Many Shoppers Just Aren't Buying Christmas Stuff In October

Apparently a lot of U.S. consumers feel the same way as our readers do about stores putting up Christmas displays before Halloween—that is, they don’t like it. A new survey finds that despite early store displays, 40% of shoppers don’t plan on starting Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving, an increase of 10% over the previous year.

One of the survey group’s analysts writes, “I spotted the first holiday set-up in a store on August 18th this year – that’s nearly a month earlier than last year. Retailers are looking to start the season earlier but consumers just aren’t ready.” He also blames the low enthusiasm on the lack of any “must-have” products this season, and says that retailers are a victim of their own deep discounting as Christmas nears, which has conditioned shoppers to wait for better deals.

“Christmas in October? No thanks, shoppers say” [CNN Money]

“Stores Know You Don’t Like Christmas Marketing In October, But Don’t Care”
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