302 Phone Numbers To Reach A Human At Paypal

Paypal is not known for being friendly or easy to reach, so we’ll help you out with a whole bunch of unpublished internal phone numbers. Tons of people trying to scam them probably turned them off the whole friendly customer service bit , but why should us regular customers be subjected to the same treatment as a 419 scammer?

First, try these:

PayPal Buyer Credit 866-571-3012 Say “agent” at each prompt, ignoring messages.
PayPal F 888-221-1161 Press 0 at each prompt, ignoring messages.

Failing these, inside are 300 other internal numbers that might get you what you’re looking for…

e(402)935-2114 Kay P. ACH / Check Service
(402)935-2212 ACH Processing Main Line ACH / Check Services
(402)935-2284 cindy ACH / Check Services Processing / Bank Only
(402)935-2295 Chuck ACH / Check Services Processing Manager
(402)935-2255 Jasmine Account Review
(402)935-2256 Jamie Account Review
(402)935-2257 Jamie Account Review
(402)935-2328 Chris Account Review
(402)935-2333 Luke Account Review
(402)935-2114 Kay P. ACH / Check Services
(402)935-2212 ACH Processing Main Line ACH / Check Services
(402)935-2284 cindy ACH / Check Services Processing / Bank Only
(402)935-2295 Chuck ACH / Check Services Processing Manager
(402)935-2223 Sheryl AUP Compliance
(402)935-2250 Katrina AUP Compliance
(402)935-2275 Lisa AUP Compliance
(402)935-2332 Julie Gonzales AUP Compliance
(402)935-5140 Alahandre Elise(?) AUP Compliance
(402)935-2029 Todd Business Development
(402)935-5126 Shane Business Development Schedule: 8:30~5PM M-F
(402)935-5197 Ken Holston Business Development Business Management & Account Management
(402)935-2000 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2007 Call Center Inbound Line Call Center
(402)935-2012 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2011 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2014 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2017 Call Center Inbound: Debit Cards Call Center
(402)935-2019 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2021 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2022 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2023 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2024 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2025 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2030 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2050 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2053 Call Center Inbound: Premier Services Call Center
(402)935-2057 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2065 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2079 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2080 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2081 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2082 Premier Service Line Call Center
(402)935-2084 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2085 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2092 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2100 Call Center Inbound Call Center Premier Services Line
(402)935-2106 Call Center Inbound Call Center Premier Services Line
(402)935-2107 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2124 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2148 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2166 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2194 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2233 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2300 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2323 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-5119 Call Center Inbound Call Center
(402)935-2165 Jessica Card Services
(402)935-2396 Tamara Spurlock Card Services
(402)935-5181 Lisa Weaver Card Services Debit Card Team
(402)935-2015 Teresa Rains Charge Backs
(402)935-2141 Mikalea Charge Backs
(402)935-2152 Anna Charge Backs
(402)935-2189 Margaret Charge Backs
(402)935-2340 Debbie Charge Backs
(402)935-2063 Taj Education Team Product Education
(402)935-2064 Dona Education Team
(402)935-2116 Elizabeth Executive Escalations Works closely w/Tiffany(detp.mgr). Very Responsive.
(402)935-2129 Joe Executive Escalations
(402)935-2156 Brian Executive Escalations
(402)935-2157 Megan Executive Escalations
(402)935-2172 Adam Executive Escalations
(402)935-2173 John Executive Escalations
(402)935-2174 Jackie Executive Escalations
