Reader Gets Lowe's To Replace Vibrating Washer

After a month of effort, Eric got Lowes to give him a washer that doesn’t shake itself to pieces. His complaint letters and phone calls to corporate had the effect of water dashing against a rock, so he turned his attention to the store manager, where he found success. Domo arigato, Mr. Vibrato!

After much calling and being put on hold for so long, i finally got a replacement washer. The only way to get anything done at Lowes is just talk to a manager, cut through the bullshit. I got my replacement washer and had to watch the delivery guys like a hawk when they came over to replace the washer. Although i did finally get the replacement washer I wanted, I will never go through Lowes again to buy anything. Dealing with mom and pops or smaller companies is much easier and less stressful since you just talk to one person. Those rebates from the energy and water company/delivery fee/gift card still haven’t come back yet, but knowing how long rebates usually come back I’ll probably never see them ever again.

Sometimes complaint resolution success depends on varying your approach. If one route fails, attack from other vectors.

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  1. OKH says:

    My wife says she’ll offer you double what they’re giving you :)

  2. mst3kzz says:

    Our new front loading washer started doing something like this, it was shaking and displacing itself. I noticed it wasn’t quite balanced (one leg was a smidge shorter than the others), but I put the User’s Guide under there and now it stays put.

  3. velvetjones says:

    @mst3kzz: Exactly, the washer shakes because it’s unbalanced. It was either loaded improperly (in the case of a top loader) or the machine itself isn’t level. At any rate those front loaders spin like crazy and if its not level will make quite a noise. I’m surprised the MFR didn’t resolve this.