Is This Fashion Ad Promoting Gang Rape?

How offensive do you find this Dolce & Gabbana ad? The folks at NOW Foundation have it at the top of their list of offensive ads, describing it as “a scene evoking a gang rape and reeking of violence against women.” In fact, it was banned in Spain earlier this year after public outcry, but was published in Esquire here in the U.S.

If your Monday is slow and you want to test your own threshold for offensive imagery in advertising, check out NOW’s full list. Or, for more thoughtful commentary (the NOW list quickly degrades in quality or offensiveness as you scroll down the page), visit this Metafilter post to see what other readers find (un)acceptable.

“Selling (out) our Women” [Metafilter]

“Love Your Body: Offensive Ads” [NOW Foundation]
“Dolce & Gabbana angry at advertising campaign controversy in Spain” [EiTB24]

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