you experienced with your PLAYSTATION® 3 computer entertainment system. The following information is being provided to you to ensure proper handling and processing of your PLAYSTATION® 3 system. Please read it carefully and completely.

    * A copy of this guide will arrive in the advanced shipping box SCEA is sending. Securely tape only the completed first page to your system before packaging for shipping(1).
    * Please print a copy for your own records.
    * Follow the Proof of Purchase guidelines below.


    1. Do NOT send the original store receipt. Keep the original and send us the photocopy. For In-Warranty Exchange(2), we accept the PLAYSTATION® 3 system itemized, the price, and a valid purchase date clearly printed. Hand-written receipts are not acceptable.
    2. If SCEA Consumer Service has approved you to submit anything else as a valid form of proof of purchase, then please attach that item as described by Consumer Service.

    IMPORTANT: In order for us to honor our In-Warranty Exchange offer, we must receive a valid Proof of Purchase along with your PLAYSTATION® 3 system. If we do not receive a valid Proof of Purchase or it is missing from your package, Consumer Service will contact you to obtain this information.

    In order to qualify for this offer, you must be the original purchaser of this product and have complied with all of the requirements and instructions from SCEA Consumer Service. This product service that is being offered is not meant for retailers, or meant for retailers who are acting on consumer’s behalf. Lastly, the authorized SCEA product service staff will make the final decision on warranty or product support (2).

    PERSONAL INFORMATION SECTION: (Please fill completely and clearly)

    Service Request Number: (1 – XXXXXXXX:______________________________________
    (Note: This is a 9 to 10 digit number, beginning with 1 -, and can be found in our original email correspondence.)
    Please reference this number to our agents if you need to contact us regarding this In-Warranty Exchange offer.

    Full Name: _______________________________________________________________________________

    Primary phone: ( ____) ______________________ Secondary phone: ( ____) ________________________

    Console Serial #: __________________________________________________________________________
    (On the barcode sticker labeled “SERIAL”. Write all numbers & letters)

    Product issue/symptom observed:____________________________________________________________


    Is any software media stuck inside the system? Yes / No (circle one)

    If Yes, what specific media is in the system (e.g., name of game)? _______________________________

    If you have additional questions and would like to contact us: For email, please visit: []

    Please visit our PlayStation Knowledge Center for updated frequently asked questions: []

    PHONE SUPPORT: 800-345-7669 (SONY)
    SUNDAY 7:00 A.M. TO 6:30 P.M., PACIFIC TIME.

    For information on our Privacy Policy please visit

    An estimate as required (Section 9844 of the California Business and Professions Code) for repairs shall be given to the customer by the service dealer in writing, and the service dealer may not charge for work done or parts supplied in excess of the estimate without prior consent of the customer. Where provided in writing, the service dealer may charge a reasonable fee for services provided in determining the nature of the malfunction in preparation of a written estimate of repair. For information contact the Bureau of Electronics and Appliance Repair, Department of Consumer Affairs, Sacramento 95814.

  138. LostToys says:


    1. You can construe how much dust is going to be in the system over “x” amount of years. It is simple lab testing. Any manufactured device is given torture tests to determine how it operates, and based on these results, you use math to determine at what operating conditions will the product no longer work as designed.

    Based on several factors, such as location (do you live in a desert or in a rain forest?), amount of use a day, where the product is placed, and the environment (smoking/non-smoking, high humidity, high altitude, near a door which is open to nature) there is a reasonable amount of dust that should form in the player over a given period of time.. If this level is exceeded, then you can pull the “abuse” card all you want, as it is part of the Warranty agreement.

  139. darkslide says:

    I haven’t read all comments on this thread, but yours buddy, has made the most sense so far. Good job.

  140. Type-R says:


    Um, anyone blindly following this story and going on to state they’re going to boycott Sony is a bigger idiot. Pretty fucking hilarious how some current Sony product owners that have never had problems before are now going to boycott based on this ONE account with a lousy Customer Service Rep.

    Also how would cleaning the exterior of a PS3 case every week make any difference whatsoever to the amount of dust collecting INSIDE the case?

    Let’s not forget this guy claims to leave his PS3 on 24/7/365 and lives with 3 smokers. 4 (guys?) living together doesn’t exactly scream the cleanest environment to me.

    Why this site even bothered to post this in the first place without getting any proof just goes to show how laughable this all is. The Consumerist – An online blog community for people to gather to bitch and moan about Sony.

  141. jeffjohnvol says:

    Its possible that if there was a bad ground on the board, that the ground plates could have a positive or negative charge that could be attracting the dust. If this were the case, the dust would be more of a indication of the problem rather than an excuse to not do any work.

  142. jeffjohnvol says:

    so should people start putting air filters around their PS3s?

  143. Type-R says:

    Yea I live in the city, and just leaving the windows open for a day results in a layer of dust covering the room. I have to blast air on my desktop PC heatsink/fans every other week otherwise it overheats from all the dust.

  144. nxp3 says:

    I disagree there. In their mind they have an idea what 2 years worth of dust is. But in the real world this guy has had his ps3 for 1 year, if you multiply that amount of dust by 2 that’s how much dust should be in a ps3 in 2 years. This 2 years of dust should be the norm for a ps3 in 1 year. Sony market the ps3 as an always on machine. If this is the case, then it doesn’t matter how much dust he had in the machine, he can have 10 times the amount and it would still be 1 year worth of dust because that’s how long the machine has been out.

  145. Pylon83 says:

    Come off it. If the black-letter warranty makes no exception for “gifts”, then you have no leg to stand on. If they allowed for a “gift” exception, EVERYONE who lost their receipt would claim it was a “gift”. The CSR didn’t “forget” to mention it, he read you the black-letter warranty rules. If they make exceptions in certain circumstances for people without receipts, great. But that in no way entitles you to that exception as well. The warranty that Sony included in the box requires a receipt, or a proof-of-purchase. If you don’t have it, you lose. I don’t see any court saying that Sony MUST make an exception to the black-letter warranty for you, just because they did it for someone else. Such an exception is a business decision. If someone decided such an exception is not warranted in your situation, you lose and have no recourse.

  146. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:


    Your an idiot, The inside of the console is their responsibility they admit that, all reps i spoke to admit that, Im not able to open the console to clean it to the inside being dirty does not void the warranty, the supposed offending dust was in the USB ports and Memory card slots, 2 of the 4 house mates i live with smoke cigarettes, I do not live in a jungle, or desert, I live in a guest house, SO the smokers do not even live in the same house as i do, nor do they even come into my house very often.

    I have talked to countless reps all telling me the same thing, this issue could happen to anyone with dusty usb ports, and they would get the same answers i have.


    I have the original Ebay receipt which should suffice as a receipt, If you want to go all legal on me go ahead, Fact is sony POLICY is to accept ps3’s With no receipt for repair within warranty if the item was a gift. Which it was. And it hadnt/hasnt been a year since the console has been out so i am 100% under a valid warranty. There is no way you can convince me that the words of the 5 supervisors i spoke too are worthless because they are not in the written warranty. And a company that would say something like this is nothing short of the scum of the earth.

    Thank you, I agree and this is my point. Im glad to see yet another person that Sees the sense in this situation.

  147. Red_Breast says:


    Grow up. CSRs are there to shout at. As a CSR you “only work there”. I’m sure Ive knows this as well. The CSR is paid to listen to all the complaints. But it’s like say a social worker. A good social worker knows how to detach themselves emotionally from their cases.
    I’ve rung up CSRs before and, especially if they happen to sound very young, I’ll start off saying “I know you only work there so excuse me” and then I’ll launch with “WTF is going on with…”(whatever the complaint may be).
    I’m not angry with the CSR personally. You do understand this dynamic don’t you?
    Ive has to get his point across somehow. If he just patters then he might as well forget it.

  148. wookieneo says:

    I work in technical support and what this consumer did was what we call the ole bait and switch. Starts like this:
    1. Make the CSR state something very generalized.
    2. Consumer explains the situation to the CSR trying to make the CSR eat his words.
    3. CSR confirms somethin within company policy and has to tell the consumer the true nature of the situation on a very specific level.
    4. Hilarity ensues as to which person wins the bout.

    I can totally tell this CSR is either very new, or has a very low IQ.

    Number 1 mistake, never stay on the line if anyone pulls “Ron’s Trick.” Not because you don’t want to be documented, but rather you are about to enter into a world of pain.
    Number 2 mistake, never…. ever…. stutter or say um… or anything of that matter and never leave gaps in the coversation. If you lose call control, you will never get it back and you will get your butt handed to you on a silver platter.

    Bottom line is, PS3 has a limited warranty, and with EVERY limited warranty, “RMA’s are given by the discretion of the company.”

    I’m sorry you decided to get a PS3 and not properly clean it because you did not RTFM nor did you research the console enough to know that the PS3 succumbs to dust rather easily, now you are paying for it.

    Way to whine cause you did not get your way.

  149. Pylon83 says:

    Do you have actual proof of this policy, or just the unprovable statements of the supervisors? And I don’t know a single manufacturer that will accept an E-Bay receipt as a valid proof-of-purchase. An E-Bay receipt is not a valid proof of purchase in any sense of the word. It does not show when the console was ORIGINALLY purchased, which is what the warranty is based upon. While I do agree that Sony is being slightly difficult in giving you trouble about it when the console has not been out for 1 full year, that is entirely their prerogative. They can choose to enforce their written warranty policy to the T. And person attacks on people, like calling Type-R an idiot, are not constructive and represent an excellent way to not only lose any credibility you might have, but also a good way to find yourself banned from commenting on here. Perhaps accepting the consequences of your actions (buying from E-Bay, not cleaning the PS3 or your domicile properly) and pay them the $150 to get it replaced.

  150. darkslide says:

    Grow up, says someone named Red Breast.. ha.
    Anyway, point taken. Except for that Social Workers are trained for these things, and want to be there to help. You would hope that CSR’s want to be there too, but I’m sure they aren’t as happy about it.
    Good for you in how you deal with CSR’s. How you treat them is exactly my point, that’s how it should be. I don’t disagree. I know the ‘jerks’ may be in the minority, but they’re still out there.

  151. neosinjin says:

    I had my money ready and was going to be purchasing a PS3 sometime next week. Guess Ill be able to get an Iphone sooner then I thought.

  152. Robert Isbell says:

    I hope I never have to ever deal with the NON PC side of sony, their pc division is so rife with incidents like this, it’s insane.

  153. busboy33 says:

    This topic illustrates more clearly than anything else the difference between the SDF and other fanboys.
    When Ive’s story first got posted, the responses from the SDF were “lies”, “filthy pig”,”360 sux worse”, and “of course it voids the warranty — how stupid you are if you didn’t know that”. The last thread had posters claiming that the CSR manager’s name Ive gave didn’t come up in Google, so it proved the story was a sham (btw . . . I don’t come up in Google. I must not be real).
    Now that the “of course dust voids the warranty” excuse is out of the usable dodges list, they’re still falling back on the rest of the “anything except Sony f**ked up” excuses. They’ve even added in a new one: “Sony is so all powerful fighting them is pointless. Give in.”
    When the RRoD story gets tossed about, 360 fanboys don’t deny it . . . they agree it’s a problem. When the Wii gets teased for weak graphics, or a slim selection of good games, Nintendo fanboys usually agree. The SDF can tolerate absolutely no criticism of Sony, regardless of how legitimate it is. Al Quida wishes its members had that kind of loyalty.

    @Ivegotmail . . . I understand your frustrastion with the accusations against you on these threads, but recognize that the SDF will NEVER EVER be willing to concede that you might just be getting screwed by Sony. They have to attack you personally (you must be a lying slob) for their own peace of mind. Its a shame you have to put up with their crap in addition to Sonys, but that’s the reality of blasphemy.

  154. Thundercat69 says:

    Bro, I feel for ya especially when some pretty good titles for PS3 are coming out like Ratchet and Clank and Assassins Creed. I think you have two options; 1: Get your PS3 back and try to clean the dust out yourself and see if it works and if it doesn’t take the Bad-Boy apart and clean it inside and out with a can o’ air. If it still doesn’t work pawn the mo’fo’ or let it be a 600 dollar paper weight. 2: keep doing what your doing with kotaku and digg. Eventually you’ll put SCEA in a corner and they will have to cuz the PS3’s dismal sells and the fact the best thing Microsoft has done all year was with the free 3 year warranty on all XBox 360’s. I sympathize for you bro and keep everyone updated with the situation.

  155. swaswj says:


    I’m going to assume that you don’t know that “SonyDefenseForce” is owned and operated by the same people that run

    They aren’t PS3 owners.