(402)935-2192 Eric Executive Escalations
(402)935-2128 Stacy Executive Escalations
(402)935-2228 Stacy Executive Escalations
(402)935-2238 Tiffany Executive Escalations Manager of Executive Escalations.
(402)935-2268 Beth Executive Escalations
(402)935-2269 Michelle Executive Escalations Schedule: Tues~Thur 9:30AM~8PM
(402)935-2334 Luke Executive Escalations
(402)935-5145 Melanie Executive Escalations Schedule: M-F 4PM~Mid. CST
(402)935-5146 Leslie Executive Escalations
(402)935-5163 Rick Martin Executive Escalations
(402)935-2112 Gloria Finance
(402)935-2207 Jeremy Finance
(402)935-2371 Julie Finance
(402)935-2239 Collin Fraud & Security Fraud Prevention
(402)935-2267 Mark Fraud & Security Trust & Safety
(402)935-2272 Michael Fraud & Security Protection Services
(402)935-2366 Suzanne Combes Brown Fraud & Security Risk Management Manager
(402)935-2368 Sheryl London Fraud & Security Protection Services: Senior Agent
(402)935-5134 Bill Gray Fraud & Security Internal Audit. Mountain View Office: 650-864-8046
(402)935-2044 Paula Adams Global Services Global Help Desk
(402)935-2127 Amy Bush Global Services
(402)935-2048 Joyce Brown Human Resources Training Department
(402)935-2051 Melanie Human Resources Training Department
(402)935-2128 Michelle Human Resources HR/Benefits Coordinator
(402)935-2169 Sterling Blackwell Human Resources Employee Development
(402)935-2283 Amy Human Resources Staffing
(402)935-2318 John Latke Human Resources Training Department
(402)935-2339 Michelle Mullis Human Resources
(402)935-5128 Michelle Human Resources Benefits Coordinator
(402)935-2001 IVR Testing Line Internal / IT Tests voice recognition, play around.
(402)935-2004 IVR Testing Line Internal / IT Tests voice recognition, etc.. play around
(402)935-2026 Password Prompt (?) Internal / IT Line immediately prompts for password. Unsure of it’s use.
(402)935-2032 Employee Attendance Line Internal / IT (try user: 1234 pass:1234, works to play around with)
(402)935-2069 ECS System Testing Internal / IT Play around, not sure of purpose.
(402)935-2299 Internal Software Helpdesk Internal / IT
(402)935-5100 Employee Attendance Line Internal / IT (user: 1234 / pass: 1234 to play around)
(402)935-5151 Hold Music / Advertisement Internal / IT Test Line for Hold Music ?
(402)935-5149 Monitoring Line? Internal / IT
(402)935-5168 Monitoring Line Internal / IT
(402)935-5184 Gene (or Steve) Internal / IT Technical Support Manager
(402)935-5199 Call Center Status Line Internal / IT This ext. will place the call center in Emergency or Normal state.
(402)935-2274 Matthew Member Services Member Services Supervisor
(402)935-2321 Michelle Member Services Supervisor (Sat/Sun/Mon 11A~Mid)
(402)935-2357 Terry Dale Member Services
(402)935-5161 Tim Loban Merchant Fraud & Risk Weekend Supervisor (Sat/Sun/Mon 11AM~Mid)
(402)935-5169 Alicia Merchant Fraud & Risk
(402)935-2074 Tammy Galvin Quality Development
(402)935-2226 Jenny Quality Development
(402)935-2034 Janie Bartlett Resolution Services
(402)935-2132 Bryant Resolution Services Team Leader
(402)935-2241 Lynn Vogue Resolution Services
(402)935-2251 Mike McCormick Resolution Services Resolution Services Supervisor
(402)935-2266 Rich H. Resolution Services
(402)935-2353 Lorie Kilstrom Resolution Services
(402)935-5120 Tim Underlow Resolution Services Product Education Trainer for Resolution Services
(402)935-5141 Resolutions Department Line Resolution Services
(402)935-2218 Douglas H. Security
(402)935-5172 Michell Security
(402)935-2002 April Garner Unknown
(402)935-2005 Adonocca Banks Unknown
(402)935-2010 Nick Unknown
(402)935-2013 Pat Unknown
(402)935-2018 Vicki Hernandez Unknown
(402)935-2020 Mary Jo Unknown
(402)935-2028 Megan Unknown
(402)935-2039 Jeff Hagan Unknown
(402)935-2040 Mary Steeley Unknown
(402)935-2041 Michelle Parkins Unknown
(402)935-2049 Jason Finer Unknown
(402)935-2052 Eduardo(?) Unknown
(402)935-2054 Tonya Unknown
(402)935-2055 John Freeze Unknown
(402)935-2061 Rick Unknown
(402)935-2062 Nick Unknown
(402)935-2066 Michelle Unknown
(402)935-2073 Kelly Shipley Unknown
(402)935-2086 Jeff Allen Unknown
(402)935-2087 Patience Unknown
(402)935-2091 Dawn Mouski Unknown
(402)935-2095 Steve Unknown
(402)935-2098 Dona Shong Unknown
(402)935-2099 Shelly Unknown
(402)935-2101 John Unknown
(402)935-2103 Latrisha Harris Unknown
(402)935-2104 Lisa Hughes Unknown
(402)935-2110 Amy Lescott Unknown
