(Brad Clinesmith)

Want Your iPhone Accessory Sold In An Apple Store? Let Apple Design The Box

The accessories department at Apple retail stores across the country are about to get a bit more matchy-matchy, as the retailer prepares to line its shelves with third-party accessories encased in packaging that looks suspiciously like those used for actual Apple products. [More]

Scratchproofing: doing it wrong.

iPhone 5 Case Does The Opposite Of What A Smartphone Case Is Supposed To Do

Ilya just got a new iPhone 5, and a $35 case from Incase to go along with it. The problem is that the case sort of did the opposite of what protective phone cases are supposed to do: it damaged his phone, instead of protecting it from damage. [More]

Incase Replaces Strap Ravaged By Cute Dog

Incase Replaces Strap Ravaged By Cute Dog

I have an Incase bag for my MacBook pro. In May I adopted a dog from the San Francisco SPCA (see photo) and he decided that the strap was a chew toy.