Take Action On Money Tips You Read Online

David over at MoneyNing urges us to all take action on the money tips we read online—not just read them and then forget them, or dismiss them as unrealistic, or tell ourselves they don’t apply to us. “We read the tips, agree that it makes so much sense, then we sit there and flip on TV to watch other people make money while we spend money watching them.”

His suggestions:

1. Write it down. If you come across a useful tip, don’t just bookmark it or send it to a friend.
2. Don’t forget that investment requires hard work. It requires research, consideration, and constant attention.
3. Make the time. The worst thing you can do is tell yourself that you don’t have time to invest.

We also like the first line of this blog’s tag cloud, which due to happy accident reads like a new niche section at Barnes & Noble: “401k addiction advice books”.

“Why Do We Read and Follow Money Tips But Never Become Rich?” [MoneyNing]
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  1. MercuryPDX says:

    Kicking myself for not investing in the Vice Fund way back when. Maybe this year will be the year.

  2. Usermanual says:

    My wife and I started investing and saving early in our marriage because there were too many people telling us “I should have done this or that when I was your age” for it not to be true. We wanted to be the people that say “We’re glad we did this and that at your age.”

    If the advice has the results to back it up, it’s probabbly good advice and should be applied.