Track Accounts Online With Geezeo

Geezeo is a personal-finance management site that helps you keep track of all your accounts in one place. Like, you give it all your account user names and passwords to use it. Also like Mint, Geezeo is a front-end system, but based on CashEdge instead of Yodlee. Unlike Mint, it has support for tracking your car loan, mortgage, and brokerage accounts (although they don’t interface yet my my fave, Vanguard), with plans to add support for student loans….

You can interface with it via cell phone to check your account balances. The service automatically itemizes all your credit card transactions and tags them according to area, like “home” or “restaurants” to help you budget. It’s got built-in functionality for all sorts of user groups where people can collaborate together to become better at their personal finances, though attendance is looking kinda spare. Geezeo is still in beta, adjust your expectations accordingly.

Geezeo [Official Site]


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  1. XTC46 says:

    this company uses cashedge instead of yodlee. But again, their “security” section is weak. I’m withholding judgment until I can dig into them some and see if I can get a hold of some of their reps.

    I still have the same “don’t put your eggs in one basket” concern though.

  2. pglyman says:

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for checking out Geezeo! We appreciate the post. We have some pretty exciting enhancements in the works so I hope you and your readers check back.

    Also, I did want to let you know that the ability to add investment accounts is now live. We rolled it out just a couple of weeks ago and are seeing a strong interest from our users. If you would like to see a screenshot, you can check it out at []

    @XTC46 Would love to chat with you personally about the security of Geezeo and answer any other questions you might have. Security is obviously priority #1 at Geezeo. Shawn Ward (Geezeo’s other co-founder) and I both have a background in financial services and understand the sensitivity of the data we are dealing with. Would also love to discuss what additional info you would like to see in our security section…we’re constantly trying to improve the quality and depth of info we provide our visitors and users.

    Lastly, I think John Norman at writes a nice post about us, our infrastructure and describes a level of comfort with the steps we have taken to protect our users. []

    So thanks again for checking out the site…my email is pglyman[at] and i’m available via IM at “pglyman” gtalk/skype/aim


    Pete Glyman
    Geezeo, Co-Founder
    My Profile: []
    More Geezeo Buzz: []

  3. CurbRunner says:

    Can someone tell me where real privacy actually exists anymore in this world?
    And I don’t mean in your bedroom because that’s in doubt too.

  4. archcvd says:

    *sigh* I wish something like this was available for Canadians such as myself…

  5. XTC46 says:

    @pglyman: Thanks for the response. I’ll be emailing you with some questions.

    @CurbRunner: Just because there is no “real privacy” anymore, doesn’t mean you should give up on trying. Thats like saying “no matter how much security I have, if a robber wants to break into my house, they can find a way, so ill just leave my doors and windows open”

  6. Red_Eye says:

    Just what I want to do give a single site access to every bit of my finances! Here have my bank logins, my Credit Card logins and everything else I have financially. Tell you what, I’ll wait till you have a data breech and then post all my logins on a billboard.

    Sorry while sites like this are a neat idea, short of 10 factor biometric authentication there is no way I could ever trust giving a site all the login info to my entire fiscal life.

  7. NoWin says:

    @Red_Eye: “…sites like this are a neat idea, short of 10 factor biometric authentication…”

    I’m with you; I do not like having one site “warehouse” all my financial data.

    Authentication (or lack of) is not were the real “threat” lays per say, it’s “their” (or any aggregator like them) level of security and internal safe-guards and fail-safe procedures that should be examined with 10 fine tooth combs.

    e.g. How do they secure and transport internal backup tapes or medium? Employee security and background-checks? Do they report to an internal audit committee or follow standardized banking security procedures? etc etc

  8. dirk1965 says:

    Sounds like one stop shopping for some savy hacker to me!

  9. Red_Eye says:

    @NoWin: Exactly, and are they willing to put their money where their mouth is and offer replacement of any lost funds upon a breach thats their fault?

  10. Just wait until next week when makes its upgrade to Version 2. The site already has over 10,000 active users and is about to reach 1,000,000 transactions stored in its system.


  11. Ass_Cobra says:

    What would really be neat is if banks could provide a read only sort of access to your account info that did not require your full rights login. Basically you would report out your transactions but would not have to give a full rights passoword that would permit money transfers, bill paying, etc. I see the value of having your spending habits consolidated and tagged but I think with a little thought one could accomplish the same goal in a spreadsheet without increasing your security risk.

  12. jawacg says:

    Is it just me or does it bother anyone else that all these companies think that I WANT everything to be internet based?

  13. twoply says:

    What’s the point of sites like this and Mint? They don’t tell you anything you don’t know already by logging into each individual site. I like because it lets you keep a register that you can easily update so you know how much money you actually have versus what the bank says you have.