Costco Is A Good Place To Buy Eyeglasses?

ABCNews asked a optometrist to write a bifocal prescription and have it filled at Costco, Target, LensCrafters and Walmart, then they asked him to rate the quality of the glasses.

All of the stores failed except Costco.

“Every part of the prescription was nailed 100 percent,” Frazee said of the Costco glasses.

ABC News also had a few other types of glasses made and quite a few of those failed the test as well. Walmart used the wrong materials. Target’s lenses weren’t strong enough. LensCrafters’ glasses just outright sucked: “This was an absolute failure,” Frazee said.

30 states do not have any sort of licensing requirement for opticians, and the state where the test was conducted, Texas, is one of them.

Eyeglass Chain Stores Put to the Test [ABCNews]
(Photo:Orin Optiglot)

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