(402)935-2113 Kelly Unknown
(402)935-2115 Maggie Mentato Unknown
(402)935-2118 Paul Ingles Unknown
(402)935-2119 Stacy Price Unknown
(402)935-2123 Kelly Unknown
(402)935-2125 Koreen Unknown
(402)935-2126 Michelle Unknown
(402)935-2134 Cindy Langstrom Unknown
(402)935-2136 Lynette Lane Unknown
(402)935-2138 Kim Unknown
(402)935-2142 Kimberly Unknown
(402)935-2149 Mark Rosenthal Unknown
(402)935-2150 Eddie Unknown
(402)935-2154 Charles Unknown
(402)935-2158 Bill Unknown
(402)935-2168 Peggy Unknown
(402)935-2170 Deb Myer Unknown Schedule: M-F 8AM~4:30PM
(402)935-2171 Trish Unknown
(402)935-2175 Zack Unknown
(402)935-2178 Lashaun Unknown
(402)935-2179 Beth Unknown
(402)935-2181 Valerie Dasante Unknown
(402)935-2182 Erin Crain Unknown
(402)935-2183 Frank Unknown
(402)935-2184 Kevin Armstrong Unknown
(402)935-2186 Emily Heldridge Unknown
(402)935-2187 Erin Unknown
(402)935-2188 Lamay Unknown
(402)935-2201 Ray Unknown
(402)935-2203 Sherry Unknown
(402)935-2204 Lisa Thompson Unknown
(402)935-2205 Kimberly Unknown
(402)935-2206 Osma Unknown
(402)935-2216 Tracy Unknown
(402)935-2217 Shaun Unknown
(402)935-2224 Meliss Unknown
(402)935-2225 Jim Unknown
(402)935-2227 Eric Harrison Unknown
(402)935-2129 Name not known Unknown
(402)935-2229 unknown Unknown
(402)935-2230 Mark Peterson Unknown
(402)935-2234 Dave Unknown
(402)935-2236 Brock Unknown
(402)935-2237 Shaun Unknown
(402)935-2240 Angie Anderson Unknown
(402)935-2244 Julie Gonzales Unknown
(402)935-2246 Sally Unknown
(402)935-2253 Deb Unknown
(402)935-2254 Ellie Unknown Number changed to 935-1835, per voicemail.
(402)935-2259 Tereasa Unknown
(402)935-2264 Eric Unknown
(402)935-2265 Doug H. Unknown
(402)935-2271 Cynthia Unknown
(402)935-2273 Leslie Walker Unknown
(402)935-2276 Heather Johnson Unknown
(402)935-2281 Jason Alexander Unknown
(402)935-2288 David Unknown
(402)935-2291 John Unknown
(402)935-2298 Chris Unknown
(402)935-2302 Jim Norway Unknown Call was forwarded to a Nextel Phone Afterhours (management?)
(402)935-2305 Amanda Unknown
(402)935-2308 Cathy Unknown
(402)935-2316 Laurie Unknown
(402)935-2317 Jason Unknown
(402)935-2322 Jamie Swanson Unknown
(402)935-2324 Jessica Carasoul Unknown
(402)935-2335 Steve Unknown
(402)935-2336 Marissa Unknown
(402)935-2341 Laurie Unknown
(402)935-2342 Torrence Unknown
(402)935-2349 Karen Unknown
(402)935-2350 Beverly Unknown
(402)935-2351 Karen Lovette Unknown
(402)935-2358 John Kimmee Unknown
(402)935-2363 Claire Shumiker Unknown
(402)935-2364 Mary Viella Unknown
(402)935-2365 Frank Unknown
(402)935-2367 Mary OBrien Unknown
(402)935-2369 Kelly Carson Unknown
(402)935-2370 unknown Unknown person answered, unsure, will recheck later.
(402)935-2372 Bob Miles Unknown
(402)935-2375 Renee Unknown Schedule: Tues~Fri 1:30PM~Mid.
(402)935-2376 Foreign Speaking Employee Unknown Foreign Employee.. anyone identify language ?
(402)935-2377 David B. Unknown
(402)935-2381 Tina Unknown
(402)935-2386 Cameron Unknown
(402)935-2387 Cindy Unknown
(402)935-2391 Alisha Rhea Unknown
(402)935-2392 Cindy Kathork Unknown
(402)935-2393 Andres Unknown
(402)935-2394 Robin Unknown
(402)935-2395 Jim Unknown
(402)935-2397 Mark Davis Unknown
(402)935-2399 Janice Erickson Unknown Schedule: M-F 6AM~2:30PM
(402)935-5103 Nicole Unknown
(402)935-5105 Natalie Unknown
(402)935-5106 Angie Unknown
(402)935-5108 Gene Unknown
(402)935-5111 Doug Maxum Unknown
(402)935-5113 Becky Unknown
(402)935-5115 Carrie Unknown
(402)935-5116 Paula Baldwin Unknown
(402)935-5117 Dave Burchill Unknown
(402)935-5121 Andy J. Unknown
(402)935-5123 Micheal Jones Unknown
(402)935-5129 Marlow Rumington Unknown
(402)935-5133 Jeanette Unknown
(402)935-5136 Quincy Unknown
(402)935-5138 Terrell Anderson Unknown
(402)935-5144 Lisa L. Unknown
(402)935-5147 Evan McCaul Unknown
(402)935-5152 Jessica Palamino Unknown
(402)935-5156 Steve Unknown
(402)935-5164 Tonya Lynn Unknown
(402)935-5165 Devon Unknown
(402)935-5171 Carrol Unknown
(402)935-5175 Cindy Unknown
(402)935-5148 Jeff Lonka Unknown Admin maybe (msg says if urgent, call: 402-490-9749)
(402)935-5176 Sheila Unknown
(402)935-5178 Unknown Employee Unknown
(402)935-5179 Tim Maxwell Unknown
(402)935-5185 Rich Unknown
(402)935-5186 Jerry Lowe (female) Unknown
(402)935-5187 Brian G. Unknown Voicemail says w/Ebay
(402)935-5189 Brian Unknown
(402)935-5192 Christian Reese Unknown
(402)935-5194 Reese Unknown
(402)935-5195 Angie Unknown
(402)935-5196 Scott Unknown

