Your Cash Isn't Good Enough For Apple's Precious iPhone

Four benjamins will no longer get you an iPhone, now that Apple is requiring credit cards for all iPhone purchases. The new policy, which is billed as an anti-piracy initiative, also prevents customers from buying more than two iPhones per visit. Apple claims the policy went into effect this Thursday, however we received the following tip more than a week ago:

I witnessed a distressing situation at my local Apple Store this morning: a customer who wanted to buy 2 iPhones (for her and her husband) was denied the sale, because she wanted to pay with cash. One employee claimed it was due to “the registration system”, stating “it requires a credit card” which is totally bogus. Another employee said it was part of an attempt to prevent people from buying several and unlocking or exporting them. They also said that checks and gift cards are no longer accepted for iPhone purchases, and that he credit card has to have the customer’s name on it.

Apple disclosed this week that up to a quarter-million consumers may have unlocked their iPhones, some with the help of resellers. Apple previously allowed individuals to buy up to five iPhones at once.

Apple Limits Sale of iPhones: Two Per Person and No Cash [AP]
(Photo: Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten)

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