  156. ativadelor says:

    Legally, we don’t need to tell most CSR’s that we’re recording them.


    Because before we speak with a CSR, almost all of their systems play a recording that says “This call may be monitored or recorded for …bla bla bla”

    That statement covers the consumer. This is because the laws I’ve seen regarding this sort of thing only mandate that both parties Be Aware the conversation is being recorded. The laws do Not mandate that each of the informed parties tell the other they are separately recording the conversation, or that each side has to announce this to the other.

    As long as each person being recorded knows that somebody is recording it, no notice needs to be given by either party.

    As for CSR’s, they all know they’re being recorded all the time. Anyone who has worked as a CSR could certainly attest to the fact that the company informs the CSR that all their calls are being recorded. Since the CSR has certainly been told by their employer that all their calls are being recorded, we the consumer are under no legal obligation to tell them this again.

    Still, IANAL and there may be some State laws that I have not seen. But for those I’ve reviewed, as long as both sides know that Somebody is recording the call, neither party is under any obligation to tell the other.

  157. pixelsword says:


    Then what you should do is go do your dad’s ebay account and complain about what it happening, and link this story. Or if you have your own account, post this story. Heck, if you have access to your dad’s account and your own, post from both of them and complain from both; that’ll spread your experience.

  158. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    Thank you, I appreciate you understanding the situation.

    If you want proof get it your damn self. Call sony tech and ask them, if they say they havent heard of it ask for a supervisor, and if they havent heard of it I guess im a complete liar, who actually threw his ps3 into a giant pile of dust-bunnies, just to see if Sony would repair it in such a state… And the 4 techs i spoke to who noted to my account it was a gift and needed no receipt were just figures of my imagination.

  159. Shadowmist says:

    I think the CSR was just being as ass, I mean that’s what it sounded like in the initial posting. Either that or the tech that looked the PS3 over was an incompetent. Why is everyone blaming Sony over this? It’s obvious there was some sort of human error by some underpaid people! No way any company can control that kinda thing, if they could they’d be gods.

    I’m not all too sure a PS3 can actually be too dusty, but at least it doesn’t break as often as my Xbox360. Wii is still the most reliable out of them all though, imo ^_^

  160. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:


    If this is true, Its far from what ive heard, although it makes perfect sense. You should definitely follow up on this to see what states allow it, This would be a VERY helpful post on consumerist, seeming as the only systems in place to record customer service calls from consumer end, All really entail a message that cuts in saying “THIS CALL MAY BE RECORDED” to the CSR you are connected to. This usually puts them on the defense wondering why exactly the person on the phone needs to notify they that they are also recording the call. If it really is true that if the CSR’s are recording and have a message playback saying calls may be recorded that you are allowed to record with just ass much freedom, Then i really shouldnt have deleted some of the conversations i had on tape with CSR’s, Because at the end of them it usually sounded like. “right…. so your telling me ____ And that is absolutely crazy and anyone could see that, So can i record that statement? followed by a sharp and immediate NO.

    I really hope that this is true because that would make things much easier.

  161. Goatgamer97 says:

    So why didn’t we see this whole drama played out so intricately with the red rings of death? How do we know that this guy didn’t subject his PS3 to an ungodly amount of dust. And REALLY!?!?!? Hundreds of people saying they would never buy a PS3 EVER!?!?!? I hope they enjoy missing out on MGS4, FFXIII, and GOWIII. This guy is 1 in millions who is getting the shaft. I bet that Microsoft daily gives the shaft to MANY MORE XBOX 360 owners over RRODs. What a drama queen.

  162. XTC46 says:

    @Kemosabet2: depends on the state. In Hawaii, as long as one of the people active in the conversation knows about the recording its legal (i.e. you cant record the conversation between other people without them knowing) in California both parties must know.

  163. Pylon83 says:

    I’m not the one that requires any sort of proof. What I’m saying is should you proceed with any sort of legal action, a judge is going to want proof. I’m not saying you are a liar, or that you were not in fact told that information by Sony. What I am saying is that what a court would go by is what you can prove. You could say that Sony told you that they were going to give you 10 PS3’s and $1,000,000 for the inconvenience you have suffered, but you can’t prove it. You also cannot prove that Sony has a policy of accepting warranty repairs without a receipt. Even if you could prove that this is some sort of informal, internal policy, you would then have to prove that they are somehow obligated to convey the benefit of this policy to you. The written warranty contract you possess says nothing to this effect, and that written warranty is the only binding agreement Sony and you have. However, none of this really matters due to the fact your warranty was denied on the basis of abuse/neglect, however you wish to phrase it.

  164. Goatgamer97 says:

    ***GRAND IRONY***
    So this dude waits three days and then decides to leave his returned PS3 in the trashcan. He decides to buy one of MSoft’s Falcon systems. OOOOPS! gnir…der gnir…der (you know, like in The Shining.) He goes through three systems over the course of two months, and then decides he was meant to be the greatest Wii sports player ever. THE END!!

  165. Chaser says:

    Power to the people!

    Dust hazards are silly. What’s so bad about a little dust? Just put on a mask, and be glad it’s not filled with SARS.

  166. Red_Breast says:


    I’ve been nicknamed Red Breast since 1972. My real name is Robin.
    Not knowing if you know of the birds called robins they have a red breast.
    That’s a red breast. Not red breasts. You called it.
    Let’s get back on topic.

  167. vizion says:

    “IVE” was such a f’n dick in that recording. I wouldn’t have the patience to deal with his rude ass. I don’t give a damn that he’s frustrated about their policy, but there’s no way to freak out like a little whiny baby. How embarrassing. How very embarrassing.

  168. Buran says:

    Why is it that every time there’s a console warranty thread, there’s a million comments, when the same exact problem with, say, a DVD player would get 10?

  169. nxp3 says:

    Because a damn dvd player cost 30 dollars. Who cares…do you know how much a console is?

  170. SG79 says:


    Yeah, but others weren’t treated so nicely. Remember the incident that was publicized that the CSR flat out told the customer he was “laughing at him” and then hung up?

    A lot of you are picking sides and showing bias. Truth to the matter is, not all CSR’s or employees are on the same level. Some have good luck, and others don’t. I wasn’t treated like dirt with Sony before, nor MS when I had problems (or the original DS when I had a dead pixel). Doesn’t mean that others weren’t.

    Fanboys on the other hand love to use an incident or two to fuel fire and spew more nonesense online.

  171. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    Alright i understand, Im hoping tha legal action wont be necessary but im willing to go that far if need gets to that point.

    There are dvd players that cost well over 100$ even 200$, blu-ray players for over 400$, Both collect dust, both are covered under the warranty, And i servely doubt that if i sent in a year old blu-ray player that they would have anywhere near the same opinion.


    Fact is they are trying to market the ps3 as not just a console, But THE center/heart of your home entertainment system. Music, Pictures, Videos, Blu-ray, PlayTv, etc. I dont go vacuuming out my blu-ray player, my dvd players, even my receiver which costs more than any of the aforementioned, But they are still covered under warranty. Sony should be actively informing consumers that they need to vaccum out their vents, USB ports, and memory card slots of their ps3 with a mini-vac or their warranty will be void.

  172. Eddie2010 says:

    Everyone here rambling about Sony, please go to this sites front page and do a search for Xbox 360 defects, you will find several articles on the subject and some of them are about bad customer service. It happens sometimes, even though we do not know if the person in this case is being entirely honest.

  173. Pylon83 says:

    Doubt’s do not equate to proof. You do not know for a fact that a Blu-Ray player or a standard DVD player would be covered under warranty if you sent them in and Sony found them to have accumulated an unreasonable amount of dust that constitutes abuse/neglect.

  174. asherchang2 says:

    Are you supposed to transcribe all the like’s and um’s in a conversation?

  175. SG79 says:


    I haven’t had a problem yet, but honestly, I’m in the same boat and frankly this worries me (I’ve owned imports before, so this is the first time I’ve got a console under warranty). The thing is mainly there for BD movies and NG Sigma. I clean the vent once a week, but not the USB ports.

    I’d be extremely surprised if your issue didn’t get resolved after this fiasco. While you’re at it, personally write to Sony’s corporate headquarters (not SCEA).

  176. pixelsword says:


    (repost from above)
    What you should do is go do your dad’s ebay account and complain about what it happening, and link this story. Or if you have your own account, post this story. Heck, if you have access to your dad’s account and your own, post from both of them and complain from both; that’ll spread your experience.

  177. vizion says:


    The sad thing is, it doesn’t get posted as a Kotaku news feed like it does here. This is twice in a matter of two days to one guy’s single incident story. The title yesterday that “Dust voids your warranty” is very misleading, and only meant to grab traffic.

  178. Eddie2010 says:

    Just adding to my previous post, go to nearly any gaming site and do a search for Xbox 360 defects. You will be amazed at the number of article you will find. If you really are feeling brave do a google seach, many, many horror stories.

  179. zachasaurus says:

    I cannot get over the fact that a bigwig company as Sony, including “God” in its warranty. I myself was on the line of buying a PS3 or Xbox360 and I can’t see myself investing in a company that clearly has no empathy for its consumers in a plethora of ways. No Backwards compatibility, no customer service, a heft effin price tag, and clear lack of A+ games. I would have to say that that the 360 is my leading next gen choice besides the Wii I already own.

    Bad move Sony.

  180. Soldrak says:

    This guy does not deserve a free ride from Sony, plain and simple. He is rude, arrogant and beyond childish. Read his posts on the Playstation forums and you’ll quickly realize that he’s not worth your support nor sympathy.

    The fact of the matter is, the guy does not have a receipt. So whether or not the dust issue is settled he still must contend with the more glaring issue of proving he actually owns the damn thing. It is not Sony’s fault he failed to register the console OR bother keeping the receipt. For all we know, this kid might have stolen the PS3 and is trying to scam Sony into providing support for something he doesn’t own.

    For all the people who are so easily hooked into this suspicious endeavor I strongly urge you all to develop a healthy sense of skepticism because as you grow older scam artists a lot like this with their sob stories become more common as they take advantage of your growing senility.

    Also remember this is merely one person out of millions of Sony Playstation 3 customers. Just because he’s loud, obnoxious, relentless and shameless does not make him worth your sympathetic ear.

  181. Eddie2010 says:

    Soldrak, very well said.
    Something stinks about this whole thing.

  182. Soldrak says:

    I really don’t see why Ivealwaysgotmail hasn’t been banned yet, I mean he nonchalantly calls people idiots for simply disagreeing with him. I strongly urge everyone who takes offense to his arrogant, childish antics to report him so we can discourage this type of behavior. I know that Kotaku is a lot stricter with regards to assinine comments because I really don’t see how Ive can continue to get away with his rude behavior, is it just because people feel sorry for his concocted story?

  183. busboy33 says:

    My apologies . . . I use SDF to refer to the PS3 fanboys, not to the particular website.

  184. @-HeyWowItsFelipe-: I see what you did there.

    Greetings from Kotaku!

  185. NirvashStarwind says:

    Thats it. Done with sony, Theres no excuse for this kind of bullshit,

    Even from them.

    Off to pick up a 360 now.

  186. Ailu says:

    Gotta love ya Ive! And you’re soo calm and assertive. I just know you’re gonna beat these guys!

  187. blindman101 says:

    First of all this guy is not helping his situation with the way he is trying to use every form of trickery to get the CSR’s to say what he wants then springs the ‘real’ reason why he is calling on them. If you want to win (in this case get your PS3 fixed) you have to play it straight. All this guy is doing is making himself look just as bad.

    I have not seen pictures of the inside of this PS3 to see the exact amount of dust but it can be considered a form of neglect. I don’t really agree with this but I have seen people do some of the strangest things and try saying after that it doesn’t say that anywhere so you need to fix it.

  188. vizion says:


    Yeah, it’s unfortunate. People look at him as a huge victim, which allows him to take liberties that should not be taken. This guy is getting 15 minutes of fame over his dusty old PS3. There’s a bigger enemy now to most commenter’s eyes and whatever he says will likely be ignored, and perhaps even sympathized with. Like “oh, he’s just frustrated, I’d be like that too”

    He doesn’t deserve this much attention though, nor does this incident. Commenter’s at Kotaku and other gaming forums will be associating the PS3 with dust for a long time to come because of this and it’s just stupid.

  189. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    Great, SO you think that no matter the story you should personally interrogate and investigate every contributing factor until every single loophole and detail is filled in personally… to you.. great.

    I have called people idiots not for just disagreeing with me but for Acting as if their word is law and this story is fake when it is not. Period. Think what you want about who I am, where I live, how old I am, If im even a real person, if I’m worth your sympathy, I dont care. I know that this story is as real as the ground i stand.

