Incase Replaces Strap Ravaged By Cute Dog

I have an Incase bag for my MacBook pro. In May I adopted a dog from the San Francisco SPCA (see photo) and he decided that the strap was a chew toy.

I wrote to Incase asking of I could buy another strap:

“I have a silver case for my 17 inch MacBook Pro – my dog has chewed through the strap. Can I order a new strap?”

I didn’t hear anything for a while and then I got this email:

Hello John,

Thank you for contacting Incase Designs Corp. I’m sorry it took so long getting back to you about a replacement strap. Incase does not currently sell replacement parts, but I have found a shoulder strap for your Platinum Nylon Sleeve here in our warehouse. I can send it to you at no charge. I will need a physical address to mail it to.

Again, I apologize for the late response, I actually thought that I did let you know I would look around, but I have checked my “sent” emails and could not find one, so hopefully I am not too late.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns and I promise that I will respond right away.


Incase Consumer Support Specialist

To say I was surprised was an understatement. A little while later a new strap arrived in a cardboard presentation box! Needless to say they have a customer for life and an advocate for their products.

Despite the stuffy corporate opening, Linda’s response was perfect: she was apologetic, sincere, and offered more than reader John requested. All this without even seeing the picture of the cute dog.


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  1. JAYEONE says:

    ooo I heart Black Labs! fiends for chewing on things they ought not to, tho.

  2. HungryGrrl says:

    I love stories like this. I recently sent an email off to the unfinished furniture store where I bought my dresser to see if they might sell me a new drawer to replace one that’s cracked. Haven’t heard anything back yet but keeping my fingers crossed that they might offer me a free one.

  3. trillium says:

    I’ve been an incase Case fan for awhile. All three iPods in the house are protected by them as well as the macbook pro. I’m now more of a fan! Way to go incase!

  4. Bay State Darren says:

    Admit it: this story got posted just to use the cute dog pic. I like it.

  5. rkm12 says:

    haha, I like the “This is why we like cats” alternative text.

  6. Once, I had some pretty decent service from InCase, they sent me a replacement for a strap I lost, no questions, no worries.

    But about a year ago, my girlfriend’s new inCase case had a pretty major flaw that rendered the handles unusable (it could still be used with the shoulder strap). She and I both sent numerous emails through their support form and never heard a peep back.

    I guess I’ll try again…

  7. mrCharlie says:

    A few years ago, I filled out an online survey to let Timbuk2 know what I though about my Computer Commuter bag. I let them know the plastic in the removable compartment divider cracked, the only problem I’ve ever had with the bag.
    A few days later, I received a three-paragraph, completely non-form response from the CEO of Timbuk2, asking for a mailing address to send a new divider. The problem didn’t bother me enough to take him up on it, but I took the opportunity to compliment their then domestic-only manufacturing. He responded by thanking me for “giving a sh*t” .
    I’ve purchased two more bags from them since.

  8. Caprica Six says:

    InCase rocks as I have gotten personal responses from their staff. Not some canned, “thenk you” e-mail.

    Also, TimBuk2 used to rock, but these days their bags lacked the quality it used to have. Now, all or most of the bags are made in China with poor workmanship.

    These days, I’m rolling with either a Crumpler or InCase bag. Sure, they may be made in China, but they have better workmanship than the current TimBuk2 brands.

  9. LAGirl says:

    i just placed an order for 2 INCASE products, a leather folio for my iPhone + a leather sleeve for my iPod. they look like nice products. and, after reading about their great customer service, am happy to give them my business.

  10. IRSistherootofallevil says:

    That always happens….all these companies are really nice to you, and then they grow big.

  11. ElizabethD says:

    Love the dog. Awwwwww!

  12. alhypo says:

    @mrCharlie: Really? He actually wrote “giving a sh*t” in his response?

    I can’t tell if those are quote-quotes or colloquial-quotes.

  13. JanetCarol says:

    If most companies did something to benefit people with pets, pets, or just animals in general – I bet they would see a large jump in customers and customer loyalty. Pets are like children in this country. I know my dog and cat are.

  14. browse says:

    Here’s another endorsement for InCase. I bought one of their rubber cases for the Apple iPhone, and was distressed to find that the case seemed to have stretched out over the course of a couple of months. This left just enough gap for dirt and grit to get between the phone and case, scratching up the shiny toy. I filed a problem report with InCase and was informed they had improved the design and would swap out my case for a new one, for free.

    Great service! They definitely turned me into a fan.

  15. InCase sucks. The zipper on my PowerBook case broke, and, at the time, it was like pulling teeth to be able to contact them. The e-mail address listed on their website bounced back, and I had to contact their PR firm before I got a reply. After several e-mails back and forth (and my e-mailing them photos of the damage), they sent me a replacement under the 1-year warranty.

    A couple of weeks later, after I had thrown the old case away, they demanded a photo of the old case after I had destroyed it. Only problem with that was, they never told me I would need to submit a photo of the “destroyed” case, and I had already thrown it away. After pointing out that our long chain of e-mail reflected this, they finally quit bothering me.

    Due to the hassles I endured in getting them to honor their warranty, I reiterate: InCase sucks.

  16. nx99 says:

    I’ll endorse InCase products. My backpack/laptop bag has performed flawlessly through over four years of daily (!) use until last month when I rolled my chair over and broke a plastic snap.

    I wrote to the company, asking if I could buy another one, but never heard back. It was a minor issue and totally my fault, so I’m not sweating it.

    Fast forward to last week and my own puppy chews up a shoulder strap. This isn’t a replaceable part, so if the shoe hospital can’t help me, the bag is toast.

    Lack of response or no, I’ve been impressed with this bag and am buying another one.

  17. Andywsea says:

    This reminds me of something that happened to me about a month ago.

    I had purchased a nice new set of headphones for my iPhone from v-moda for about a hundred bucks. Three days later my wonderful Golden Retrievers found them on our coffee table and used them as a tug toy. They were shredded. Wires hanging out, the whole deal.

    I e-mailed v-moda and asked them if they had a repair service. (I told them exactly what happened) They had emailed me back the next day and told me to send it in and they would replace it. Took about a week total. Good headphones and good company.

  18. Upsilon says:

    Aww, I love dogs! I’m such a dog person! Those labs will chew on anything. Had one of those expensive LEGO computer-robot-thingies chewed up by my lab once. And the running boards on my car. But the ends justify the means, or some other unfitting quote.