Some Verizon Phones Adjusted For Daylight Saving Time This Morning, Call For Credit

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Dear Consumerist,

If your Verizon phone randomly adjusted for daylight saving time’s end this morning for no good reason, you may be able to get a service credit by calling to complain, says Nick (who apparently isn’t really a fan of Consumerist):

Dear Consumerist,

I’m not exactly the biggest Consumerist fan out there, but I’m even less of a Verizon fan. I figured I’d point you to the story of their latest snafu.

It seems that some Verizon Wireless phones were accidentally adjusted back an hour for Daylight Saving Time’s end this morning. I got e-mails from several people who woke up an hour late because they use their cell phone as an alarm.

Nick pointed us to a thread on Fat Wallet where some posters claimed they got credits from Verizon.

DST actually ends Nov 4, but due to some new rules this year, its not going very smoothly. Oh well, at least you can get a credit out of it.

(Thanks, Nick!)

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