    It seems as though it is your personal quest to bash my name, and make people believe that this story is fake Soldrak.

    If you just want to ignore half of what im saying and post half of what i actually said and explained, then fine, fact is i dont need the receipt to be covered period, it was a gift, and they honor the warranty regardless, and You are just as bad as sony for trying to pull this contractual ridiculous skeptical BS when it is obvious from a Consumers point of view that i have been in the right, from the start.

    Say what you want, Its obvious i own the damn thing, Its obvious that they have possession of it. I dont have to defend myself to you.

    Especially when you just blatantly jump to conclusions. You acting as though my story is definitely false without question says something about who you are, Obviously you will never be happy with the amount of detail i provide you with on the situation and you will never stop commenting on this post trying to prove yourself right.

    Maybe you should apply for a management level Job at SCEA? Seems like what your doing is working for them anyway so why not get paid?

  190. Eddie2010 says:


    Xbox 360 fanboy, cultist, Xbot. No, Microsoft is not the savior of the gaming industry. Just because thay have the money to buy there way into the market doesn’t prove there the best. I own a 360 but I’m not dumb enough to not see there many faults.

  191. vizion says:


    You freak out way too much. When you’re older, you’ll be totally embarrassed by how you conducted yourself, I guarantee that.

    What you fail to realize, is Sony never said that dust by itself will void your warranty. But if for instance, this dust was so overwhelming that Sony or any other company could not do anything about, then it just means it won’t be replaced in such a condition. That doesn’t mean your warranty coverage is voided, does it? No.

    IVE, answer me this.If instead of excessive dust, Sony said to you that your PS3 console somehow had a million cockroaches in it, and all kinds of disgusting shit, would Sony not have said the same thing to you and said this console is not exchangeable do to excess bugs? The only difference is the material inside, to which they have deemed it equal to an infestation.

    Would you have actually publicized this on Consumerist, if it was filled with millions of cockroaches? I would imagine you wouldn’t, based on the backlash you’d receive. But, would you bitch and say “COCKROACHES VOIDS PS3 WARRANTY!”? Is that in the manual? Would that fall under neglect? I don’t think it would, just like excessive dust wouldn’t, but that doesn’t mean every single incident that could possibly happen to the innards of your PS3 should be reported in the manual. If you kept better condition of your PS3 then it wouldn’t have excessive dust in it, just like if you cleaned your room in the hypothetical situation there wouldn’t be millions of bugs in it.

  192. accessmemorex says:

    OK, the warrantee states that customer damage voids the warrantee. Unfortunately dust is something that would not enter the unit if it was never used therefore it is an environment variable. Or conditioning of the environment and is not covered by warrantee. Act of god “lighning strike” etc, However, Much to sony’s dismay the situation was poorly handled and now the company has been caught in a lie, Now this LEGALLY obligates sony to furbish all parts and equipment to repair the damaged PS3 because they stated that dust was and (was not) covered. Now if sony does not repair this that they (A) Suck at customer care. (B) Lie to there customers. I agree with the customer on this. They are responsible and should repair the computer. Though if they had not stated this than it would not be there problem and finally though from a legal stand point it is now sony’s problem I hope they will handle this properly or I expect to add another company to my “BLACK LIST”

  193. Eddie2010 says:

    Did you dump a vacume cleaner bag over the PS3 vents. Might sound stupid but so does your whole post.

  194. kNZA says:


    + other Sony worshippers:

    I don’t know if this guy is for real or not. I don’t even care.

    Your ridiculous inability to tolerate any ill spoken of your holy Sony is simply juvenile.

    For those of you who insist on bringing MS into this:
    Many 360s have failed.
    Some people have been though more than two.

    The console failed them but MS is not failing to support these people with free repairs and rewards for the inconvenience.

    This is a story about a failure of customer service. Even if the story is fictional, service is the central theme.

    MS fucked up. They have worked to fix the problem and they have spent a lot of money trying to satisfy their customers.

    Fucking up was bad.

    What they have done about it since can only be called good.

    This is not a story about MS.

    You are turning gameplaying into the worst kind of religion.

  195. Nikolii says:

    I like how people are just crapping on this guy.

    I mean, really. Even if he’s the only person in the world who ever gets told that his warranty is voided by dust, the story and experience should be driven into the ground just to prevent it from happening to a second or third person.

    Sony’s customer service is notoriously terrible. While my experience with their products is generally reliable, the three or four calls/emails I’ve had to place have always been worse than anyone else I’ve ever dealt with (and two of these were on recalls).

    Just because someone has a terrible experience with Sony’s CS trying to get out of a warranty repair doesn’t mean that they’re insulting the size of your penis, and I wish the SDF would stop acting like it. I mean, holy hell, NOBODY acts like that on anything outside of Mac users. “OH NO HE INSULTED THE ALMIGHTY PS3 AND ITS TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE HE NEEDS TO DIE.” No other console fanboys pop up with this type of garbage, even when you point to RRoD or Wii collecting dust from no games.

    Look, he can be totally in the wrong (though I personally don’t think he is), but ask yourself this:
    If you’re Sony, is hitting him up for the $150 (or whatever, too lazy to look) for out of warranty repair worth losing even one potential customer after the story blows up on the Interweb? Do you really want to be known among “TEH HARDCOER” as the idiot company that voided a warranty over dust? Especially when your system isn’t really doing that hot in the sales numbers? Not a good strategy.

  196. Mananan says:

    If you read the manual it clearly says:

    “Do not place the system in an area subject to excessive dust or cigarette smoke”

    It also says:

    “Do not allow dust to build up on the vents”

    So it not only warns you to be aware of the problem of dust but it tells you to ensure that dust doesnt build up over time. If you have sent the console back full of dust then you have obviously not looked after it. There is no grey area here. If it is full of dust you are in the wrong.

  197. rebelphoenix says:

    He’s giving the typical line for CSRs, but Sony isn’t getting any more of my money.

  198. witeowl says:

    @ivealwaysgotmail10: You seem to fail to realize an important detail here. If readers of this site always backed complaintants without questioning the situation, would lack any credibility. The fact that readers (typically) consider both sides before jumping onto the boycott bandwagon adds power to the site.

    Analogy time: Sometimes, when a member of an ethnic minority goes to jail, it’s racism. Sometimes, it’s justice. If people scream racism every single time, failing to consider wheter the accused may have really committed the crime, it weakens the argument and makes it impossible to fight racism when it really does happen. Questioning is good for all sides.

    Unfortunately, back to this situation, your emotional responses, including personal attacks, to this reasonable questioning has significantly harmed your own credibility.

  199. Eddie2010 says:

    Microsoft from the beginning Knew that there Xbox 360 units had a design flaw. From the day they went on sale they have been breaking in large numbers. They did not admit to this design flaw till nearly a year and a half after its release and up until that time they were not repairing consoles out of warenty for free (warenty started at 90 days then went to 1 yr then was extended to 3 yrs for the three red ring error and only the the three red ring error).If you have a problrm that is not related to the three red ring error it is not covered after a year, such as the dvd drive failing. The only reason they extended the warenty was because they were pressured by the many complaints by customers and grass roots groups to do something about there faulty console, they did it because they had to do something to save face. Believe me, if they didn’t feel thay had to extend the warenty they would not have done it. Gamestop has stoped offering there warenty because of the high failure and it costing them to much to cintinue to replace them.

  200. swaswj says:

    The thing that really bothers me about this entire story is we have nothing except Ive’s word that the reason his warranty voided is because of dust.

    Yes, we have the recording of the customer service rep, but when he’s looking at the report, he sees “Neglect.”

    Sony has a rather good track record for customer service (aren’t they in the top ten?). This isn’t about one bad customer service employee, either — according to Ive, an entire chain of technicians, reps, supervisors, and managers turned against him. Don’t any of you find that the least bit questionable? Why would all of these different people select him as their target out of all the customers?

    Ive may very well be having trouble with his PS3, but I very much doubt that he is telling the whole truth. I’m not saying it’s impossible, I’m certainly not claiming that Sony is perfect, but the way this story is told, something doesn’t add up.

    People who tell stories about how everyone was out to get them are very seldom as much a victim as they claim.

  201. Soldrak says:

    @ivealwaysgotmail10: I’d apply for a management job at SCEA but I already own my own company so no thanks.

    Maybe you should apply for a janitorial job so you can learn to keep your room dust-free or maybe vacuum your carpet every once in a while or get your parents to hire a maid for you or something.

    To all the people accusing anyone who is skeptical of being a Sony fanboi, give it a rest. I own all three consoles. MS has serious issues with RROD that are far more common than this ONE person’s incident, which so far is unverified and based purely on heresay. It wouldn’t be admissible in any court of law, and yet with the gullibility of some folks in here, one could quickly lose confidence in a jury system when it could be full of easy fools taken for a ride.

    @Nikolii: I don’t think you’re quite getting it. If theres a policy in place you don’t make an exception for ANYONE. The guy does not have a receipt. It’s like you saying your convenience store should give you free milk everytime you feel the counter guy has offended you. If the convenience store complains you cry foul and tell them it’s just milk it’s only $1.00 a bottle! It’s the principle of the matter, you don’t want to give in to this type of lecherous behavior because it will encourage the 1,000 other douchebags out there to do the same thing.

  202. ExtraCelestial says:

    poor csr caught in the crossfire :o(

    im really shocked at the way this was handled. what hes asking for is completely minimal. how can these big companies think they can treat their customers like that?? they wont be seeing another one of my dollars. THANK GOODNESS FOR THE WII!!

    good luck Ive, at the very least u got everyones attention!

  203. Soldrak says:


    “I have called people idiots not for just disagreeing with me but for Acting as if their word is law”

    So by your definition we should all be calling you an idiot, but we don’t because unlike you we have the decency to abide by the rules of posting on this site whereas you flagrantly and arrogantly violate it whenever it suits you. You accusing people of acting as if their word is law is absolutely hilarious. That’s pretty much what you’ve been doing on this and other forums, even inciting people to barrage Sony with complaints about a specific CSR to get her fired.

    What hypocrisy!

  204. Nikolii says:


    No, I don’t think YOU get it. It hasn’t been an issue and never will be an issue of his possession of a reciept. They stated on the tech report and through the CSRs that the rejection stemmed from excess dust, not invalid paperwork. Listen again, read the last post. Dust. Not reciept. They’re rejecting it under misuse/abuse, not lack of reciept. That isn’t the issue, and they’d be incredibly stupid to reject warranties for a product less than a year from release for lack of reciepts, ESPECIALLY when said product makes up a bulk of its sales during a gift-giving season.

  205. swaswj says:


    To be fair, Ive is the only one thus far that we know has blamed it on dust. He’s the one harping on dust. The CSR read “neglect” on the report, and we don’t have any records of what he was actually told in the first place. We don’t have any kind of idea what condition his console was actually in.

    This isn’t a fanboy perspective. It’s a logical one. Look at the history of customer service in relation to the PS3 and compare it to this story — a story where a whole line of people is siding against Ive, not just one underpaid Joe having a bad day.

    There’s something here that doesn’t make sense. I find it more likely for one person to be wrong than that everyone else is out to get him.

  206. Soldrak says:

    @Nikolii: No it wouldn’t be stupid because the item could have been stolen. Yes believe it or not PS3’s actually CAN be stolen. I get it alright, you’ve decided to turn this into a MS fanboi vs Sony fanboi thing when in reality it never was. I don’t know how much more assinine you can be than that.

  207. mgersten says:

    Reminds me of when i wanted to buy a sony pc. they only had the display model and would not give me a discount on the floor model, becuase it had too much dust on it. Don;t buy from sony. File a complaint and email the CEO. I emailed Steve Jobs and got my computer fixed quickly. Or be more aggressive on the phone. That works a lot too.

  208. Soldrak says:

    @Nikolii: Also Nikolii how about you actually listen to the damned recording because the CSR *clearly* states that ‘no receipt’ is one of the valid reasons for denying a warranty claim.

  209. Selic says:

    I’m just not convinced.


    “I have called people idiots not for just disagreeing with me but for Acting as if their word is law and this story is fake when it is not. Period. Think what you want about who I am, where I live, how old I am, If im even a real person, if I’m worth your sympathy, I dont care. I know that this story is as real as the ground i stand.”

