IKEA's Swedish Math

Know how it’s usually cheaper to buy in bulk? After markdowns at the West Sacramento IKEA, you’ll save $4.92 if you buy the poster and frame separately.

Swedish Math [One-Sided War]


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  1. Antediluvian says:

    Duh, it’s because it’s in Euros.

    Or maybe Canadian dollars.

  2. B says:

    Is that perhaps because if you buy them separately, you have to put the poster in the frame yourself?

  3. mantari says:

    Do you think someone just got a marker and changed a $11 into a $17?

  4. darkclawsofchaos says:

    Cant be, look athe spacing, the price is easily explained, people are so lazy or too clumsy to insert the poster in them selves, so you pay 5 dollars for that service to be performed for you

  5. azntg says:

    @mantari: I doubt that. The original handwriting looks like a 7… to me, there’s too much space between the 1 and the 7 to believe that someone added that in.

  6. Abusiveelusive says:

    I see a bigger issue with this picture.

    The poster is horrid.

  7. Zelle999 says:

    At $2.99, that fug poster is WAY overpriced anyway.

  8. therethinker says:

    You didn’t save anything (or spend anything) by buying them together — so its obviously not a service charge.

    Its just funny. (god forbid)