Comcast Says Chicago Will Have TBS HD For Tonight's Cubs Game

Hey, Cubs fans. Comcast says they’ll be launching TBS HD in time for the Cubs’ playoff game tonight. Sadly reader Bill can’t get TBS to work at all:

I am having trouble getting the Cubs on Comcast. I have been working with Comcast for two-plus weeks on this and it is still not working. The first game is tonight at 9PM to beyond midnight. I have a Tivo Box that uses the “Cable Card” approved by Comcast. It is on Channel 47(TBS) but that station is not working due to “Content Security” problems. I am stuck, as Comcast is the only provider due to Cable company regulations.

Pleas fix these regulations, so I can get a responsible cable service provider.

Comcast has “comp’ed” me twice so ar for their mistakes but I still can not get the games.

Sounds like Bill is off to Hi-Tops. Anyone else having this problem?

If you hate your cable company, you can always complain to the FCC.

Cubs will be in HD on Comcast
[Chicago Tribune] (Thanks, Andy!)
(Photo:Meghann Marco)

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