    See, you’re just not convincing me. Certainly, some people are complete asses in claiming that you did in fact subject your PS3 to vast amounts of dust. However, all you have is your word to go on. Of course, you can trust your own experience as fact, as the truth, but we can’t. Simply saying that you know it to be true doesn’t make it any more real to other people. You know this story is as real as the ground you stand on? Well, I don’t. Since you have no intention of convincing people and are more focused on just spreading the word of a big company abusing its customers (A valiant effort I’d fully support if you had more proof), you should expect people to doubt you. You’re on the Internet with a story that is exclusive to you. The people who don’t believe you (Note: Not the people who are simply being asses, but the people who simply aren’t convinced) need more than just your word. I doubt we need solid, irrefutable evidence, but you’ve supplied nothing to convince people.

    You’re calling people idiots for doubting your own word, which you treat as fact without supplying solid evidence to support it. You’re telling us this story isn’t fake because you know it isn’t fake. I would like to live in a world where people don’t lie and deceive others, especially over a medium as accessible and widespread as the Internet, but that just isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Am I an idiot for not believing your story supported by only your word? Certainly, it’s not your story was posted on a joke site or an untrustworthy site, but even Kotaku, a credible news site focusing on games had the story, later proven to be fake, about surge protectors voiding warranty. It’s not unreasonable for people to doubt you; in fact, it’s unreasonable for people not to doubt you. I wouldn’t instantly trust something a stranger says no matter how sympathetic I may be to whatever he said unless he has something to back him up.

    Hey, guess what. I recently bought a 60 gig PS3 off Ebay. It’s not here yet so I can’t prove it, and I’m not going to show any proof from Ebay to you. I’m telling the truth, honest. =)

  210. Nikolii says:


    Except. In. This. Case. They. Are. Not. Claiming. That.

    If they said “No, your claim was rejected because you don’t have the proper paperwork/registration,” there is absolutely no problem. However, the guy got two CSRs to clear it under a gift exception. And, once again for clarity, he was rejected for misuse/abuse, not lack of paperwork.

  211. Soldrak says:

    @Nikolii: That is what he *claims* we don’t actually know for a fact that Sony allows these kinds of exceptions we only have his word to go by, again. However we have an actual recording of a CSR enumerating a list of warranty deal-breakers and this would tend to invalidate your assumption that he is telling the truth.

    Read my first post, I’m quite aware that the issue in this case is listed as being that of *neglect* but I also clearly stated that even given that he gets over that hurdle he still must content with the fact that he has no receipt.

    Most companies do not provide warranty support without a valid receipt or receipt number, when I had to take my Macbook Pro for repairs the first thing they asked for was a receipt so they could verify ownership and warranty non-expiry.

    If you’re not going to bother understanding people’s posts why do you insist on arguing with them, it only makes you appear foolish and you certainly don’t want that do you?

  212. Eddie2010 says:

    The way the PS3 fan works, blowing from the inside outward, there should be little to no dust in the console. This guy says he was told there is excessive dust in the ports and the console. Couldn’t happen unless you put it there yourself, such as dumping it on the console and in its vents. Plus this guy keeps saying that the PS3 is a dust magnet(repeats in his posts several times).Sounds to me like he’s trying to create some kind of adverse catch phrase. The only reason dust shows more on the PS3 is because it is black and it is very shiny, it collects no more dust than any other electronic device. My guess is that the Sony reps suspect that this is some sort of foul play. Sony is not stupid enough to pick one person and say that excessive dust is the problem if it were not true. Point being it can’t get in ther unless you put it there.

  213. witeowl says:

    @Eddie2010: Um… if the fan is blowing air out, the air has to come in from somewhere. Unless, of course, it’s creating a vacuum, which I somehow doubt. When the air comes in, dust is likely to come with it.

    My perspective on the dust issue: like all gaming consoles, the PS3 is a computer. We all know to blow out our computers. So, why wouldn’t we expect to blow out a gaming system? Now, if one can’t open it up because of a seal that would void the warranty, one would (I would think) scan the user’s manual for a solution.

  214. Nikolii says:


    The thing is, at least in my experience, consoles are more forgiving over the receipt issue just because of the nature of the beast (ie: large bulk of sales come as “gift purchases”). I buy the gift purchase exception because I’ve USED it on other products (although I did actually register it prior to the incident, which admittedly could be the difference).

    I’m going with the recording of the rep saying neglect and the fact that he actually got it shipped there in the first place to push the chips towards this actually being a legit incident with the reciept (or lack thereof) being an essential non-issue. Every time I’ve had to deal with Customer Support, the only thing they need is a serial and personal info (MS, Nintendo, and Sega). I don’t think I’ve EVER had to include a reciept or UPC or anything else outside of the serial (again, I register like a madman).

    Again, in my experience, if you can get them to approve you and ship you the freebee box with the authorization stuff, you’re in the clear in terms of paperwork. Maybe Sony has gotten even more backwards since I last had to deal with their Customer Service, but I really don’t think that’s the case.

  215. temporaryscars says:

    Wow, I was actually considering picking up a PS3 so I could play uncharted, but now, screw it. I don’t want to get suck in the same situation.

    Xbox 360s may get the RROD, but at least you can count on them getting fixed.

  216. Eddie2010 says:

    @witeowl: The PS3 has one huge fan blowing on the heatsinc that covers the cpu and gpu, its blowing out as much air as its pulling ing, but its blowing outward with more force. Pc cases are different they normally have one fan drawing air in from the font and one fan pulling air out from the back and individual fans on the cpu and gpu creating more of a situation for dust to collect and even so your not going to get that much dust inside in a years time. I’ve had mine for a year now and there is no sign of dust around the vents and it sits out in the open and the only thing I do is dust the outside.

  217. paullyjunge says:

    Ive really needs to learn how to speak to a CSR. Being a CSR myself, there are people who I will never go out of my way to help, and those are the people who act like I personally caused their issue and are d*cks the entire time I am on the phone with them. I am not the only one that abides by this law, it’s the unwritten rule of Customer Service. Ive fits that type of person to a T. He is rude on the phone and plain out does not listen. The CSR said multiple times the decision is not in his hands and he has no control over it. Take the hint Ive, he is politely trying to tell you to hang up the phone.

    BTW, a CSR really doesn’t give a f*ck if a company’s policy creates a PR disaster, the company might though.

  218. Eddie2010 says:

    @temporaryscars: The Xbox Fanboys need to grow up and stop telling lies, most of the people saying there not going to purchase a PS3 now for one bad instance, be it true or false, were never going to buy one to begin with (because there Xbox 360 fanboys). The only thing the warenty is going to cover for three years is the ring of death, nothing else, No dvd drive no hard drive no fan failure. They are covering the design flaw in there poorly manufactured console.

  219. jwilliamsoh says:

    What a joke.

    I had purchased a PS2 when they were released (that Christmas); and every title released with it.

    The unit broke after I think it was 130 days. They wanted 150 to replace it (fix it) whatever the hell they call it.

    I got another unit, it broke as well.

    I traded it all in to EB Games for like 50 cents (exaggerating there) and went with a XBox.

    I have not turned back since and my son and I LOVE our XBOX 360.

    Now I am just one customer but an avid gamer (jwilliamsoh gamer tag) and have abvout 60% of the games for the 360.

    I know many others that have stopped doing business with Sony as well.

    Aside from the gaming system my entire house was Sony at one point. We have 3 PSP’s (they are actually well built), had I think 6 Sony TV’s and lots of other Sony gear.

    My new HD tv’s are NOT Sony however; together with any other electronics I purchase.

    Sony has been living off of what WAS a great name at one point.

    This situation here really pisses me off. Nobody should be treated this way and nobody should be screwed out of hard earned money as so many have been.

    Sony. You are a big company and you would think that you would have learned by now.

    Take care of your customers or someone else will!

    Jeffery Williams
    Chesterland OH

  220. Absent Blue says:

    One more reason I won’t buy a PS3.

    For a while there a was actually considering it, too. However this man’s troubles warrants my staying far and away from any more of Sony’s products. What a shitty once-great company.

    Oh, I got a good one. Sony’s NEGLECT of the consumer has made them void my warranty of being a customer ever again. BAM.

    OK, I lied, that wasn’t good at all.

  221. jwilliamsoh says:

    @Nick The Newbie:

    SHIT.. Well this explains it.

    You did not clap three times while spinning in a counter clockwise rotation?

    You deserve everything you are getting.

    I always clap and spin while turning on OR off a Sony product.

    God, don’t you know anything?


  222. adehus says:

    With a little luck, this post (and the previous one) will have garnered enough attention to warrant a response from Sony. Until then, I’m siding with the PS3 owner. No Sony on my Christmas list.

    BTW, amazing how many people put so much effort into trying to read into things, huh? Y’all are a bunch of regular forensic scientists and psychological profilers! With the writer’s strike going on, some of you may get calls to work on CSI !!!

  223. Eddie2010 says:

    @absentblue: See Ya!

  224. Eddie2010 says:

    @adehus: See Ya!

  225. nxp3 says:

    Hey it’s getting late. Let’s all take a rest and pick this up in the morning. Maybe then Sony will have a response. I hope everyone get what they deserve. Goodnight y’all.

  226. Topcat says:

    @Eddie2010: On some level, though not necessarily for the reason you cite, you’re right: if you are making the decision whether or not to purchase something based on one isolated incident, especially when the product otherwise has been near-flawless (in comparison, say, to the 360), you are a fool. Pure and simple.

    Consumerist: over-reacting to simple issues since 2006.

  227. Eddie2010 says:

    @Topcat: If your refering to the fanboy comment, I’m More right than you think. too many people chimming in to just say there not buying a PS3 without any real explanation and then pledge there allegience to the Xbox 360.

  228. swaswj says:


    On the contrary, we’re not “trying too hard” to read into something. We’re concerned because there’s nothing to read into.

    You may remember not so long ago someone claimed that using a surge protector voided the warranty. Many people jumped on that bandwagon, also, screaming from the rooftops that they’ll never buy a PS3 because of it… just before Sony debunked that.

    This is a different situation, true, but it feels remarkably similar. Now, are you going to jump blindly, believe everything this person says..? Or do you want to find out more information before casting judgment?

    Ive claims he recorded other conversations (but deleted them). The only recording shown thus far tells us nothing except the CSR’s name and that the report says Neglect.

  229. Amazing_Steve says:


    Let’s see, you spend ALL DAY googling people’s names and trying to poke any hole in this with your “investigative” techniques and you calling me a Fanboy?

    Umm ok there basement dweller.

    Be gone, I’m done with you now.

  230. Eddie2010 says:

    @Amazing_Steve: See Ya!

  231. busboy33 says:

    Let me ask this . . .
    When somebody posts on these sites that they had a RRod, or a bad CS experience from MS, do you assume they are lying and force them to prove their story? No? I wonder what the difference is . . .

  232. Xerloq says:

    It’s obvious that Sony is doing a CYA under this clause:
    Dust is not compatible with the PS3, obviously. Since it was used with dust, the warranty does not apply…

    All the more reason never to buy a sucky Sony product.

    It stinks the way this guy is treating the CSR. He’s a “no-power” individual (no-po) in that he cannot actually effect any change. Don’t waste time with them, what you need to do is get the supervisors, VPs and warranty techs (knowing that they’re being recorded) to state this. This recording is useless.

    Call Sony’s bluff. Subpoena their photos and sue them in small claims court.

  233. rockergal says:

    all I can say is that I feel for the poor CSR, you can just hear in his voice that he is being forced to tell the caller that he can’t do nothing.
    and you just know that the supervisors told the csr not to transfer the call to them.

    I must say, I give the man credit…

  234. Eddie2010 says:

    @busboy33: @busboy33: Yes I have defended the Xbox 360 in such a way, on many, many occasions. Until they lied to us for a year and a half about there faulty console. before you mention the three year warenty that only applies to the three ring error(that is there falt), nothing eles. They did what they were forced to do by consumers complaining and other grass root groups taking a stand against them on the issue. There are millions of console that have a potentially higher failure rate because of there poor disign. I have had to have two 360’s repaired. first one I had no problems getting a refurb(After Microsoft making an anouncement that they would be repairing instead sending out refurbs), and possibly getting someone elses problems. The second one(the refurb) was lost after it was recieved at the repair center, and took an additional two weeks to get taken care of. Microsoft are no angels in this industry.

  235. kNZA says:


    And that is relevant how?

  236. swaswj says:


    The difference is precedent.

    Microsoft set a precedent for poor hardware quality in the 360. Based on this, it’s not a stretch when someone claims that their 360 has broken.

    Sony, however, has set a precedent for strong customer service for the PS3. Based on this, it is indeed a stretch to have a user claim that multiple representatives and supervisors exhibited extremely poor customer service.

    Here’s another example. Say there was a news article on Bill Clinton having an adulterous affair. Since he’s been involved in that kind of scandal numerous times, few people would bat an eye. However, if the same were said about George Bush, it might be much harder to believe. Either one could be true or false.. but one is more likely than the other.

