Track Accounts Online With Geezeo

Geezeo is a personal-finance management site that helps you keep track of all your accounts in one place. Like, you give it all your account user names and passwords to use it. Also like Mint, Geezeo is a front-end system, but based on CashEdge instead of Yodlee. Unlike Mint, it has support for tracking your car loan, mortgage, and brokerage accounts (although they don’t interface yet my my fave, Vanguard), with plans to add support for student loans….

You can interface with it via cell phone to check your account balances. The service automatically itemizes all your credit card transactions and tags them according to area, like “home” or “restaurants” to help you budget. It’s got built-in functionality for all sorts of user groups where people can collaborate together to become better at their personal finances, though attendance is looking kinda spare. Geezeo is still in beta, adjust your expectations accordingly.

Geezeo [Official Site]

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