Use Halloween Candy To Educate And Annoy Your Kids

Sometimes parents like to drive their kids crazy by showing up on Facebook, or listening to rap music, or professing that Zac Efron is a cutie-patooty, but Grad Money Matters suggests a whole new level of annoyance: use their Halloween candy to teach them about money. Here’s how: on Halloween night, you buy all their candy off of them, then give them a pre-set limit of how much they can spend each day to buy choice pieces back, and as the days go along, you drop the “prices” on the candy so that they can purchase more if they want or forego the sweets in order to increase their savings.

In the meantime, you can secretly substitute the real candy with carob and bouillon cubes. Or better yet, put on their Halloween costumes and steal the money back from them and eat all the candy, so you can teach them about the dangers of identity theft.

“Use Halloween to Teach Kids Money Lessons” [Grad Money Matters]

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