  237. Eddie2010 says:

    @kNZA: Not relevent to you at all, I was responding to someone else.

  238. Caroofikus says:


  239. funnibunni says:

    When a laptop company screwed up my order, kept lying to me, and didn’t send my laptop for two months, I filed a Better Business Bureau report, and they sent it right away. Try it. Hope you get your PS3 fixed without paying 150 dollars. :/

  240. pixelsword says:

    I personally think he’s lying.

    He said that he got the PS3 two weeks after the purchase, but the date on his purchase was november 26, 2006; yet he says the PS3 is eight months old at the time of the incident. He also says in a response to me on the first story that “the situation only occured 2 DAYS AGO” (not the return, but the call), so that in and of itself makes the PS3 older than eight months according to the reciept, plus in the other story he said he got the PS3 two weeks after the PS3 was recieved. Unless it took a few months to arrive, I think he lied.


  241. wisebug says:

    Just a quick note, you don’t need to tell them you are recording since one they are recording the call, and you can record ANY call you are actively participating in as long as you don’t use it to harm the other person.

    So when you call tech support you don’t need to tell them and of course they will tell you that you can’t but tell them to read the law… you can :)

  242. erratapage says:

    The only proof that there was excessive dust is in Sony’s hands. How convenient for Sony.

    For that matter, I’m not an electronics geek. When I buy electronics, I expect them to work for a reasonable period of time (defined by the warranty) as advertised. The warranty period is the minimum period of time that the product should function–not the maximum. Most of my electronics last 5-10 years, long after the warranty expires.

  243. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:


    I very much respect the approach you took to your comment,

    What proof might you and the other people who need more convincing need? What have i not included that i should have?

    Thank you

    After about 6 supervisors Daria woo WAS THE ONLY ONE who said it fell under “misuse, abuse, neglect” clause, everyone else saw “unit was too dusty”. The technician refused to repair/replace it because it was too dusty.
    8 months was a general number, I did not do the math, i just knew it had been less than a year, this is the type of scrutiny i am just baffled by.

  244. vizion says:


    Wait, didn’t you say no one told you anything about neglect? Now you’re saying Daria Woo did? So they deem the dust neglect, case closed. Learn for next time. Just as the example I used before with the bugs, if they label it as neglect then there’s really nothing you can do. They’re not trying to screw everyone by making up excuses. If so, we’d hear a lot more cases of Sony rejecting PS3’s because of “neglect”. No, this was likely a justified case where a crap-load of dust and other debris made it impossible to fix, and thus replace.

  245. Pylon83 says:

    Clearly you are not sharp enough to infer that when they say it was too dusty that they are lumping it into “misuse, abuse, neglect”. You are getting caught up in the semantics of it, when the substance is clearly that they felt the unit was not properly taken care of.

  246. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    Yes i definitely want to make a point that the CSR i talk to in the recording seemed like he really did like to help but his hands were tied. He was much more sympathetic and helpful than 90% of the reps i talked to.

    But the other reps i spoke to prior to this have been absolutely astoundingly unsympathetic and unhelpful, as if they know its wrong, they completely ignore it and read say over and over, these are your options sir any other questions i can answer for you today? This was the root of my frustration with the situation and definitely not this rep, but it does bother me when genuinely understanding people tell me there is nothing they can do for me either, and that they dont understand it, but they cant do anything to change it.

    @everyone saying that i was Ambushing the poor guy,
    i see what you’re saying, But the point was that if i was buying a ps3 and i had seen many dusty ps3’s and i was calling in to ps3 tech support or customer service, or pretty much anyone within sony to ask if that were to void the warranty (maybe after today this will change) almost all told me no that it didn’t, and that if this is what has been told to customers and this is what common sense would point towards, it should be what they honor. I called in many times before this just to explain my full situation to a new rep, and see their reaction and see if they could help me out, or lead me to a supervisor who could. Most of the first reps i spoke with were either appalled or confused.

  247. Selic says:


    I don’t think there’s any solid proof you could give us at the moment. It’s no one’s fault, just circumstances. If you had your PS3, you could just give us several photos (Removing your face for privacy if you wish, of course), your PSN name so those of us with PS3s could contact you, that sort of thing. I’m sure there will be folks who still aren’t convinced of course. I think, at this point, there’s really nothing any one can do to verify this incident’s truthiness. You’re just not in a position to give solid evidence, lacking things like the receipt or the PS3 itself, and there’s nothing we can really do. Sony is really the only one that can act right now, and they really should. We have many people, some genuinely concerned and others not so concerned, attacking Sony. The surge protector incident was proof enough that people are too easy to fool, so I’m afraid that unless Sony responds, this incident might get blown way out of proportion before it’s finally cleared up.

  248. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    Only Daria Woo After many many supervisors, and after i asked her specifically where it fell under the warranty, Named off the causes I believe she said “abuse, neglect, acts of god, misuse”. The system was not neglected, I wiped the vents off when they got dusty, i wiped the top off and the lid, The offending dust was found in the USB ports and the MMC reader slots.. your telling me neglect is not cleaning those slots? Are you serious? They admitted that the inside of the system is their responsibility, and that the dust that voided the warranty is in the USB ports, and in the memory stick, cf card etc readers.

  249. nxp3 says:

    If you could call back and record the conversation of the rep saying that your ps3 was voided because of dust it would prove the naysayers wrong. I mean ask the rep why your unit warranty was voided. And if he says because of dust, then you’ll have everyone’s support here I think.

    I’ve read the recording laws. 12 states require that at least one of the party are aware of the recording. 38 states require that all parties are aware of the recording. In your case since they warned you about it being recorded, that is enough for you to record their conversation no matter which state you are in.

  250. pixelsword says:


    Unlike you, I can use computers for things other than porn and games and typing junk. I can to this and work on projects.


    1. if you can’t tell the difference between eight and eleven going on twelve months or count up to eleven, you can forget about that big promotion at McDonalds; just get used to saying “fries are up!”

    You are probably named after your father, as most juniors lead sheltered lives. Tell me I’m wrong.

  251. kathartik says:

    ok so I saw a bunch of posts about the 360 3 year warantee and I don’t know if anyone posted this yet, because I really didn’t feel like sifting through the rest of the comments, but keep in mind that the so-called warantee ONLY covers RROD, if there’s any other sort of failure, like, for instance, read errors (the drive refuses to read any discs and just says to insert a 360 format disc, which is what happened to my first one) they won’t cover it. at all. I’ve already seen it happen to a couple of people… one person it scratched his copy of gears of war up and then immediately started giving the disc read error… MS said they would not cover it because the warantee would only cover RROD and he had to pay for it out of his own pocket…

  252. Soldrak says:

    @ivealwaysgotmail10: Basically what we’re getting from this whole conundrum Ive, is that if a CSR isn’t licking your boots over the phone, then they are clearly being rude to you and deserve to be fired. Am I right?

  253. adehus says:

    The CSR is not the issue… he did all he could, about as well as he could.

    The issue is the difference between what Sony says they’ll take care of vs what they actually do. Saying exposure to dust will void the warranty is like saying that exposure to air voids the warranty. Can’t have one without the other, and it’s funny how all of my other electronics have managed to resist the ravages of demon dust all of these years. What is it with people here and their instinct to reflexively turn against those who show every indication of being wronged?

  254. adehus says:

    @Selic: Sony should respond… with this degree of exposure, any lack of response is equal to admitting guilt.

  255. vizion says:


    1.) It’s the weekend

    2.) Sony never said exposure to dust voids your warranty.

    3.) Have you ever looked inside your computer? If you don’t clean the insides after a year of having it mostly on, dust will collect. And that’s with better fan systems. The PS3 has one large fan that sucks dust in, and tries to blow it out.

    3.) The dust likely didn’t get blown out properly because he had it closesd inside an entertainment center

    4.) Computer technicicans have refused to work on excessively dusty computers and electronics before, this is not something new.

    5.) We are taking his word that he dusted properly. But what reason does Sony have to lie? Are they rejecting PS3’s often? I highly doubt it.

  256. adehus says:

    @vizion: 1) Says Monday on my calendar.

    2) Says who?

    3) Sounds like you’re saying that the ps3’s design is faulty.

    3 (part two)) Now you can’t put a game console in an entertainment center?!

    4) If you say so… it’s certainly new to me. In fact, I’ve never had any problems like that, and I’ve owned and overseen the repairs of over 12 computers. My PS2 resided in a positively filthy apartment with a bunch of lazy college guys… it never died of dust (and there was plenty of it!)

    5) What percentage of people complain? Get their complaints published?? You may ‘highly doubt it’, and I highly doubt you.

  257. vizion says:


    1.) It’s not Monday for everybody yet brainiac. The point was if you happened to miss it was, If Sony is going to reply it wouldn’t be till Monday, like you know during the day?

    2.) Where are you confused? The title says “Dust voids your PS3”. That’s misleading. Sony never said that. Damage from neglect voids your PS3. Replace excessive dust with excessive cockroaches and tell me what’s the difference. Sony deemed this excessive amount of dust a problem that led to them unable to fix the PS3 and thus unable to provide a replcaement. This can only be due to some form of neglect. Read the first post. This guy never took it out of his entertainment center.

    3.) Now you’re sounding like an xbot. Because the PS3 doesn’t have tons of fans like a PC does it somehow implies that it’s flawaed? Are you that unintelligent? It means it’s a console that has limited space inside, so it has one large heatsink to do the work on multiple heatsinks. This is not a flaw. The heatsink on the 360 is flawed. If proper ventillation and dusting is not done, obviously dust will build up. You can put the PS3 whereever you want, but does that mean you should neglect to clean it? Can we guarantee that he cleaned it. Again, give me a reason why Sony is lying here. If you’re automatically goign to believe this person, and not believe Sony then that’s called a bias. I on the other hand raise questions as to Sony’s motive for saying they can’t fix it. They weren’t trying to con him out of $150.

    4.) Read the comments here and on digg and you’ll find plenty of cases where engineers and tech support have refused to work on an excessively dusty PC. The situation is only similar to the console situation. It’s worse however with consoles since size of components are smaller in order to reduce the overall size. A PC case has a lot more room in most sitations.

    Did your PS2 have as much processing power as the PS3? Did it have a huge heatsink? Did you leave it on for most of the day? Did you have a wake-on LAN so it powers on to do folding at home for hours? No you didn’t. So they’re not very comparable situations are they?

    5.) If there was a huge problem of people getting their PS3’s rejected because of dust, are you honestly saying we wouldn’t have heard about it by now? Would the CSR seem so geniunely confused with the situation? Would that imply that there is a widespread dust problem? or is this a rare case where this guy had his PS3 in an entertainment center, kept it on for most of the year and rarely if ever dusted it. We can only base how dusty his room his on his story. But again, if you’re going to not believe Sony is telling the truth here, then how can you believe this guy?

  258. blkpaladin says:

    There is a way to get legal action done that will not cost any money, just your time. If you go to a lawyer that deals in corporate law, you may be able to get it knocked up to a class action lawsuit, but there are a few things about these lawsuits:
    1) You need about three or more other people who have had problems with getting there system fixed under warranty for “stupid” reasons.
    2) You don’t have to pay money but about 90% of any winnings from these types of cases go into the lawyer’s pockets. But you will be able to usually get the problem resolved.

    Finally about Sony they really never had any good out of the box warranty for any of there products. Sony did admit that their PS2 launch day drives did have a problem but if you were unfortunate enough to have one and it was to the point you needed a new drive you had to buy the kit to fix the systems, but the labor would be covered which is usually par for the course for electronic companies. But out of the three current console companies they have the worse service. In my opinion Nintendo has the best were if it is within a year from the purchase and a major component fails all you have to do is bring it to an authorized repair center. They look to see if there are major signs of neglect and they have Nintendo send you a new one. Microsoft took a while to get a similar replacement plan.

    When Japan charged Sony with price fixing in their home country my brother came up with a little saying that he thinks Sony should make their slogan. Sony – Inferior products for Superior prices.

  259. Lycus says:

    IF the reason Sony is not replacing IVE’s PS3 is due to dust build-up, Sony is clearly at fault. I had a Sony Ericsson phone that quit getting reception, and I sent it in for repairs – it was sent back to me along with a printed picture of the phone’s internals that was slow blurry it must’ve been taken with a .005 megapixel camera.

    Apparently, a small sensor on the phone that detects humidity had been activated, indicating my phone had sustained ‘water damage,’ though I don’t live in a humid environment and my phone had never been submerged in water. I was told by the tech rep I spoke to that my phone would not be repaired because of “water damage and corrosion.” There was no corrosion. I cracked that fvckin’ phone open, and everything but that little red sensor was fine.

