Customer Asks Grocery Store Clerk For Change On A $1 Million Dollar Bill Then Freaks Out

A unidentified man asked a clerk at a Giant Eagle store in Pittsburgh to make change on a $1 million dollar bill featuring Grover Cleveland’s portrait. When the cashier refused and confiscated the fake money, the man attacked an electronic funds transfer machine and then reached for her price scanning gun.

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

When the manager refused — telling the man the store had a policy of not returning counterfeit money — the man became enraged and grabbed an electronic funds transfer machine and slammed it against the counter, McNeilly said.

The man then reached for the cashier’s scanner gun, and the manager called police, McNeilly said.

The man was not carrying identification and refused to give his name to police. He was being held yesterday in the Allegheny County Jail as John Doe.

McNeilly said police hope to identify him through fingerprints.

The largest bill in circulation is the $100, but there once once a $1,000 bill that featured Grover Cleveland. Police say the fake bill may have been part of a pamphlet distributed by a Dallas-based church.

Cashier in Pittsburgh has million reasons to doubt[Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

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