Watch your cellphone bill for sneaky “premium text message” charges, which sometimes get applied to your account when you sign up for services through your phone or respond to unknown text messages, but sometimes simply appear even if you’ve done nothing at all. A Verizon spokeswoman is on record as saying, “If you’re getting unwanted (text messages), we want to hear from you and we’ll credit you.” []

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  1. TechnoDestructo says:

    They won’t get the message out to their CSRs. We’re GOING to see people trying to take her up on this offer and getting a runaround.

  2. hewhoroams says:

    I used to work for a company that pushed this.

    If you get a text message like this, reply STOP or STOP ALL to it.

    they should be required to opt you out, than get to your carrier about getting the charges removed.

  3. Hambriq says:


    That’s like following the “opt-out” link that you get in those hundreds of shady spam messages. In most cases, all it will do is show them there’s a live person behind that number they’re spamming, which will just attract even more spam.

  4. Critcol says:

    @Hambriq: Sorry, Hewhoroams is exactly right. Reply STOP or STOP ALL and they have to unsubscribe you. If they don’t contact the Mobile Marketers Association ([]) and they’ll pick up the fight for you.

    All mobile, non-carrier services live in daily fear of the MMA. Working at a text messaging company, we’ve heard from the MMA several times this year about items needing to be changed on the website, and even though we disagreed with their conclusions, we had to make the change or else face their wrath.

  5. novelgirl says:

    I was getting like spam-like texts but really didn’t think too much of it. My last bill, I noticed a $30 charge for TWO text messages. I still got stuck with the bill, but I do have to say the Verizon Wireless rep I talked to was really helpful and walked me through the steps of making sure I don’t get these messages any more.
    But it was a bit of sticker shock for messages I immediately deleted.

  6. remusrm says:

    this is funny… i only got those messages while on cingular and sprint… on sprint was only once in 2002. and on att 4 times. now i kept the same number and while now at t mobile i get none… i start to think verizon, sprint and att are in bed with this premium chargers… not that t mobile is an angel, but so far is been better…

  7. Mr. Gunn says:

    My wife used to get those, and although they said there was no way to stop these charges from being added to her bill, they did refund it, and the previous 6 months of it, without much hassle.

    Watch your bill, especially if you’re on Autopay.