    To contrast this, more recently, my Nintendo® Wiiâ„¢ decided it really, really liked my Wii Sports disc, and it that it would be best not to eject it. After about a week of this, being unable to eject the disc, I got tired of bowling and playing golf, and decided to call-up Nintendo – they only asked me for my address, phone number, and the Wii’s serial number. They didn’t ask for a receipt, proof of purchase, or anything like that. They sent me a UPS label that arrived within three days. I sent-off my Wii, it arrived at their facilities on a Friday.

    That same day a new Wii, containing all the data and games from my previous Wii, were shipped-off and arrived in four days. They were unable to repair my Wii, so they just sent me a new one. It was an entirely painless experience. Nintendo handled the incident extremely professionally and courteously.

    I’ve had bad experience with Sony products in general the past few I’ve purchased (DVD burners, phones, headphones). They seem shoddy to me, and Sony doesn’t seem to treat customers properly. Sony doesn’t stand behind their products. They’re a company worth avoiding. This is not an isolated incident.

    Look elsewhere – companies like Nintendo know how to better treat their customers.

  260. rockasoo says:

    Yeah, I’m with the majority of the ppl. I was a Sony Playstation fanboy for the first two generations. PS3 came out and I figured I’d wait for a while for a resonable price point (early adopters always get screwed). Games aren’t coming out as they were promised and this dust fiasco is enough to finally change my mind completely. I’m going with a 360, I can’t believe how far Sony has fallen..

  261. Demaskee says:

    Count me as one more person never purchasing a sony product ever again!

  262. busboy33 says:

    Let me see if I’ve got this straight.
    You accused people of lying who claimed they were suffering a RRoD failure of their 360? Assuming that’s true, then I would have thought you learned that people complaining about a failure of their system, or poor customer service, might have merit to their arguments . . . after all, you do recognize if you were accusing the RRoD-sayers of being liars that you appear to have been wrong, right?
    btw, MS wasn’t forced to do anything. They extended the warranty for good PR . . . and it worked. They could have simply told their consumers to go climb a tree, but they didn’t. That’s a smart business call, not being forced.
    I am sorry you had a bad experience with 360 CS. I had a RRoD outside of the original warranty, before they announced the extended warranty, and I had no problems whatsoever. Actually, I was shocked at how friendly and helpful the CSR was. I guess some people can have a bad experience and others a good experience.
    I’ve never claimed MS were “angels”, nor am I, or have I, defended them. They treated me right, and they’ve treated many of their other customers right. Many people have claimed to have a bad experience (you, for example), and I don’t doubt it’s true. That doesn’t change my good experience, any more than my good experience changes your bad one. Does my good experience mean MS can do no wrong, always treat every single customer perfectly, and a perfect in every way? Of course not — if I thought like that, I’d be a silly fanboy.

    MS has a poor design, true. However, I’ve heard many more positive experiences with MS CS than I have negative ones. In fact, I’ve never had a poor MS CS experience, with either the 360 or the original Xbox. These positive experiences are limited to the games division . . . frankly, I’m disgusted by their computer CSRs.
    I have heard many, many negative reports of Sony CS over the years, including my own with my PS2. As several previous posters have mentioned, Sony is somewhat “notorious” for their CS, and not in a good way.
    Your idea of precedent is mixing two things: hardware and customer service. You claim that MS’s poor design makes claims of a RRoDd 360 believable, but claims of poor customer service from Sony are questionable because they have set a “precedent for strong customer service for the PS3”.
    As I said, I’ve heard (and experienced firsthand) poor Sony CS. I have not heard many stories of good Sony CS. That’s not to say they aren’t out there . . . I’m sure some people have had great experiences with them. After all, they have (probably) hundreds of CSRs, and no doubt many of them are good. I just haven’t heard many stories of PS3s breaking and Sony going above-and-beyond to solve the problem. I do follow all the major game companies in the news and on the Internet, so I’m suprised I missed this wave of positive news. Given that there hasn’t been much posting about defective or broken PS3s period, I’m not suprised news of the good service has gone unmentioned.
    As I said before, the poor Sony CS I and many others have received leads me to not doubt the OP — using your example, this is something that has happened many times before. If I heard a story like this about 360 CS, I’d still tend to believe it, despite my good experiences (and the good experiences of my friends and acquaintences).
    If this were simply some attempt to anonymously smear Sony on the Internet, why is IveAlwaysGotMail following the story through? If it’s a lie, his dogged pursual of it seems to be pretty stupid. Usually, these lies/rumors are thrown out once, and then the poster fades away. That’s not the case here. That doesn’t give you any pause in disbelieving him? He certainly isn’t acting like someone who is just making it up.
    Here’s my problem with the Sony “apologists”. They are arguing two different, and completely incompatible, positions: it’s not true and it’s your fault for being a pig. If it’s not true, then the OPs PS3 isn’t actually being denied repair for excessive dust. If the dust is in fact the OPs fault, then that is in fact why they are denying the repairs. How could it be both? The only reason to argue both is if you already have an ultimate result you want to reach, via whatever path will get you there: Sony hasn’t been a dick.
    This style of “argument” unfortunately betrays the position of the arguer. People pushing both aren’t interested in the truth, but rather in defending Sony, however they can accomplish that. If people have already decided that Sony can do no wrong, then there really isn’t any reason to try and convince them otherwise — their bias will automatically label anybody that refutes their position as “liars”.
    Do you think the posters on this thread alone claiming to have received poor Sony CS in the past are all faking it? Were you around for the PS2s legendary drive failures, and Sony’s denials of a problem? Were all the internet posters complaining out to get them? Seems like an awful lot of people with an axe to grind. Mabye there’s something to it after all.

  263. Eddie2010 says:

    You make too many assumptions and put words in my mouth. I defended the console and questioned weather they were telling the truth or not, see not everyone is truthfull. There were probably some PS3 fandboys trying to influence people opinions, Much like there are Xbox 360 fanboys doing the same.

    Everything I said about my reasons for not defending them is absolutely true and is backed up by official statements and by other people with simular experiences.

    There is too many contradictions in his statements for people not to question him.

    You are speculating he is telling the truth.

    I am speculating that he may not be entirely honest based on his contradictory staements.

  264. Eddie2010 says:

    @busboy33: You do realize that most of waht you say is a lot of double talk.

  265. novellterminator says:

    Looking at this as unbiased as possible, forgetting the fact that Sony is a company and has billions of dollars, some of which is apparently needs to spend on better PR, I do believe that based on their definition, dust is a valid excuse to void your warranty. They say:


    If you send them a PS3 which is caked in dust, then that does qualify as misuse/abuse/negligence. You said yourself that you put it in the entertainment center, where it “belongs”, as advertised. But do you really expect them to show a warning label at the bottom of the commercial which states “Warning: Dust build up can be hazardous to the health of your PS3.” It’s really common sense. Why pay $600 for something that you’re not going to take good care of? Reminds me of the woman suing for spilling coffee on herself because she didn’t know it was hot. Not only that, but you said in the manual they actually told you to clean the ports with a small vacuum and that you just didn’t read that part. So why is that their fault?

    That being said, if I were Sony, I’d have just fixed it for the PR. Why would they fight a consumer over something so small? Seems rather silly.

    That’s just my two cents.

  266. OmegaNight says:

    First off, sorry dude for all the crap you have to go through with this. I know it was a nightmare for me when I had to send in my 360, especially becasue when I got red-ringed I had just gotten Gears out of it’s plastic wrap.

    Secondly, this is going to be added to the other reasons that I will never, ever consider buying a P…no, scratch that, they don’t even deserve caps, ps3.

    Finally, a story of my 360’s RRoD. Like I said earlier, I had literally had just gotten my GoW game out of the plastic wrap when I turned on my Box, and bam, Red-ringed, or would it be rung? Oh well, either way. I had quickly called the 360 service line and got hold of a really cool dude, for the life of me I can’t remember his name, I believe it was Dave…he sounded like a total beach bum, but whatever. I had told him my sob story of how as soon as I turned on my 360 I got a weird noise and the three red rings, and how desperately I wanted to play Gears. He had a good laugh and told me that it was a common problem that they were experiencing with their launch models, and that if I sent it in I would promptly have mine repaired and sent back to me within a few weeks completely free of charge. Of course I agreed, and literally within days I had gotten the box to send my 360 away in (pause for sad moment music). I believe it was probably 3 days after I had sent it away I got a call back from Dave. He said that he was personally calling to let me know that the service center had gotten my baby, and that it would be fixed in no time.
    Anyways, flash forward a few weeks; I get my 360 back good as new. All was good in the neighborhood.

    Hate to rub it in, but I would rather everyone hear a good story then one of my horror stories with Dell.

  267. Eddie2010 says:

    I going to respond to some of your other statEments:

    They(MS) extended the warenty for good PR….
    and it worked. They could have simply told their Customersto go climb a tree, That’s a smart buiseness call.

    If they were being an upstanding company, they would have fixed the problemwithin a month or two of the system release, and avoided the PRProblem. If so up to date with gaming news you would Know an extremely large number of consoles being returned for the three red ring problem, if you don’t believe me google it and look at the date of the
    posts or articles. They Knew about the problem from day one but denied it, they only admitted to the problem after all the bad press ( a year and a half after the fact). I stick to the obvious, They did it to save face.

    I’ve Never claimed MS were “Angels”

    That was a statement from me and not responce to what you said.

    I’ve Heard many more positive experiences With MS than I have negative ones.

    Google it check the Xbox 360 forums, You are seeing what you want to see. Yes Sony has had hardware problems and all of them were fixed within a couple of months of being revieled but there has not been a widespread problem with the PS3. I would say Ps3 is pretty reliable. Can’t say the same for the Xbox 360, and I was talking about this generation of consoles.

    AS I said, I’VE HEARD (and experenced firsthand)Poor Sony CS.

    Never said or implied that that people have not recieved poor Sony customer service, But have honestly read about bad MS Customer service
    more often.

    I’m surprised I missed this wave of positive news.

    I don’t recall saying anything about a wave positive news.
    When things are working well people tend not say anything.PS3 are working well for the majority of people, if they weren’t it would be all over the internet.

    Here’s My problem with the Sony “apologist”.

    That statement sounds arrogant to me, as does most of your post.Read your own post and you would see that you sound like a Microsoft “apologist”,
    I don’t think Sony is perfect, but I do think they get overly criticised.

    Lastly the original post is so obsurd that it should be questioned.If the console is indeed full of dust in such a short period of time it would have had to been subjected to an extremely dirty envirement, its not possible otherwise. He says himself that the USB ports were quite dusty but the the PS3 was not. He repeatedely says that the PS3 is a dust catcher and that everyone Knows that, like it sucking dust fom the ends of the earth. Any shiny black object is going to show dust, the PS3 attracts no more dust than any other electronic device. I think that it probably is extremely dusty and he knows that. You say why would he be so persistent if he weren’t telling the truth. Why would Sony be so persistent if they didn’t think the problem wasn’t being handle properly. I don’t think they are going out of there way to not honor a warenty claim from one person.

  268. swaswj says:


    First, I’d like to get out of the way that Microsoft was forced. There was a class-action lawsuit in the works, and knowing the extent of the problem, even MS would have had a hard time with it. They increased the warranty, effectively decapitating the lawsuit before it could go through.

    Now, as for your response to me, you’re trying to put me in a position I’m not in. What I’ve been saying is that I want to see more information before I pick a side, and I feel that anyone who blindly sides with a complaining customer (on the internet, no less) is acting foolishly. I have said that I don’t think he’s telling the whole truth, but I haven’t called him an outright liar.

    I’m not surprised you don’t care about the PS3’s customer service, but that was something I looked into before purchasing my PS3 many months back. Of the over 100 cases I read over time relating to the PS3, all were positive. Since bad news makes it to the internet faster than good news, this seems strongly in Sony’s favor. Note that we’re talking about the present and the consoles for both companies — we’re not talking about PS2/Xbox/Vaio/Windows, which all have horror stories attached.

    The only negative hits on PS3’s hardware failure or customer service are the afore-mentioned surge protector story (debunked), and the recent “40% of 40GBs fail!” story (also debunked). Now this dust story.

    Now, Ive has been telling a few different stories. First story was that he put it in the entertainment center and never touched it again. Second was that he dusted it off periodically. In the comments here, he actually states directly that he did not clean out the ports on his PS3. Considering the positive feedback on PS3 customer support, the lengths to which consumers will go to be proven right, and the fickleness of his did clean/didn’t clean part of the story, it leaves me to wonder two important things: how much did Ive actually take care of his PS3, and what was the actual condition of it?

