Sears Black Friday ad leaked. Highlights: Toshiba HD-A3 HD DVD Player – $169.99 (was $299.00), Kitchenaid 4.5 Quart Classic Stand Mixer -$159.99, (was $219.00) Sharp Aquos 46″ LCD HDTV – $999.99 (was $1899.00) [Black]


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  1. shan6 says:

    I would love to see that hd dvd player at about $120, probably wont happen though.

  2. rekoil says:

    @shan6: This is pretty impressive, given that it will be selling for less than the $199 the A2 is going for – this may drive the A2 down to the $120 price point you want.

    That said, even at $169 it might not be enough to save the HD-DVD format thanks to Sony’s marketing juggernaut…

  3. silencedotcom says:

    I’ll give this 3 days before Sears tells them to take it down. already had to take down the Wal-Mart ad they got their hands on.

    Personally, I’m still waiting for the Best Buy ad. The GPS system for $150 sounds good though!

  4. foghat81 says:

    That Sharp Aquos at $999.99 is pretty good. Here’s hoping Best Buy, Circuit City, and/or HH Gregg can meet/beat that!

  5. Sparkstalker says:

    Too bad the crowds suck on Black Friday…some of the TV deals look pretty good. I’m wondering, though…let’s say you bought the TV on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving…now if you go back on Friday, will they give you the advertised price?

  6. INconsumer says:

    i wonder how much bs one would have to go through to actually get one of these deals? i’m guessing madhouse would be an understatement. i’m not above punching g-ma in the face to get a good deal though.<– only kidding!

    but on a serious note, i’ve heard of old ladies being trampled. makes me wonder if 911 call centers light up on black fridays.

  7. JessiesMind says:

    Okay, a little help if you all don’t mind? I’ve done Black Friday shopping a few times in my life and I care for it not at all. Will the internet have special deals on Friday? I saw Amazon listed, so obviously online-only stores will have specials, but what about the big box stores internet sites? I’m absolutely tweaking to get my hands on one of those digital cameras Sears has listed. LOL Thank you in advance!

  8. anmlStyl says:

    @JessiesMind: you may want to wait around for Cyber Monday, when everybody’s back to work using the office T1 lines for “research” (shopping) to look for online bargains.

    I love the fact that the National Retail Federation claims to have coined this phrase.

  9. JessiesMind says:

    @anmlStyl: Thank you! So, what’s our chances of seeing some sneak peeks at some “Cyber Monday” ads? LOL Thanks again, Anml!

  10. cwicseolfor says:

    First thing I looked at on the Sears page, was the “Sony 1000 Watt 5-Disc Home Theater System” advertised 2 times on the list as $299.99. I thought “hey, sony, black friday prices… let me see what it’s at now.” A google search brings me to the same thing from Walmart, in stock today, $250. How do you like that.