Damning Proof Comcast Contracted To Sandvine

Comcast told its employees to not comment when customers ask about recent reports in an AP article that it contracted BitTorrent sabotaging to a company called Sandvine, or to even discuss that a relationship exists between the two companies. Too bad that Barron’s financial magazine reported back in April that the two are in bed together:

“Sandvine already counts top U.S. cable provider Comcast Corp (CMCSA) among its customers, Barron’s said.” – Easing network debate may aid Allot/Sandvine-paper, Reuters, Sun Apr 8, 2007

Here’s the orginal Barron’s article (subscription required): Here’s How the Drama Over ‘Net Neutrality End

Sandvine also posted the article in the press archives section on their very own website.

Oops. Hard to play the no comment game when the facts are already in print.

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