    He’s trying to make it sound like it might be just a little smudged, but it was obviously in bad enough condition to break (something very few PS3s do, and you know there’s a ton of customers who’ve never even considered cleaning their PS3s).

  269. bonzombiekitty says:

    Again, I’d like to note that the trick on recording the call is dubious at best.

  270. sonichghog says:

    @Eddie2010: Im not buying a PS3 does not = I love the 360.

    Equating that, just makes you look like a sony fanboy.

    This post is about a Sony issue, pointing out the the 360 has a history that is worse is meaningless to this arguement, and just makes you look like a fanboy.

    When you hear verizon complaints, and someone chimes in that Cingular has problems too, is not relivent to the verizon issue either.

    Here is one to make you think though..I own a PS1, PS2, and PSPs. I will not be getting a PS3. What kind of fanboy does that make me then????

  271. adehus says:

    @vizion: 1) Well, it’s inarguably Monday now…

    2) Where are you confused? The guy claims Sony said dust was the problem. You’re putting tons of effort into saying that dust is such a huge issue for electronics, but then not agreeing that Sony might just have actually said it to the PS3 owner?!

    3) If every other piece of electronics besides the PS3 can make it past 8 months without failure due to dust, then yeah… sounds like a design flaw. Ask the guy- have any of the other electronics he’s bought and put in the same environment failed?

    4) They absolutely are comparable situations. They’re game machines. One was apparently engineered to do what was asked of it, and the other wasn’t.

    5) Who knows how many run into this problem? And honestly, who cares??? Why do I trust this guy over Sony? Because I’ve had problems with Sony customer service before. They’re shysters. I believe him. I can’t believe anyone who reads Consumerist would doubt him. But, I could be wrong… so as I said before… let Sony respond!

  272. busboy33 says:

    @EDDIE2010 and SWASWJ:

    Eddie first.
    I’m not trying to be a MS apologist, as this thread should have nothing to do with MS. This is about Sony and Ive and the PS3 period. What MS does or doesn’t do, what Nintendo does, none of that have any bearing whatsoever on Ive and his PS3.
    I can only see one reason to talk about MS and their warranty and hardware failures when speaking of Sony . . . and that is to take the focus off Sony.

    You call extending the warranty for the 360 an effort to “save face”. To me, that means keeping or building a good name — which I refer to as good PR. I suppose one reflects a negative view of the company, and one reflects a positive view, but it seems we are agreeing on what happened, just flavoring it differently. As a fan of the 360, let me again say that MS is irrevelant to Sony, Ive, and his PS3.
    You’ve read more about bad customerservice from MS than Sony this generation . . . I don’t doubt that. My question is, did and do you question the integrity of those people as you are questioning Ives integrity?
    You say my post sounds arrogant, and you are right . . .it does. I apologize for my tone. Its late, I’m tired, and what I see as blatant fanboy-ism just pissed me off, and my anger came into my post. Not to defend my bad attitude, but I’d rather sound arrogant than be rude, and the SDF posts in this thread are just that — rude. Many people have commented that Ive seems rude in his posts, or in his speaking to the CSR. Quite frankly, if I was getting jacked around like he describes and insulted by anonymous strangers I’d be pretty hot under the collar too.
    You say that the OP is “absurd” — why? You say, essentially, that it must be extremely dusty at his residence . . . doesn’t that make his story true? You note that Ive claimed the PS3 is a “dust magnet”, as if that’s a scientific phrase. Mabye it doesn’t gather more dust than other consumer electronics . . . so what? I’d call my laptop a “dust magnet”, since it gathers dust quicker than the desk it’s currently sitting on. That doesn’t mean it is “sucking dust fom the ends of the earth” — it just means the friggin’ thing gets dusty. Posters have made a big deal about Ive saying he dusted the console but didn’t swab out the USB ports. When I wipe my laptop down, I refer to it as “dusting” or “cleaning” or “wiping” my computer. I don’t take a toothpick and scrape between the keys, I don’t get alcahol swabs to dab at the ports . . . I just wipe the thing down. Nothing in that description I think is outrageous, or unreasonable, or “absurd”. All of that seems to me to make the story true, not false.
    What part of Ive’s story is unbelievable to you? That Sony denied the repairs for dust, or that his living quarters aren’t filthy? Assuming the latter, again so what? I’ve seen, and unfortunately lived in, some dirty environments — four male college bachelors chain-smoking in a tiny, unventilated apartment make for quite a filth and dust factory. None of our electronics quit working.
    Again, if the problem is with believing Ive’s version of the state of his apartment, that would seem ot mean that you do believe Sony is denying the repairs on his PS3 for dust. The tenor of the “he’s lying” posts in this thread seem to be arguing the opposite — it’s all a lie designed to make Sony look bad. As in there is no PS3 in for repairs, or that’s not why they denied the warranty. The two positions are mutually exclusive, and thus my saying it sounds like many of the posters here are simply trying to defend Sony, whatever the rationale.
    Why would Sony deny the claim if it wasn’t valid? There could be many reasons. The paranoid reason would be that there is, in fact, a design flaw, and they don’t want to set a precedent. The more likely reason is Sony doesn’t even know about this yet. It’s not as if corporate headquarters reviews all repair denials. This could simply be a low-level tech and a bad CSR manager making a call, in this case a very bad one. Would it be “fair” to blame Sony for the actions of these people? About as “fair” as blaming MS for a CSR that laughs at a customer. Unfortunately, these representatives are the voice and face of Sony, and their bad actions are going to reflect on the company as a whole, regardless of the appropriateness of their actions.

    Now to SWASWJ . . .
    No, MS wasn’t forced. There was talk of a class-action lawsuit, true. MS as a corporation fights lawsuits literally every day. They fight lawsuits against entire countries and markets. The threat of a lawsuit doesn’t “force” them to do anything. The risk of bad PR does. They could have fought the class action, but it benefitted them more to “do the right thing” and extend the warranty. Did they do it because they are all sweetness and love? Of course not. It was a cold, calculated business decision. But it wasn’t “forced”, as in they had no choice, or somebody/something made them do it.
    You say you don’t think he’s telling the whole truth, but you haven’t called him an outright liar. What’s the difference? Let me ask this . . . do you think Sony is actually denying the repairs to his PS3 because of “excessive dust” or not? If you don’t, then it seems to me you think he’s a liar, regardless of whether you come outright and say it as bluntly as that. If you do, then it seems you believe him on everything except how dirty his living quarters are, which doesn’t really deal with the fundamental issue in the post (Sony denying repairs for dust). I’m not trying to put words in your mouth . . . if there is a third way to look at this, I’m open to hear it.
    I honestly don’t see the conflicting parts of Ive’s statements. He said he “never touched it”. I assume that’s a general statement, as opposed to him stating a literal fact. If he put a game or movie in the unit, he would have had to touch it. If he literally never touched it, he would never had known it was broken in the first place. I took that statement to mean he put it in his entertainment center and left it there, rather than moving it from location to location. I didn’t understand him to be stating “I have never come into physical contact with the console.” You find contradictory statements in his saying he dusted the unit, but didn’t specifically clean the USB ports . . . see my comments to Eddie about dusting above. None of this changes for me the basic issue: Sony denying the repair for dust. None of those statements seem dishonest or deceitful to me.
    Again, do you believe that Sony is actually denying the repair for dust or not? As I said before, I’ve seen and lived in some dusty places. For a piece of hardware to fail after less than a year due to environmental dust would, in my mind, take a staggering ammount of dust . . . so much so that it seems unbelievable to me his residence could be THAT dusty.
    Lets assume that his residence is actually that dirty — that he lives in an impenetrable cloud of smoke. That would mean you think Sony is refusing the repair on legitimate grounds. As I said before, I find that level of filth to be incredible, but even assuming it’s true, then I feel Sony should still honor the warranty. They are marketing the PS3 to 18-30 year old males. That is, to be stereotypical, an extremely messy demographic. At this point, I’d have to see the thick coating of filth inside the PS3 to think it went beyond what any other PS3 (or 360, or Wii) has to endure. There doesn’t seem to be a reason to imply Ive is a liar.

    If you didn’t read my comments to eddie, let me also apologize to you for the snarkiness of my comments before.

  273. G-Dog says:

    customer service at it’s finest!!!

    I wonder how many Wii’s this has happened to. If you consider Nintendo JUST ended their tech support for the original NES, I’d say no.

  274. jeffjohnvol says:

    Is it possible that there were obstructions to the intake vents (paperwork on top perhaps? or sitting directly on carpet) and thus ended up with the USB ports getting most of the air coming in, and receiving all the dust?

    This could also cause a failure because of inadequate cooling and the thing cooked to death.

    I have no idea what the thing looks like (don’t have one) so don’t call me an idiot. I’m just speculating as to how dust could accumulate in the USB ports.

  275. Lemming says:

    ‘Modificated’? It doesn’t take much of an education to be a CSR does it?

  276. synergy says:

    “Modificated”? Really?! Sheesh. Learn to speak people.

  277. witeowl says:

    @bonzombiekitty: I agree. Why not just say, “Hey, just to let you know, your bosses aren’t the only ones recording this. I’m recording also. Now, here’s the situation…”

  278. Arsenal6 says:

    wow that was fierce conversation…gotta feel bad for the CSR but damn that really sucks ps3 dust -_-

  279. adehus says:

    What? No response from Sony?! Imagine that…

  280. grangerfx says:

    This is rediculous. Noone should buy a PS3 or any other Sony product until they they acknowledge the problem and promise to fix it under waranty. If this turns out to affect an increasing number of PS3s after just a year of use, the waranty must be extended and/or the PS3 should be recalled. I am amazed that noone from Sony is willing to stand behind their product and solve this problem.

  281. grangerfx says:

    One more thing: The dust in this guy’s PS3 is not caused by his dusty environment. It is caused by the PS3’s massive fan combined with Folding@Home requiring that the PS3 be left on all the time with maximum CPU utilization and therefor airflow. The problem is a defect in the PS3. It should have been designed to avoid trapping dust or should have come with a user cleanable air filter.

  282. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:


    Thats a good idea, but it still inspires them to think why exactly they are being recorded by you, and encourages them not to say things they normally would if they knew the recording would never be reviewed.

    @ people who dont have PS3 systems

    This article shows a ps3 after 3 weeks of use, already dusty.

  283. vizion says:


    So one reported case of excessive dust equates to a design flaw? Wow, I feel sorry for you. Your logic is really flawed :(

  284. adehus says:

    @vizion: Yeah, potentially. Who knows, could be the first of many… if only one is showing the problem, then why wouldn’t Sony just fix it rather than endure the beating it’s taking right now?

    Funny, still haven’t heard anything from Sony, have we?

  285. Eddie2010 says:

    @busboy33: You say you had no intention of apologising for MS, but at least half of your post is doing just that.

    MS “Apologist” Fanboy , Please everyone see this guy for what he really is.

    Your not as smart as you think you are.

  286. Eddie2010 says:

    @ivealwaysgotmail10: in other word Xbots.

  287. Eddie2010 says:

    @synergy: See what you get when yu MS support, someone in India.

  288. Eddie2010 says:

    @ivealwaysgotmail10: Run your fingers accross any electronic device after three weeks of not dusting, your going to have dust on your finger, just becaus its not noticable doesn’t meen its not there.

  289. Eddie2010 says:

    @grangerfx: Out of all the people using there PS3 for folding at home without a single problem this one guys dusty console proves that PS3’s Have a design.

    Does playing the Xbox 360 Make you stupid, because if it does, I’m going to stop using mine.

  290. swaswj says:


    The tenor of the “he’s lying” posts in this thread seem to be arguing the opposite — it’s all a lie designed to make Sony look bad.

    Honestly? I don’t think this is about Sony (or Microsoft) at all. What it honestly feels like is a guy who voided his warranty and knows that if you make a big enough fuss over it the company will cater to you just so you’ll be quiet. My first job was at Lowe’s, and even on that low level I’ve seen people go to ridiculous degrees to have voided warranties honored or to return goods that they damaged.

    What part of Ive’s story is unbelievable to you? That Sony denied the repairs for dust, or that his living quarters aren’t filthy?

    I don’t believe that Sony denied his repairs for dust. I believe they denied his repairs for negligence, and in the midst of telling him this said something about dust. He then latched onto the “dust” comment, knowing how ridiculous it would sound to the internet. Ridiculous enough that I don’t find it very likely that dust was the whole reason or even the biggest part of the reason his repairs were denied.


    I’ve had my PS3 for seven months now, and I have never seen any degree of dust like that. I don’t live in the cleanest environment either (although I do try to take care of my PC, PS3, and tv).

