Free $5 Tylenol Coupons

Because of recent recalls of useless and potentially deadly children’s cold medicines, Tylenol is giving out $5 coupons. Be advised though that you have to install a special coupon printing program to take advantage of the offer. Turn on your printer, disable popup blocks, hit the red button, install the program, and a $5 coupon good for TYLENOL, MOTRIN, PediaCare, Benadryl, SUDAFED, St. Joseph, or Immodium pops out.

In other news, the going rate for a dead child is five dollars. [Tylenol via Hustler Money Blog]

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  1. rmz says:

    Installing a “special coupon printing program”? No thanks.

  2. BrockBrockman says:

    “In other news, the going rate for a dead child is five dollars.”

    Aww, now that’s a little inflammatory, isn’t it? There’s no point in rehashing the previous debate over stupid company vs. stupid parent, but I can’t wait to see this issue in the next “ripped from the headlines” episode of Law & Order: SVU.

  3. LiC says:

    Don’t parents read warning labels for goodness’ sake? You can’t just lower the dosage a drug that is meant for a 70 lb 10 year old to make it safe for a 20 lb infant.

  4. Takkun says:

    I just printed mine off with no problem. The program is a quick install that isn’t really intrusive at all.

    The coupons themselves expire on November 16th of this year.

    Ben, you may want to make a note that it is possible to print out up to two of these.

  5. SOhp101 says:

    Yes, why not give out your SSN, CC#, bank cards and strop down naked while you’re at it? Don’t forget to shut down your firewall, uninstall your spyware programs, and buy every pill made for penile enlargement!

  6. INconsumer says:

    does the headline really read “free coupons?” as if someone would actually buy a coupon. i thought all coupons were free.

    “$5 coupon for sale! only 4 bucks!”

  7. SOhp101 says:

    Yes, this might be completely innocent, but that’s exactly what people thought when they stuck in their Sony produced music CD into their computers.

  8. Floobtronics says:

    $5 for a dead child eh? Hmm.. And here I thought the cost was merely at least one stupid adult that can’t read and follow instructions.

  9. King of the Wild Frontier says:

    “There’s good eatin’ on a baby.” — Jonny-Ray Swift.

  10. RandomHookup says:

    T@SOhp101: That’s why you do it from your computer at work!

  11. Lynn12 says:

    Geesh, rather than pulling the medication completely, why not use all this money to educate parents on the proper use of OTC medications intended for children. (because apparently some parents have trouble reading the warning labels on their own)

  12. gmark2000 says:

    The dead child statement is really in poor taste. Shame on you Ben.

  13. SOhp101 says:

    @RandomHookup: lol… touché, RandomHookup, touché

  14. weg1978 says:

    “In other news, the going rate for a dead child is five dollars.”

    Vile. Shame on you.

  15. alk509 says:

    @gmark2000 & weg1978: Grow the fuck up.

    Also, the coupon download link re-directs to, which I remembered reading about in last month’s Wired:


  16. wring says:

    can anyone just post a screencap or something?

  17. legotech says:

    It wasn’t dead babies, it was stupid parents. And I still say if you have to get a license to drive a car or have a dog, why can anyone with a womb have a child?

  18. Buran says:

    I don’t install random crap when there are these things like de-facto standard formats such as JPEG, GIF, and PDF.

  19. alice_bunnie says:

    Most stores in my area have signs up that they don’t accept coupons printed on computers thanks to coupon scammers. :/

  20. mconfoy says:

    @legotech: Excuse me, the bottle said they were deadly to those under 2? Especially when a doctor will tell you to use these in certain situations. Of course we have insurance and access to a doctor 24 x 7. Doesn’t everybody? The President says they can go to the emergency room in this case? Sounds like the way to handle to me.

  21. Buran says:

    @alice_bunnie: Suggest you not shop there — and tell them why — and report them to the manufacturers. Sure, they can legally refuse but you can also legally strike back.

  22. Takkun says:

    I was recently successful at using two of these at WalMart (at two different registers, of course) with no sort of problem whatsoever. $10 worth of Tylenol products for free seems like a good deal.

  23. proginoskes says:

    I’m a Linux user. Of course this “Coupon Printer” is a Windows program, so I ran it in my Windows virtual machine. It said “Coupon printing is not permitted in a virtual environment.” Seems like they did a whole lot of DRM-ish stuff to make enforce a “one per person” rule. YMMV.

  24. tvh2k says:

    Actually, they expire 1 month after printing, I believe.

  25. tvh2k says:

    Funny, despite all the DRM I clicked “print” twice and got two coupons.

  26. proginoskes says:

    Why does the page have a Netscape logo for a favicon? Are they running some descendent of a Netscape server and never changed the default theme enough? Weird and unprofessional.

  27. zaq2g says:

    can someone print this as a pdf and post it up?