How To Avoid Boredom While Turning Your Finances Around

The worst part of cutting your expenses is also the worst part of going on a diet. Boredom. Not being able to do exactly what you want, when you want to do it is boring. “Grown up,” but boring.

Trent from The Simple Dollar has some tips for avoiding ennui while saving.

Here’s one that we liked:

Re-evaluate your hobbies There are a lot of enjoyable hobbies out there that don’t require a fistful of cash. Read a book. Start a garden. Take a walk. Fully enjoy the DVDs/video games/CDs you already have. Teach yourself to cook. Then, focus on that hobby and really develop it – if you put in the time at any hobby, you will become more skilled at it. Since figuring out my financial situation, I’ve come to really enjoy cooking, something I didn’t enjoy nearly as much until I decided to actually learn how to do it with some modicum of skill. Not only is it fun, virtually everything I make is cheaper than eating out.

Cooking is fun. Try making something that you usually order at a restaurant. Chances are that you can figure out how to make it, and you might even make it better than the restaurant.

Seven Tips For Avoiding Boredom During A Financial Turnaround [The Simple Dollar]

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