  291. Eddie2010 says:

    @sonichghog: Never said all of them, but those that mention or tell people to buy an Xbox 360 at the end of each coomment are probably Xbox 360 fanboys. I’m not a fanboy of any console, I own all three next gen consoles and have or own nearly every console before this gen. Sometimes the playing field needs to be leveled. I am tire of people justifying there purchase of one console by saying all others are crap, and there has been many post here doing just that. I’ve defended the Xbox 360 when I felt it was needed, Now I’m defending the PS3 because I feel it is needed.

    My oppinions, like them or not, there are people who feel the same as I do.

  292. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    Yeah too bad the first call I got period about the whole incident was from Neil, who told me my ps3 was too dusty to be replaced, nothin else, not mentioning neglect etc, to get the exact clause of the warranty that dust fell under i had to go through 4 supervisors.
    This is the only reason that the repair was denied, Neil even said earlier that they had received the unit “in good condition”

    DUST LIKE WHAT?! you havent even seen my damn console!?!

  293. Eddie2010 says:

    Sony offered everyone who had that demo disc erasing game saves problem the opertunity to get a free game. I Know because I had the problem and recieve a free game.

    I also had a problem with my PS1 years ago, the disk drive over heating the laser. They replaced it and sent me a T-Shirt, a baseball cap and playstation underground demo disc.

    The PS2 scratching disc problem, even though they stupidly denied it at first was fixed in a resonable time(within a couple of months)

    The problem with the PSP having dead pixals they admitted to but ask people to use the PSP and see if they could live with the problem(Kinda Dumb), If not, they could get a replacement. Still fixed within a reasonable amount of time.

    In all the cases they offered an oppollogy, both publicly and with emails.

    Almost all console launches have problems, even though the PS3 didn’t have any hardware issues at launch. This one customer service problem doesn’t meen they have one now.

    Sony has never been a company associated with having bad customers service. Sure there are cases of bad customer service, but for the most part there one of the better companies as far as customer service goes.
    They just recieved a major award for there over all good customers service.

    One of the reason the Playstation brand has done so well is because of the Sony name. Most people associate Sony with quality and inovation. Walkman, Vega Tv’s, Bravia LCD TV’s, Great Cameras, and great gaming machines.

    Why are people using this single customer service problem(and I have my doupts)as a reason to bash the entire Sony company.

  294. busboy33 says:

    How and where have I made excuses for MS?
    I said the 360 has a RRoD problem — true.
    I said MS extended the warranty — true.
    I said they got good PR for doing it — true.
    I said I have received good CS from them — true.
    I said others have no doubt received bad CS from them — true.
    I said I would believe a poster claiming they received bad CS from MS — true.
    Where am I apologizing or making excuses for MS? Or are you going to jump on another issue completely removed from Sony refusing the warranty for Ive? Can’t wait to hear your zingers for this one — I’ve got my football helmet on and everything.

    p.s. as someone who can spot an “attention whore”, you sure do fill up these threads with your posts.

  295. busboy33 says:

    Fair enough. That makes sense (what you don’t believe about Ive’s story), and although I disagree there’s no cosmic law that says we can’t simply believe different things. I also doubt that “dust” is why they are denying the warranty . . . but I have no trouble believing that some idiot at Sony CSR claimed it was dust. Some CSRs (and unfortunately, some CSR managers) say silly things. Whether or not it was the actual reason the PS3 broke (I just can’t imaging a living envornment that dusty) a CSR saying something like that seems sadly believable to me, and once a “dusty” comment got made it’s very hard for good CSRs to jump to another, more legitimate rationale.

    Would it be fair for me to assume that you don’t believe Ive lives in a dust factory as some of the posters in these threads are claiming?

    btw . . . are there two threads? It seems there are different comments alternating between when I look in during the day and the night, as some comments only seem to appear either/or.

  296. swaswj says:


    DUST LIKE WHAT?! you havent even seen my damn console!?!

    Like either of the pictures in the story you just linked. I know the first picture was fabricated for the purpose of another story (claiming the PS3 had no games), and the second picture has way more dust than my PS3 — in an environment with a cat and two dogs, no less — accumulated in two months before I began cleaning it.

    No, I haven’t seen your console. I’ve said several times that I would like to actually see something about the console. That would be the huge difference between you abusing it and Sony being anal.


    No, I don’t believe he lives in a dust factory… or, like a few have said, that he dumped dust in the console just to see what would happen.

    And yes, it’s fair to disagree. Perhaps I’m just a bit jaded by what I’ve seen before. At that first job, out in hicksville, we once had a guy put a story in the newspaper, saying that Lowe’s refused to refund his money after selling him a damaged riding lawnmower — the newspaper, on the front page (not headline, but front page).

    The truth of the matter was that the first thing he did was drive over a rockbed that broke both of his blades (which he could have bought replacements for), and the Lowe’s employees could tell that’s what happened — but after the news story, they gave him a new lawnmower. That’s not the only thing like that I’ve seen, just the most dramatic from my time working there.

    Even back then, I thought to myself that if it had been a younger person it would have been plastered all over the internet. And in fact, you see things like this fairly regularly on the internet. So my judgment may be colored by past experiences.

    Everyone tries to turn it into Sony vs. Microsoft (even I get drawn into the arguments sometimes), but it’s just a man trying to get his fixed PS3 back. The only question is whether it just broke… or he broke it.

  297. busboy33 says:

    Oddly enough, I’m approaching it from the same prespective, but opposite factual situation — many moons ago, I worked as a CSR for an insurance company, and the utterly poor, negligent service I witnessed on that side of the desk makes me suspicious of pretty much all CSRs. You saw crazy return-happy customers, I saw abusive, uncaring and incompetent CSRS. Can’t change our experiences, or the biases we develop from them I guess.

  298. judgedredd says:

    Wow, goes to show how little Sony cares for its customers. As has
    been shown, dust does not invalidate your warranty & everyone knows
    how much dust a PS3 sucks in. Especially as they allow you to run F@H
    which can be on 24/7. Ive posted this on a few forums & hopefully
    the more word that spreads of how dodgy Sony customer service is the
    more people will either stay away from buying Sony products or they
    will be able start a class action law suit agaisnt Sony.

  299. bumblebee5 says:

    This should have been an easy fix for Sony – repair or replace the
    unit & return to sender. Obviously due to the amount of money Sony
    is losing from their console division Sony is trying to screw their
    customers in effort to increase their profit margin. Thats utterly
    disgusting treatment by Sony & i believe a boycott of Sony products
    is in order

  300. swaswj says:


    You can’t have a class-action lawsuit if only one person out of 5 million+ has this problem.

  301. adehus says:

    I’ll take Sony’s silence to mean that the situation is exactly as described by the complainant… guilty, I say.

  302. theprof00 says:

    Sony’s biggest mistake was creating the betamax ( which lost by bad luck, it wasn’t porn that did it, but the ability to record 6 hours compared to 1) and creating an angry base of early adopters whom have constantly plagued sony’s every move.

  303. rikkus256 says:

    This is totally BS on Sony’s part. I will NEVER buy a PS3 or any Sony products again.

  304. Mananan says:

    1) This guy lied constantly, changing his story all the time because its complete nonsense.

    2) He is an actor named Reid Godshaw.

  305. ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

    Yes i am an actor, That has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that sony told me my unit was too dusty to be replaced.

    Let me know when you figure out where i lied Because so far ive been Accused of the Following

    Not even owning a ps3,
    Not getting it as a gift
    not dusting it at all
    Being an actor PAID by fox news to appear AS dusty ps3 boy
    Making the whole thing up
    Pouring a vacuum bag on my ps3 in hopes this would happen to raise MS sale on the 360 (WHAT?!!!)
    Doing this to boost my acting career… (guys seriously… in case you didn’t know… there is a writers strike going on, Im not doing much, Its not going to change because I was on the news letting people know that Sonys customer support is horrible)
    Being a 360 fanboy (i don’t even own one)

    So go ahead take your shot, I’ve heard it all, Im quite tired of people jumping to conclusions about my story, anyone who wants to believe me can if you don’t want to, then think what you’d like.

    Bottom line is i wish i made the whole thing up, Because then my sealed copy of heavenly sword would be being played, and i would have a blu-ray player again.

  306. SegaFan4Life says:

    Hi. I am new to this site and I just finished reading this entire article and I wanted to add my 2 cents.

    I am not a sony or microsoft fanboy by any means. If I was to be called such a thing it would be to sega as I still support all of their consoles over anything made today. Also to note..I have never had 1 sega made console break on me ever.

    I just bought myself a PS3 as of late(i don’t support microsoft so I refuse to buy a 360 especially with the consoles failure rate) and actually had a problem where i could not get it online. Sony’s customer service sucked as it cost me over $14 off my cell phone just to get a straight answer to a problem. But I did get a very nice CSR after about 3 others so there are some people who do care about your situation if you do treat them right.

    In any case.. after reading this entire article I must side w/ Ive in this case. If I had to deal with what he is I would just about flip out myself. Sony’s
    warranty might state some things but as a company as a whole they should stand by their hardware. I fully believe Ive deserves some compensation for all this hassle sony’s horrible Customer Service has caused him. As sony is loosing this console war currently they need every supporter they can get. I am a happy PS3 owner at this point…I wouldn’t boycott them as they are the lesser of 2 evils IMO… and neither would Ive it seems as he even bought a game for the PS3.

    I honestly do not think Ive will get his PS3 fixed unless he pays $150 which IMO is insanity. IF they wont touch it for free to end this why agree to do something about it for $150 which is pennies to a huge company like sony?

    I hope this all gets straightened out Ive. No company be they large or small should ever treat their customers this way. I dont care what the situation is. Especially since its their customers who make the company prosper.

  307. Sog says:

    My PS3 was just refused warranty service as well. They wouldn’t even open it up to see what was wrong claiming excessive dust (I’m having them send pictures). The unit was thoroughly cleaned before it was sent in and while in use, the exterior was cleaned every other week and the vents where vacuumed once a month. All my other electronics have worked just fine for years with like maintenance.

  308. clem1967 says:

    Sony replaced my PS3 with no hassles when my BluRay laser failed. But then again, I keep my home clean.

    • ivealwaysgotmail10 says:

      @clem1967: .. i also keep a clean home….i do not however see the need to remove and dust off all of the electronic components in my entertainment center

  309. sta5965262 says:

    I’m so sorry that Sony has treated any of you this way.
    Believe it or not, My PS3 died recently – 2 weeks ago, and I will be getting a new unit Tuesday.

    My Customer Service Experience was rather fast, pleasant, and grade A. The rep I spoke with was fast, curteous and simply told me “they are sending you a brand new unit. My unit just died – flashing red light indicated a heating issue. I was bummed, because I had purchased the thing December 5th, 2007 – It died at only almost close to 7 months old!

    I got a prepaid box by ground to return it – and had an AIR label – made it to PLATO, Texas overnight, and 2 days later, got an e-mail stating my unit is enroute back to me.

    Wondering what’s up, that’s when I got the great news a new unit was on its way back to me.

    I admit, I LUCKED OUT. After reading some of the posts, including the poor fellow who had to deal with rude CSRs and getting his replaced, Sony had to make it right.

    I just wished he was treated kindly, promptly and professionally, and had his unit repaired without all of the bad vibes that virtually make us all think “Customer Service – what’s that?”

    I wish all fellow PS3 owners well, and if/when your unit does need repair, I hope no one else comes across rude CSRs.

  310. Anonymous says:

    I tried to update my PS3 with the latest update Jan 09 and after installing it I can’t use it! So I called them up with the expectation of World class service. I can’t believe that a company that I thought had the highest level of quality and after sales service – Sony…just told me that they are aware of the issue of the PS3 freezing and not reading my Bluray movies and games….but that to get it repaired I would have to bring it in person to Hong Kong where I bought it from when I worked there as an expat. The Singapore Sony branch refuse to discuss the matter or accept it, even to repair for a fee! The CSR from HK, to whom I was transferred, calmly informed me that “there’s no other option Sir, but to bring it in person or send it through one of your friends or relations”. The warranty is a jumble of words that state in paragraph 8 that the console should be transported to the Customer Services Centre of HKMC (Sony’s HK branch) “by hand”. Collection is also required by hand “at the same location”. Therefore, the solution, according to Sony, is to fly to HK and stay there till it is repaired. I might as well buy a Wii (or 360 which I hear also has troubles, but better service) for a fraction of the cost! Anyone wants to buy PS3 games and accessories??!!!

    Sony’s scam should be exposed and spread across the World so that no-one buys their products. This is the end for Sony – a company “built to last” my foot!