(Thanks to Laura!)

(Photo: Travelin’ Librarian)


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  1. scoobydoo says:

    Lemme guess… Someone found one number then called all 100 in the dialing plan? Brilliant! :D

  2. the_oaktree says:

    Or perhaps a disgruntled employee trying to get even

  3. ElizabethD says:

    This is neat. BUT I’m wondering: when y’all publish internal phone numbers for companies like this, does they company get wise in a hurry and shut down those extensions and create new, secret ones again?

  4. dirk1965 says:

    I don’t understand why one would say PayPal is hard to speak to someone. I called the number off the web site just 3 days ago was able to speak to someone fast!

  5. SabrinaFaire says:

    @dirk1965: I agree, we had some problems with them a few weeks ago. I didn’t have a problem finding someone to talk to, just with finding someone who didn’t flat out lie to me. Of course I knew about the trick of asking for an agent already since my company uses that too. I said “Representative” and it worked just as well.

  6. DrTweeker says:

    WOW – a blast from the past. As the original maker of this list (several years ago), I can confirm that several of the extensions have been moved and no longer work. I do have an updated list from last year, I’ll see if I can get it to Ben or the editors for an update.

    As a side note, Paypal sent me a C&D upon first publication, then agreed upon a list of 20 that could be ‘published’, but shortly thereafter the website fell apart because of other duties.


  7. FREAKHEAD says:

    If you guys want a better Paypal picture, let me know. I’ll go by it on my way through Omaha next week. It is only about 45 min from my place. I’ll make sure to get the kick ass basketball courts in the shot.

  8. mopar_man says:

    I’ll make sure to get the kick ass basketball courts in the shot.

    So THAT is where all the fees go to.

  9. beccamanns_theotherwhitemeat says:

    i didn’t realize paypal was full of employees from the ‘unknown’-family. i’d hate working with my relatives.

  10. timmus says:

    @FREAKHEAD: You should bring a big chain and lock up about 10 of the most expensive cars in their parking lot with a large sticker saying “Notification of Limited Access”. Keep the cars locked for about 3 weeks so that you can do an investigation to make sure they aren’t stolen.

  11. SVreader says:


    I wonder that too. I also wonder how many people with valid issues who’ve tried all other avenues call the numbers versus people with random/prank/harassment calls.

  12. FREAKHEAD says:

    How bout I just hand deliver notes for you with questions?

  13. Raze50 says:

    @mopar_man: It’s really funny, too, cause there’s a pond (or at least there used to be) around the perimeter of the court. I wonder how many balls they’ve lost playing HORSE out there…

  14. Anonymous says:

    i hate paypal with a passion. as an ebay seller they have screwed me over more than once for $100’s of dollars. as a buyer though, paypal is pretty safe. sigh.

  15. vealcalf2000 says:

    Glad this was posted. I recently sold something on Ebay and the Buyer claims I damaged the item before shipping it to them (BIG FAT LIE!). Ebay ruled in my favor so they took it to PayPal. I was really disappointed so far in the whole Dispute process. Buyer sent me correspondence first saying I misrepresented the item by posting a pic of the item in good shape and sending them something that was broken THEN they said my pic of the item on ebay was lousy and NOW they see item was damaged when I sent it. Ummm. . .if you’re going to lie get the “story” straight. Anyway I got really frusted when they sent a few messages to me, didn’t give me a chance to repond before they handed it over to a Paypal representive to moderate. I tried calling Paypal after this so I could voice my concers and got stuck on hold. I’m adding this list to my Favorites because I have a feeling I’ll need it!

  16. speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

    @vealcalf2000: Sorry, no sympathy for you. Reputable and ethical sellers take the responsibility for getting the sold item to the buyer in the promised condition. If the item was damaged in shipping then you have recourse to the shipping company for the losses you sustained by reimbursing the buyer. Oh, you didn’t ship the parcel by a method that allowed you to post a claim in case of damage? Well, live and learn. But it’s certainly in no way, shape, or form your buyer’s fault–all they did was send you money and get crap in return.

    Yes, I have sold stuff on eBay and have had to reimburse buyers for damage claims. That’s just the way it works. Quit whining and do the right thing.

  17. DTWD says:

    Wow… I never had a problem getting to a person when I called them to cancel my account. The guy was friendly too. Now that I think about it, I might have been able to just have him change the address and phone number for my account, instead of going through the trouble of having him delete it and then creating a new account.

  18. swan20 says:

    I got about 10 horrible reps, maybe one that speak good enough English to qualify working there….but i have to say i got one REALLY nice supervisor in the 8 years i have paypal. Sadly that will never happened again.

    I never had damaged problem…just scrammers….yay, still waiting on the French police to find her first….

  19. Anonymous says:

    i know a lot of people on this list of numbers. and a lot of them no longer work for PayPal (i.e. Eric Harrison). i worked for PayPal for a while, and it’s funny because this list is brought up in training classes. the fact that some guy was pissed that paypal caught him doing VERY fraudulant things so when they permanently blocked his account, he created “paypalsucks.com”. he somehow found out all the paypal numbers start with 402-935. he dialed all different numbers and starts recording who they were. talk about a crazy freakin stalker type. and for everyone on here, i could probably explain why whatever happened on your account to piss you off. as for seller’s or buyer’s being protected more. they both are. you have no idea how many times i heard “you’re always protecting the seller!” and “you’re always protecting the buyer”.. wah wah wah. chances are, you got screwed for being a dumbass. use any other website or payment processor and you still would have been fucked. there is reason’s behind everything paypal does, but there were A LOT of things we weren’t allowed to mention over the phone. just different security models and the way things worked that if we told the customers, people would probably start trying to find ways around them. i don’t work at paypal anymore, but i still have friends that do. i’ve heard it’s all getting somewhat ridiculous and new policies that most of the employees don’t exactly agree with. if you hate paypal, you can be happy because it’s basically all going downhill now.